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January 22nd 2013

the dream farm hunt

Written by


As you probably know, we’ve spent a good chunk of time this winter on the dream farm hunt. We’ve looked at so many places that the only way I’m able to keep them all straight is through photos and detailed notes!


There have been big fields with old ratty trailers outback, cozy homes with wall to wall carpet and lousy soil, big windows and wood floors with only one out of ten acres farmable, prefab’s with great stables and rocky land, sunny flat fields with standing water, certified organic ground with a rotting house needing removal and everything imaginable in between.


The process has been a roller coaster of emotions indeed. While I knew it would be tough to find the perfect place, I really had no idea how discouraging and overwhelming the hunt would feel. Our valley has lousy schools and zero culture but boasts some of the finest soil in the state and receives much less rainfall than any other west side location. Further north, near the Canadian border it’s rich with bookstores, community events and education opportunities but the climate is much colder and we just don’t feel at home there.



Finally, last week in a stroke of good fortune, we found something promising.  While in the very early stages of possibility, we’ve already fallen madly in love with the place.  Any good juju, positive thoughts or prayers you want to send this way, would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Concha on

    Dear Erin, I am wholeheartedly crossing my fingers for you guys!

    We moved to NZ just two months ago and house hunting was a nightmare. And my only concern was the house… I can’t imagine having to worry about soil and climate on top of it all! We’re moving in the day after tomorrow. :)

    Good luck and best wishes!!

  2. Anastasia on

    I like this post, enjoyed this one appreciate it for putting up.

  3. Jamie lynn on

    I completely feel all of your frustration. My fiance and I are going through the same thing here on the East coast. This farm has a great house and little acreage. The other farm has great land but the house needs to be demolished and the location is awful. The farm down the road ….. oh it goes on and on, doesn’t it? Good luck in your search. I really liked Terri’s advice (above), I will keep this in mind as I am searching as well. Thanks, Erin, for sharing your beautiful work with us. Your flowers and arrangements are always stunning!

  4. Becca//Petal on

    Many many good thoughts coming your way. What a beautiful process.

  5. florist on

    You are looking for a great property and being patient you will het such a property. It will be spectacular and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experience

  6. Margaret on

    “Our valley has…zero culture”

    I disagree.

    Your valley has you, your family, and your floraculture! :-)

  7. Bee Girl on

    Good thoughts & positive juju headed your way!

  8. Julie on

    What an amazing journey. Wishing you the very best–you’re living my dream, and I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. (The four-leaf clover is a sign–only good things to follow.) Cheers to you!

  9. Megan on

    Reading about your search brings me back to how thrilling it was for us to finally find our forever farm home! We looked at quite a few duds in the process. Just keep that vision in mind of what you want to create and your dream farm will find you.Best of luck to you and your family!

  10. Alexandra Jusino on

    Sending you and your family lots of good juju and positive thoughts. May you find the perfect farm, with good farmable soil, in a town you love and can continue growing beautiful flowers.

  11. Terri on

    You can make good dirt, but you can’t make good water.
    Good schools would be nice, but intelligent kids will actually learn better by staying out of pubic schools.
    We will always suffer the weather. Down here, if we don’t like the weather, we just wait a while and it changes.
    Your neighbors are critically important – they will save your life in an emergency, or burn you out for an imagined slight.
    Culture – art, music, literature (and literacy) – is a luxury in a rural community. It’s best to learn to make your own culture.
    You do need an emergency room nearby, and a damn good first aid kit in the barn, and in the house.
    You’re doing great, Erin, exactly right. Listen to the land, lay down in the field and really listen, and when it’s right, the land, the wind, the sky, and the trees will all say to you, “Welcome home”.

  12. Wren on

    I have faith everything will go perfectly wonderful…you bring so much joy into the world with your lovely flowers, how could it not go smooth? If it is to be your spot to make the earth, “laugh in flowers”, nothing can stop it from happening :)

  13. Michelle on

    I’m sending lots of good juju to you. I know how the farm hunt feels. I cried a lot this fall. We found a house, not quite my dream but a nice start.

    I hope you get that farm. I actually teared up when I looked at the photos of it. It is as perfect as a farm can be.

  14. Diane on

    I don’t even know you and yet reading your blog for just a few months has me pulling for you and your family.
    sending my best wishes that you find your forever home!

  15. Heather M on

    Crossing my fingers for you! I know what you mean about the culture piece. We kind of have to make our own in the valley, but there certainly are lots of (what I think are) like minded folks at least near me in Bow.

  16. Georgie on

    Sending BIG juju your way, I am a firm believer in everything panning out just how its meant. If this one is for you, it will happen :)
    Stay positive, keep believing, it will happen X

  17. FlowerLady Lorraine on

    This is exciting, and if it is meant to be yours, it will be, and will all work out.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady Lorraine

  18. JW Blooms on

    So jealous I should really hate you but you’re so lovely and so inspirational that I can’t! All good juju, positive thoughts, prayers etc coming your way instead. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Jan

  19. Sheila on

    Sending you lots of positive energy to help you land the next farm of your dreams! I am sure you’ve already secured it – just feel free to give it to yourself!

  20. Shelley on

    Feeling ‘at home’ in a landscape is so important. You’ll have the farm you really want. And then we get to read all about it!!

  21. Kelly (Botanique) on

    MANY, MANY, MANY good wishes, thoughts, and prayers are on their way to you. The farm and all the amazing flowers that follow are on their way to you…

  22. Tamar on

    …oh and I gotta add I’M SO EXCITED for when it happens!

  23. Tamar on

    Erin as I was reading this post I just kept thinking about how not so far in the future we’ll be reading this blog and you’ll be telling us all about the beautiful amazing magical new home you’ve all moved to. I can’t wait! I know it’ll happen for you all. Sending you blessings & luck and all that good juju.

    Warmly, Tamar

  24. Julie on

    Sending you every good wish Erin for your dream flower farm. I quietly follow your every step and am in awe of the beautiful flowers that you produce. Its our dream to grow flowers too. Sweat peas please!!!! Good luck to you anc your loved ones. Xx julie

  25. Cathy Bartolic on

    Fifteen years ago I was in the same boat as you. It all turned out well. We are still in the same house and often drive by some of the places we did not buy and thank our lucky stars that we didn’t.
    Have faith, it will all work out the way it is supposed to and you will ultimately have the perfect property for you.

  26. Lisa on

    Wishing you good wishes and great fortune! Hoping that you are able to get the farm and we are then able to get your wonderful blooms!!
    Best of luck!


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