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April 10th 2015

The Seasonal Flower Alliance – April 10

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This week the last of the narcissus are in full bloom and I wanted to be sure and capture the magic.

Narcissus from left to right: Yellow Cheerfulness, Sir Winston Churchill, Double Fashion, Flower Drift, Petit Four, Orangery, Replete

New to the Seasonal Flower Alliance?  Participation is simple:

1) Snap.  Take a photo of seasonal flowers that you grew, foraged (responsibly, of course!) or bought from the farmers market or local flower farm.
2) Tag.  Upload your photo to Instagram and add the hashtag #SeasonalFlowerAlliance
3) Share.  In your photo caption, please share what flower varieties are featured (if you know them) along with your location (city, state/province, country).  Optional: add your USDA hardiness zone

You can read more about the Seasonal Flower Alliance here.  Thanks for sharing what’s in bloom in your corner of the world!


  1. webb on

    Nice profile in M S Living this month. Congratulations!!

  2. Karen Cherry on

    My Narcissus are also blooming their heads off, what a great season. I’ve had trouble with the doubles blasting here in the middle of the continent, I’ve read that temps above 80 degrees are the culprit, do you have any suggestions as to cultivars that are resistant? I’ve tried ‘Erlicheer’ but its marginally hardy in my area. Thanks for your encouraging inspiration.

  3. Viv on

    How pretty is that?!!!!! We are FINALLY seeing some spring weather and I am able to see some spring blooms around here. My soul feels finally free to breathe from winter. Ahhhh…. I’ve attended 2 different farmers market meetings and all is in full swing there. I was so glad they sent me letters to invite me to return with my cut flowers. Zinnias, sunflowers, and dahlias. I’m trying glads, and ordered some new seeds, too. My season is short. Whatever does well–quickly, is what I have to do. I may go to local greenhouses and look for some plants. ($$?) I looked into some plugs, but, I don’t need 1,000 plants here, soooo—anywho–that’s where I’m at here. :) Lovin’ your Floret spring!!!!!!!

  4. VillageKid on

    For some reason I am fancying the “Double Fashion” particularly, although when choosing to buy my guess is I would be doing good to not want them all.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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