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January 15th 2013

A New {Online} Home

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After many many hours of writing, rewriting, editing, tweaking, choosing, cropping, brainstorming and pulling our collective hair out, Floret finally has a shiny new website and blog!!! Woohoo!!!

I have to give a huge shout out to Georgianna Lane for EVERYTHING she did to bring this project into form. Without her loving guidance, gorgeous photos and focused attention, the site would still just be a dream. Jill, my flower partner in crime and soon to be right hand man, took all of my adjective-filled ramblings and turned them into the clear, cohesive text you’ll see on the site.

I am just thrilled with how it all turned out!!!

So, while you should be redirected from blogger to this new space, you’ll still want to go in and update your bookmarks with the new address

I have tons of great stuff coming your way here shortly. Stay tuned!!!


  1. Rose Fern on

    Erin I found your blog and website via Georgianna’s link. I must say I was captured by the beauty and elegance of your endeavour. I’ve been a fan of Georgianna’s work and a follower from her website’s start and my visits there have been always a chance to daydream, even for a moment. This is what happened with your website, since I love flowers and rural life!
    I wish you all the luck! KALI EPITYXIA! (‘ have success’ in Greek)

  2. meg on

    beautiful erin! i especially love all the gorgeous new photos and the family behind the farm.

  3. Tamar on

    It looks gorgeous…loved it the moment I came on :)

  4. Renita on

    I’m always inspired by your work. Lovely update to your site!

  5. Liza on

    Your new site is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing so much abundant beauty! Hope to visit your farm someday SOON!

  6. botanical brouhaha on

    Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Stunning flowers…AMAZING family! Well done, Erin!

  7. Samantha on

    Very well done , this is a beautiful website, I know that it is so difficult and takes such a long time to get this right


  8. Michelle Verville on

    It looks amazing. I could watch the flower slideshows all day. Your bouquets are the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. Just looking at them gives me the greatest sense of happiness and peace.

  9. Christine on

    Your new site…What a work of art!!!!!

  10. Amedar Consulting Group on

    I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely love reading all that is written on your blog.Keep the tips coming. I liked it!

  11. Megan on

    Congratulations! Your flowers are beautiful and so is your new website!

  12. Jessica on

    Congrats on the new site! It’s lovely (just like your flowers)!

  13. amy m on

    No words. You are the best.

  14. Anouk Dupraz on

    Beautifull! The pictures are so nice , so bright. I’m always amazed by the incredible variety of flowers and fillers. A dream :)

  15. Lisa on

    In the words of Fanny Brice:
    “Hello, Gorgeous!

  16. Alexa Johnson on

    Lovely!!! Can’t wait to follow more of your always beautiful and envy-making adventures.

  17. calida Grymaloski on

    oh man erin you such an inspiration. congratulations on your new site, it is truly stunning!!

  18. Megan on

    What an inspiration! I’m so excited to see your beautiful work on this new site!

  19. Lisa on

    Stunning!!!!!! and just how I think of you/Floret, the website is perfect! it reflects your family life and I love that.

  20. Gretel Adams on

    Your new site is so bright and beautiful! We love the new look. Is Chris full time on the farm now?
    Great wedding bouquet shots for every season too!

  21. Belinda Norrington on

    Just soooo beautiful and zingy looking, breathtaking, well done! Bxx

  22. Henrietta on

    Congratulations it looks so beautiful. I added this to my blog list and hope everybody finds here also from this side of the world. You are such an inspirational person and I keep dreaming that someday I would fly over there to see your flower fields.
    Henrietta from Finland:)

  23. Laetitia de chez Florésie on

    Erin, you did a great great job with this new website! I love it… and feel like redesigning mine! :) Wish you a lot of success…

  24. Georgianna on

    Oh, golly, I’m so tickled! I just had to leave a comment. :) Congratulations on all your hard work. You made it a breeze to put together with your beautiful creations, beautiful family and beautiful purpose. It was a total honor to work on it. May you have HUGE success this year and beyond!


  25. Amanda Cook on

    It’s gorgeous!!!! So elegant and fresh, always an amazing combo. Congratulations and as always thank you for the inspiration.

  26. Kelly (Botanique) on

    Erin!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love everything about it :)

  27. Susanne on

    Oh my god. Absolutely amazing. And I love the meet the family bit.
    So very, very well done xxx


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