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June 30th 2012

the sweetest blur

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we did a little wedding today. super simple and sweet.

the perfect warm up for the many, many weddings that are coming up, just around the corner.

scrolling through photos i am struck by how many ingredients i typically squeeze into a bouquet. having a huge garden to gather from makes streamlining impossible : )


this bridal bouquet contains over a dozen ingredients including: nigella flowers and pods, poppy pods, fiddle head and sword ferns, blueberries, maple foliage and seed cases, peonies, garden roses, delphinium, foxglove, jasmine vine, sweet peas and dusty miller. it smelled amazing!

weird thing, i never actually met the bride this bouquet went to. she contacted me last week and a few emails later we were delivering her flowers. i saw her breeze past me in the hall this afternoon, but that’s it. no phone calls, meetings, inspiration boards. she was just a blur of smiles, giggles and joy.

the internet is a crazy, crazy thing!

hope you all are having an equally surprising and lovely weekend!




  1. FlowerLady on

    What sheer joy your work must give you! This bouquet is so achingly beautiful, the colors look antique, and I'm sure the bride loved it. I love the mixture.

    You have a wonderful talent, and a wonderful occupation.

    I loved the quote from July 20th's post. Thank you. I came here via Georgianna's blog.


  2. Michelle on

    Breathetaking! You are convincing me, with each photo, that I must farm flowers. Not that there was ever a question.

  3. Julie122324 on

    Hello Erin. Found your blog while looking for my next flower fix on the net. I so envy you. How wonderful it must be to have a life filled almost every day with some of the most beautiful flowers i have ever seen. I visit often to see what you are picking. Sweet peas are almost my favourite. I dont think i could live properly without flowers in my life. They make me so happy. Thankyou for sharing such beauty. Love from Julie in Australia x

  4. jwblooms on

    Absolutely beautiful – as always. Jan

  5. Alice and Stuart on

    the touch of blue is stunning! and long time overdue, but awesome veggie garden!!!! I love how excited the family is about it.

  6. Botanique on

    Ooooh, I really like that bouquet. Colors, textures, shape, it looks super fresh…. gorgeous.

  7. sarah-jane down the lane on

    Oh I love the dog rose hips and the fern frond half unfurled….her faith was well placed…

    Sarah -x-

  8. botanical brouhaha on

    Gorgeous, as usual! Sounds fun to have a stress-free wedding…don't get those very often.


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