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November 27th 2010

The Chicken Palace

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I think this may be one of the most beautiful coops on the planet.We like to joke that’s it’s nicer than our house. Actually I’m not so sure it’s a joke…
Built only a year ago this masterpiece houses a large flock of roughly 100 birds. These happy hens produce amazing eggs! They are fed 100% Organic grain, fresh garden produce, minerals, spoiled fruit, egg shells and red wiggler worms. Their owner makes sure they have every luxury available!
Today we went over to help prop back up a tractor shed that had blown down in the last storm. While the guys reassembled the pieces I wandered off to the Chicken Palace to snap a few photos.

A view from the from the frontAround back the birds have access to a large grass field and a shaded dust bath coined “the spa”

looking across the entrance

A happy Red Sexlink hen sitting on a nest




The coolest nesting box ever!!!!

Barred Rock Hen

Delaware hen

The happy flock

I pulled back a thick layer of burlap and found thousands of Red Wiggler Worms feasting and growing. These will later be fed to the chickens for added protein.

Left over summer cucumbers being stored for feed.

A view from inside the coop at one of the custom feeders.

Darling vintage chicken cage

Front/Side view


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