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January 20th 2012


Written by
Well, my hard drive has finally rebelled. Being so stuffed full, it’s finally unwilling to accept even one more uploaded picture. Drat, I thought I could outsmart it for another few weeks!
Since July I’ve imported more than 11,000 photos. For every beauty there are at least 50 duds. I obviously air on the side of quantity to ensure a bit of quality ; )

With Washington in a state of a panic over the recent snow (the news is calling it “snowpocalypse”. no I am not kidding) I have been happily using this quiet time to paint every surface in sight. The kitchen, hall and my bedroom are now all warm shades of yellow. Woohoo! So, until I can make it into town to upgrade my gear, we’ll have to suffer through some flowery photos from the summer.

This bouquet is one of my favorites from early summer. Those Peonies were freaking to die for gorgeous and so massive. At first I was scared to use them! Sadly I don’t know the name of the variety since Geraldine brought me 8 different whites to work with.

When I finally get my farm, with acres and acres of open land, I’m planting 100ft of this beauty!

not sure what was going on with that dorky yellow ribbon. it was later replaced with some vintage French beauties from my stash.

Everything else was from the garden. I still can’t get over what beautiful abundance I get to work with during the season. While it’s an ass kicker to grow it all, I still feel absolutely spoiled every single time I go out to harvest.

This whopper includes: Peonies (mystery white), Aruncus (goats beard), Valerian, Icelandic Poppies, Digitalis (foxglove), Raspberry foliage with immature fruit, Rosa multiflora, Lonicera tartarica (bush honeysuckle), Lonicera Americana ( common honeysuckle vine), Aquilega ‘McKana Hybrids’ (large flowered columbine) and Alchemilla mollis (lady’s mantle).









  1. Sarah Winward on

    I hear ya sister. I have to delete a folder of pictures off of my computer every time I want to write up a proposal or edit a picture. And…my phone is full too. I resorted to taking pictures on it because I couldn't fit any more on my computer. Time for some prioritizing.

    I want to live in that bouquet, I would sleep inside the peony.

  2. The Monkey Flower Group on


    You, your flowers, and this blog are pure inspiration. I need to get over here more often!



  3. Botanique on

    Oh, I L.O.V.E this bouquet! The flower combination is just too beautiful for words. You put ALL my favorites in there!

  4. edi gardner on

    bummer….my reply just disappeared. I am in Ma. I will pay for seeds, shipping and your TLC. Will you try again? Benary has all the info. I can't believe no one offers. I had never seen it until Belinda wrote about it.
    A friend in Ct tells me it flowers all summer?

  5. Junaluska on

    Beautiful, beautiful arrangement! I love the snow day photos as well.

  6. Floret on

    I had 3 trays of Fama ordered from Headstart in CA but they were canceled due to poor germination. I may give them a shot from seed this spring. How far are you from me? If we're neighbors I'd totally grow extra : )

  7. edi gardner on

    It almost looks like tree peony. Stunner! Do I see scabiosa fama ? I have been hunting her for months. Do you know where I can get trays? Will you started for me? I am obsessed and now I am pestering…..

  8. Floret Flowers on

    Sweet, thanks for the info!
    I don't pinch Cerinthe but after cutting the initial main stem I get 6-10 side shoots a few weeks later that are a nice useable size.
    Ha, I wish this were MY farm! It belongs to a friends down the road and has a turn of the century house and killer barn. Sigh….someday :)

  9. Alice and Stuart on

    Erin, wow, I think this may be my favorite bouquet of yours. I would so love to walk down the aisle with that beauty in tow. Nice work. As for the poppies, we do some temptress–although the germination rate sucks big time I will probably not do it again, mostly champagne bubbles F1 series, and some solar fire orange or solar flare? I can't remember the exact name. We start them in the fall with our other overwinter flowers. Most of the colors are bright orange.
    I was wondering, do you pinch your cerinthe? We're trying it out this season. Your farm looks beautiful, although is this not your farm?

  10. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    Gorgeous! I love that poppy. Maybe take all your beautiful photos and make cards or calenders for us less fortunate.

  11. Julie on

    Those peonies are magnificent! I must admit, I've been stalking your flower photos to get through the gloomy season and motivate myself for planting seeds…60 varieties of herbs today, then onto 160 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, plus peppers and some heirloom flowers. It's tedious but also kind of zen-like in its quiet repetition. That arrangement is just stunning.


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