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May 27th 2011

Sideways Rain & BIG News

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My official packet of project paperwork arrived this week from the the natural resource conservation service. After a year of trying, jumping through hoops and basically stalking their office I finally scored a big old grant.
In addition to receiving funding for two new greenhouses!!! we’ll also be putting in 100 ft. of hedgerows for the birds and wind filtering and a large, concrete composting area complete with walls!

The greenhouse kits arrive June 6th and we’re hoping to have them up by independence day.The grant was generous enough to actually coverĀ  labor so our handy friend Jamie who installed our cooler will be here making the magic happen. Wahoo! We’re inching towards being a real operation over here :)


  1. Stacy on

    The Farm Bill at its best!!! Way to go.

  2. webb on

    Wow! Congratulations. That really is good news.

  3. Clare Day Flowers on

    Congrats Erin. Lord knows farmers like you need all the help they can get. One of our farmers here has been trying in vain to get a grant. I will share your story so she doesn't give up!.
    Sending some sunshine your way.

  4. botanical brouhaha on

    Yeah! So happy for you…and, by the way, you already are a real operation…real inspiring, real genuine, real talented, really admired by many!


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