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April 3rd 2014

Workshop Scholarship Winner!

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First off I want to say THANK YOU for all of the beautiful, heartfelt applications that were submitted. I am still in complete shock over how many we received and also totally humbled by all of the beautiful stories, big dreams and ambitious goals that were shared.

Choosing a winner was extremely difficult with so many amazing entries but after a lot of thoughtful consideration, we picked Chloe Roy from Canada. You can see her cute, smiling face above.

We will certainly be offering another scholarship for our fall workshops and are also hard at work on some new in depth resources to help address all of the needs that are going unmet. The first is a virtual course loaded with videos, demos and loads of technical information. Essentially what we’re covering in our on farm workshops but available right in your home (no travel needed) and at a much more affordable price.

We’ll be doing some polling in the near future to gather more details about what you’d like to see included, so stand by to chime in. My goal is to have it available by the fall so we can dive in over the off season.

Again, thanks to all who applied and all who nominated someone they love. You guys are AMAZING!!!


  1. VillageRat on

    So love popping in and seeing all the energy you foster with these great people. It helps drive me forward even more.

    All of the enthusiasm, plans questions and ideas…so special.

    Hoping Chloe has the time of her life and can absorb all that she sees and learns. I know my head would be bursting :-)

    Can’t wait for the online course and thanks again for sending so much power and good will out into the world, all of you!!

  2. Wendy Jefferson on

    Oooooo virtual course sounds fab. Hope all runs smoothly with workshop and the weather’s kind.

  3. Jonna Jorgensen on

    Congratulations to Chloe!
    I can’t wait to see the online course offerings! :)

  4. Katri on

    The idea of an online course is fantastic! Of course I would prefer to come to Washington….but it is a loooong way from Finland. Count me in!

  5. Tina on

    Looking forward to the online versions – I am with Jessica Hall on this one – in her exact same shoes! Whoop – super excited

  6. Danielle Schami on

    Félicitations Chloé ! Quelle opportunité extraordinaire !!

    Virtual course sounds fantastic… Will definitely keep my eyes open for that.

  7. Michelle Ovans on

    Wonderful idea to reach all of us that can’t make it to your farm. I’m looking forward to the launch of the video. It will be nice a video to replay when I need a refresher. I always learn more when I can replay things a few times. Thanks

  8. Jenny on

    Congratulations Chloe!

    Virtual learning would be awesome!

  9. WINNER !!! on

    Thank you soooo much Benzakein family !!

  10. grizelda o'connor on

    Great news concerning a virtual course. It is hard, if not impossible, to get from Vancouver Island to Washington state for a few days, at this time of year. Today its sweet pea planting, the Owl’s Acre ones and I think I started too many! I have three big nets up but it isn’t enough.. I need acres to get all my flower babies planted! Good going Erin, you inspire us!

  11. Atelier Carmel on

    Chloe Roy, that name sounds like she’s from my neck of the woods! We should be in touch!!!

    • Danielle Schami on

      My thoughts precisely Carmel! SVP fais-moi signe si vous êtes en contact. Peut-être vous aimeriez venir faire un petit tour à Wakefield ensemble…

  12. Jessica Hall on

    Online Course??? Sign Me Up!!!! I Can Learn, Help Tie My Four Year Olds Princess Dress, And Nurse The Baby At The Same Time!!! Best Idea Ever! Thanks For Being You!

  13. Heather on

    A virtual course would be fantastic. I don’t know why you’re so wonderfully giving Erin, but I’m glad you are.

  14. Kari on

    A virtual course is a brilliant idea! Yay!


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