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June 22nd 2011

Being Seen

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I am often in front of the camera now.
Growing up the daughter of a photographer, I actually developed quite a phobia about being photographed. I love assisting, looking through the lens of a perfectly composed shot, “seeing” what he saw but when it came time to stand in front of the lens, I would often shrink down and try to disappear.
It has taken quite a bit of effort and time to work through my uncomfortability with “being seen”. I owe much of my new found freedom to Chris. With such a calm energy, an open heart and absolutely zero judgement he makes it easy to be vulnerable and in turn, to be seen.

It is impossible to get too tense, too freaked out or take myself too seriously with this guy in my life! Ha!



  1. Stacy on

    Big smiles!! Leap worthy bouquets indeed.

  2. McKenzie Powell Designs on

    also… i'm up in bellingham at my parents' house, and when my mom just walked by, she started cracking up. she wants this blown up and hung in her house just to make her laugh. maybe you have a future in fine art photography?

  3. The Monkey Flower Group on

    Okay, so you had my full attention with that first photo- both you and the flowers look gorgeous, as usual, or maybe even a little more than usual.

    But then those of Chris! Hilarious! And crazy impressive!

  4. Lotte and Bloom on

    those photos just made me laugh so much, heel kicks with bouquets in hand are quite the way to go, clearly x

  5. flwrjane on

    I could use some time with Chris. I hate to be photographed. I'm always caught grimacing or looking worried.

    Guess I need to learn to lighten up and toss all my cares and bouquets to the wind!

    xo Jane


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