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June 28th 2011


Written by
So, so busy. Flowers everywhere I look.
Turning in circles, too many directions are calling me at once. Overwhelm.
I’m to the point in the season where I’m dreaming of bridal bouquets. Waking with a start in the middle of the night because in the dream I’ve forgotten if her dress is white or ivory.What ribbon do I use?!
Tonight I’ve decided to abandon working until dark. I just can’t get my head around netting the snapdragons, bells of Ireland, canterbury bells, bachelor buttons…. Yes, they may topple over before I can get them all roped in but I need to regroup.

We’re off to the beach :)


  1. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Erin, I think we can all commiserate with your wedding nightmares! Eeks, the worst. Glad you got away for a beach retreat! xxoo, Jaime

  2. bowstreetflowers on

    Erin, I often have nightmares that I'm far behind designing for a wedding and I have so much work in so little time, i wake up drenched. It actually happened once in my early career..imagine the impact of that experience that still causes nightmares!

  3. Great flower lady on

    enjoy it wont be long and winter will show its ugly face. Oh by the way I have those dreams too..


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