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September 12th 2011

getting lost

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Saturday afternoon we set out with a list of errands to run and then were scheduled to return home and get to work on all the tasks that had slipped out of our reach the previous week. Things like build a massive compost pile, harvest the 1000 lilies threatening to burst open any second in the warm greenhouse, water everything , tidy up the garage/ workspace, wash buckets … the list grew and grew until neither of us could stand to think about it let alone discuss it on the drive.
After completing our last stop we both looked at each other deflated, dreading the thought of going home and working yet another endless day. So, in an instant of insanity we decided to escape and head out of town. We didn’t know where we’d end up but the thought of an adventure and being off the farm was so dang exciting we hit the gas and didn’t look back until long after dark.
We drove out into the countryside up near the Canadian border, down winding roads, past so many farms, daydreaming all the while and eventually ending up deep in the forest. At this point we toyed with the idea of heading back towards town but again insanity won out and we filled the gas tank and just kept driving and driving and driving until the road literally ended.


I haven’t felt so free in……forever.
The day was so hot and sunny, near perfect. Through the open windows came the smells of the forest and fresh air and best of all, silence.


We walked slowly around a visitor’s center, lingering to read every detail and study every map. We walked along a rushing river, stood near a beautiful turquoise waterfall, explored the forest, talked about whom we long to become and the authentic life we are trying so hard to create. We dreamed about living in a cabin bordering the forest with a huge field for flowers, about living closer to nature, no cell phone, no internet. It was magic.
In the end we found ourselves in the national forest, at the base of a mountain, snow still standing in spot s despite the blazing heat. Little streams were covering the hillsides where the melting snow was making its way down to a larger river. This river would eventually flow into the river that runs just a quarter mile from our house. I felt so remove and yet so connected.
Eventually the sun began to fade and it was finally time to make the long trek home. Recharged and renewed we found our way down the mountain and eventually back into the tiny valley we call home.
The next morning, all of the things we were supposed to do were still eagerly waiting for our attention. In our blissful absence the crop of Lilies exploded into color. It took so much longer to harvest them since I had to take off all the open flowers for safer transport and storage but I kept reminding myself…no matter the price, it was so worth it to just get lost for a day.


  1. Dorissa on

    This was a beautiful post! Thank you.

  2. Tracy Huntley on

    Hi Erin, I found your blog through Botanical Brouhaha, and love to stop by for a visit. This was such a beautiful post!
    I would also like to know if I could show some of your beautiful pictures as well on Pinterest- they would be clearly marked with your blog address.
    Tracy from Springwell Gardens

  3. Trädgården på Höjden... on

    I just found your blog after recommendation on Garden Flow and I just love your piccures. What a wondeful landscape you live in. Amazing.


  4. Floret Flowers on

    Charlotte.thank you!!! and yes of course you can snag some photos for a blog post :)

  5. Trädgårdsflow/Garden Flow on

    Hi Erin!

    What a beautiful and inspirering blog you have!!! I just fell in love with all the fantastic pictures of your flower-farming-life!!! I'm a true gardenlover from the northen part of Sweden. A big dreamer….. and a sucker for everyday beauty. My biggest dream is moving to the countryside and start at buisness with garden, flowers or something in that category. When I saw the pictures of you holding the magical zinnias in the eveningsun I just burst ot loud: 'that's my dreamvision'….. So….. thank you so much for all the inspiration!

    I wonder if I could show some of your stunning pictures at my garden blog and recommend your blog! Of course I will clearly tell where the pictures come from and link to your blog.

    Have a nice day!!

  6. botanical brouhaha on

    I love this post! What a wonderful time together…dreaming and reconnecting. Good for you!

  7. webb on

    You definitely deserved the day – glad you got it. Hope the next few weeks go well.

  8. Zoe Tilley Poster on

    As one who enjoys your blog posts while resting my weary butt in the desk chair at the end of the day, I sure can appreciate your need to recharge with nature and hopeful dreaming. My husband and I survive off that in the summer – the occasional break from labor to bask in the quiet of the woods, and talk about the future, when we'll live in a place that beautiful and quiet.

    You folks work hard. I look forward to seeing what you create next.

  9. Brooke Howsley on

    I love your search for an authentic life… getting closer to the real natural world is surely a large part of that. I know you will get there – all the hard work and recharging moments will add up :).

  10. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    Oh my gosh, even if it was a week of extra work, it was so worth recharging. What beauty.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. i'm erin in on

    exploring and just being – always the better choice! good on ya!

  12. alicia.. on

    thank you for the little escape you provided in this post..

  13. julie on

    wow, what an amazing adventure – getting lost in nature, i couldn't think of anything better – such beautiful places & pics – it sounds like it was just what u needed. xxx

  14. Chelsea on

    beautiful!!! so glad you got away for a day!


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