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June 29th 2011

The Magic Of The Sea

Written by

Last night we ditched work early, loaded up and headed to the beach. Being so surrounded by water, the smells of the sea and forest, a heavy mist hanging in the air … it was just what I needed.


I have been visiting this beautiful place for as long as I can remember.



Around the bend of the beach and up a steep hill is the most incredible cliff, jutting hundreds of feet above the ocean. I always feel as if I’m standing on the edge of the world up there.

If we had been married in the summer rather than a blustery day in March, this cliff is where I would have chosen to wed.It is one of my favorite places on this earth.


When I was little, I thought mermaids lived below in the kelp beds and sunned themselves on that tiny island.Actually I still always stare into the deep water, hoping to spot a glimpse of one.

Here’s to wishing you a little dose of magic this week too!




  1. botanical brouhaha on

    I dream of a place like this…to escape occasionally…you are so fortunate! The photos nearly brought tears to my eyes just imagining being there, as you were, with my husband and kids. Thanks for sharing…

  2. alicia.. on

    I feel like I took a little vacation just looking at these photos.

  3. webb on

    Mermaids do live in the kelp beds… don't they!


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