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January 26th 2013

Foodie Flowers All Around

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In the process of creating the new website, I had to go back and sort through the thousands of flower images we captured over the past season. Rows of blooms, the garage filled with sea after sea of bouquets, a dozen box truck loads of dahlias and so many lovely seasonal weddings.


What I noticed in the process is that our brides generally fit into three distinct categories. The first group is the ultra romantics. They love vintage silver, lots of candles, billowy blooms and soft, feminine colors. The second group digs being as unique as possible and airs on the side of funkiness. Bright colors, lots of textures and as many pods and seed heads as we can squeeze into their celebration. The last group is fast becoming my favorite. The foodie brides! Chef’s, bakers and all around food lovers who want to carry their edible obsession right through every aspect of their big day.


Crabapples, kale, fava beans, herbs, baby plums, currant tomatoes, hot peppers, heirloom beans, nasturtiums, grains, snow peas, berries, rosehips and anything else we can get our hands on around the time of their big day. To me, there is nothing more gorgeous than the marriage of food and flowers in a bouquet.


Here’s to hoping we get another big ole batch of foodie brides in 2013!



  1. Flowers24x7 on

    These just fill me with happiness. The gardener’s kind of happiness. wonderful……..

  2. farmer on

    I have to say this is the most stunning use of beauty.
    I absolutely love how creative you are and how you step outside the box and marry food and flowers,breath taking!

  3. Carolyn on

    Have just discovered your blog, via Georgianna.
    Beautiful flowers and I enjoyed my visit.
    Best wishes

  4. Wendy on

    Your new place will find you and it will be magic.
    So much beauty……

  5. Ashley on

    “Oh, my, my…Oh hell, yes. Honey put on that party dress” These just fill me with happiness. The gardener’s kind of happiness. Do nasturtiums hold up well? Would love to know.

  6. Lucy on

    Congratulations on the new site… looks fantastic, so clean and really lets the images take centre piece. :)

  7. Heiress Emma on

    I love foodie bits in arrangements, and you do it so well Erin! I’m loving blackberries, quince and figs at the moment. Delicious!

  8. Nina on

    I just have to say Hi! and tell you that you and your flowers are so inspiring! Love the new website too, and all the beautiful pictures. I keep wishing that we had a milder climate in Finland so that i could start a flowerfarm just like yours :)

  9. Farmgirl Susan on

    Your bouquets are all so gorgeous. Beautiful photos too. I definitely need to plant more flowers next year! :)

  10. megan on

    eye candy!!! Pun intended!!

  11. Eve on

    So beautiful!!!

  12. A Garden of Threads on

    The new site looks fantastic, I love the clean lines with the photos centre stage. These foodie bouquets are gorgeous, you are so talented.

  13. Julie on

    Stunning. You are amazing.

  14. Georgianna on

    Pure heaven! These are brilliant and beautiful! (great post!)


  15. Caitlin on

    Love this! I have seen kale and little peppers in arrangements but never tomatoes and raspberries! Sounds like a fun detour from the everyday.


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