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July 4th 2012


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Thought a little peek into the Thesaurus would be the perfect way to kick off today.
Independence: freedom, liberty, self reliance, autonomy,self-sufficiency.

Freedom: irrepressible, liberated, in full swing, unrestrained, unbound, uncontrolled, unconditional, absolute, emancipation, self determination, be one’s own man, do what one likes, clear, have a will of one’s own.


  1. nantucket57 on

    I totally agree with Elli Chase Designs comment on both counts!

  2. julie on

    Simply beautiful. xxx

  3. tatianaalida on

    Beautiful. Love it. Sounds like the start to a great manifesto!

  4. Josephine Rose on

    Love those words!

    Sadly, too many are not wanting to be "self reliant" or "self sufficient" and that burdens the rest of us who are and will eventually take away the freedom and liberty for all.

    Thanks for the reminder!


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