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June 26th 2012

i believe in fairies

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i love “about” pages that share interesting, candid, real snippets of a persons personality, preferences and beliefs. you either connect or you don’t after just a few lines.

i think my about page shall start off with i believe in fairies.






right now i think the wee folk are congregating in the foxglove forest.
it is pretty dang magical in there!


  1. Pieces of Sunshine on

    I've never seen foxgloves in real life but do love them. I didn't realise they grew so tall, beautiful photos.

  2. The Magical Christmas Wreath Company on

    Wow those are very tall Foxgloves. I like your photography very much. Digitalis have alway been one of my favourites for the magical qualities they have. I tried this year to find the perfect natural foxglove glade to photograph but alas I am still looking.

  3. Amelia on

    Wow, that has to be magic…or maybe you're the fairy.

  4. flowersandhome on

    The prettiest 'forest' ever; fairies must have something to do with it.

  5. Julie on

    Your photos are absolutely dreamy–of course there are fairies residing in your beautiful flower fields. It's the perfect home for them!

  6. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Oh, we believe….how else would we have some of our beautiful flowers after our total neglect….someone Has to be caring for them. ;)

  7. Georgianna on

    Oh, I believe! How could they not with such a magical environment becoming them? I'm certain they are in our woodland garden, too (although are quite ready for some sunshine about now. :) )

    Beautiful post, E.

  8. Linadlou on

    Thankfully, I have several Granddaughters, and we get to play fairies when they come to visit. It is often my idea, and we've dedicated a part of our gardens to the wee folk. As Gardeners', how could we not believe? Thanks for the foxglove forest pics.


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