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September 19th 2011

seasonal wedding

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I did the prettiest little early fall wedding at the Book Bindery this weekend. It was small enough that I didn’t need help and the hours working alone in silence were a wonderful treat after another busy week.

Roses came from my FAVORITE source, Peter Kort in Oregon. Every batch I bring in from them is absolutely gorgeous! Everything else was from our garden. The bride was so wonderful and wanted the flowers to be seasonal, even leaving the color pallet open for the best flexibility.Eventually we settled on a warm mix of gold, brown, cream and green which fit perfectly with the cozy, inviting vibe of the venue.
Bridal bouquet included roses: Caramel Antique, Avalanche,Moonstruck and Wendy, limelight hydrangeas,ferns,scabiosa pods,seven sons flower,clematis vine,phlox,maple,copper beech and celosia.


  1. megan on

    Stunning! I am jealous of your peterkort roses… Zcallas brings them down here to LA but by the time they have made the trip, they never look like the ones you just posted.

  2. Heather on

    Absolutely Beautiful! Both the bouquet and the photo's : ) You are so talented!

  3. Brooke Howsley on

    Some of the best days are spent in quiet meditation with flowers! Love the colors.

  4. turtleinseattle on

    Erin, these flowers are so perfect! Stunning photography as well :)

  5. Denise on

    So lovely and so nice to hear about a peaceful and enjoyable working experience. Love when that happens!

  6. sew nancy on

    so gorgeous. love the bouquet

  7. julie on

    that bouquet is just stunning – love the hydrangea & colours. xxx

  8. Susan on

    So glad you're enjoying your new lens…wonderful results and beautiful bouquets!

  9. Annelie on

    Absolutely beautiful!
    Wish I could smell the bouquet.



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