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June 12th 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance {June 12}

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Every old rose around our property is in full, rolling bloom right now and I decided to base this weeks bouquet around their long, arching stems. We’ve got peonies for just a few more weeks so I’m trying to weave them into every single creation possible too.

Savoring the moment because before you know it, zinnias and dahlias will be making their debut.


There’s something so calming about taking a little snippet of time out of the busy hustle to make something for no good reason. I’m horrible at meditating and even worse at “being in the moment” and this little project is a way I can try and practice both. So far, I think it’s working.


Now it’s your turn. What blooming in your neck of the woods this week?

It can be a single rose blossom, a handful of weeds from an abandoned lot or a big ole fancy bouquet. It doesn’t matter. Just as long as you take a few minute to explore and create.

To join in the fun, simply make up a bouquet using local flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it here in the comments section below. Easy as can be.

If you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness


  1. Little Jug of Calm | Little Triffids Flowers on

    […] A little jug of calm in a chaotic week. The first of the jonquils (earlicheer and paper white), snow pea vine and flowers, choy sum gone to seed, the ever reliable euphorbia, the last David Austin Rose ‘Lichfield Angel’, and a small branch of snow pear with it’s remaining leaves all from my garden. ┬áTeaming up with Floret for the seasonal flower alliance. […]

  2. Ginny on
    This arrangement was put together for a sweet lady who turned 100 years old this week. I remember going to her house and she would gather cuttings and seeds from her garden and give to me to take home and plant in mine.

  3. Ginny on

    This is a large urn of foraged plants which I put together for a wedding celebration. It contains Magnolia, Yew, variegated Pittosporum, Queen Anne’s Lace, white Hydrangea, white Yarrow, Curly Willow, and some tall stalky weed that was found growing on a ditch.

  4. Jenny on

    Wow, what inspiration to see these!

    Time to bite the bullet and enjoy them inside as well as out on my end.

  5. Vera on

    Your bouquet is beautiful! My bouquet here in the Netherlands this week is a romantic combo of peonies “Sarah Bernhardt”, feverfew and cenolophium denudatum :

  6. wasabi honey bee on

    So pretty!! Someday I would love to make it up to your farm!!!

  7. Lyndal on

    Lovely! Peonies have finished where I am (China) – despite it being the national flower. My garden raid is here:

    The first is with purely flowers from my apartment complex, the second with leftover lisianthus from the market so not sure how local those are.

  8. Suitejoh on

    Love this idea …might swing on over to insta and give it a go !!! Thanks Erin

  9. Yelena on

    Erin, What is the name of the beautiful peony in the middle of the arrangement? I absolutely love how full it is, with just a hint of pink! Just looking at it, I feel like I can smell it through the screen! sigh…

  10. Lisa on

    Your abundance of garden roses makes me so jealous.

    This week I went with sunny yellows and orange. Here it is.

  11. Erika Stephens on

    What a beautiful scene to wake up to. Thank you for continually inspiring ephemeral loveliness.


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