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September 10th 2013

Overwhelming Gratitude

Written by

Erin Benzakein holding bunch of Rudabeckia

These days it’s all we can do to our heads above the flower flooded fields. From dawn on into the night we’re harvesting, bunching, arranging, packing and delivering the bounty to lucky recipients all over the northwest.

Floret Whole Foods Bouquets

Washington, Oregon, Canada and even Alaska now see our flowers on a regular basis. How is that even possible!?!

And what’s even crazier? This, this is just the beginning.

Lily harvesting at Floret

Floret dahlia harvest

I have spent the past year scheming, plotting, strategizing and planning for our future expansion. While there is still so much work to do between here and where I want us to go, plans are gelling, paths are becoming clear and I am finally seeing the way through to the other side.

Floret dahlia Suncerst

Floret Bridal Bouquet

I just wanted to pause inside this beautiful madness for a moment to say thank you. Thank you for your heartfelt emails, for your sweet comments, for your encouraging notes, for your overwhelming excitement and for even including us in your prayers.

Floret Seasonal Bouquet

I feel YOU and all the love you’re sending our way. You have no idea how much it has helped and how much it has fueled the fire to press on.


So, from our little corner of the world right on back to yours, THANK YOU for it all!

Erin Floret truck of Dahlias


  1. internet world on

    That’s the smart thinking we could all benefit from.

  2. Annie on

    Dear Erin,

    I live in the mountains of Australia, where the famous Tulip Farm in Monbulk exists. This part of the State of Victoria, where I live has the best soil in Australia, and is a gardeners haven for all plant life.

    We are very blessed as a family to live here and just love
    the countryside here, which is semi rural.

    Gardening is my passion, my favorites being dahlias, snap dragons, daisies, lavendar, fox gloves, roses and a vegie garden. I am also a poet and write from the inspiration gleaned from my natural surroundings, and photography of the same.

    Your stunning flowers on the farm have inspired me to write some poetry for you, with thoughts taken from the beautiful photos you have displayed of your hard work. The following poetry is dedicated to the hard work and passion with which you and your delightful family have achieved success.


    Hard working hands
    Worn and tired
    Work in the fields
    That God has supplied

    A population of flowers to see
    Their colours are radiant
    Thanks to the bees
    Their perfumes fill the air with love
    As the sun shines down from up above

    Angels dance with little faces
    Through the fields of woven laces
    Dahlias, roses and forget me knots
    And sweet peas part of this precious crop

    Pure and pretty, a sight to see
    A lot of hard work from the whole family
    Glowing with health they work as a team
    A wonderful example for every teen

    An inspiration to the human race
    As health and radiance set the pace
    A joy to feel the love that’s shown
    In this beautiful flower farmers home.

    Written by
    Annette Nolan
    Local Poet
    Monbulk, Victoria

  3. Lisa A on

    Yay! What a great post! Just saw this one! So hopeful flowers will be coming our way too!! Best wishes for your future and lots of positive vibes and prayers coming your way!

  4. Emeline on

    I’m Emeline Hyemin SEO from South Korea who is learning Flower arranement . I always look feor florist all around world . you are one of the my favorite bloger and florist . this is also so dazzling and I ‘m so touched by your flowers. I wish I could join your florist gathering in last August. I just want to tell you that I always look forward to posting with flowers!

    thank you and really nice to see you eve online!

  5. Jesi on

    Thank YOU! For being here and making this space to inspire the rest of us.
    Years ago, while taking a sustainable agriculture class in Seattle I discovered your farm and emailed you with a few questions about what you do. Your generous response was full of encouragement, which I’ve taken to heart. I’m still in Seattle, but more involved with flowers (design) than I have been in years, and perhaps there is a little plot of land in my future…
    It’s a treat to see your success! Keep it up!

  6. Kristy on

    Thank you for sharing your world and flowers with us, I love seeing your blog updated in my feed to see what beautiful things are happening on your farm. Your family is so inspiring.

  7. Lindsey on

    You, your photos, and your story are inspirational. Thank YOU for helping keep dreams and visions alive.

  8. Emily Peck on

    This is so beautiful, congratulations!!

  9. ROSE on

    The pictures are absolutely stunning.. can’t wait to meet you in Philly for the flower workshop :)

  10. Melissa on

    Your flowers, your husband’s photography, your and your family’s dedication, the hard work and long hours, the beauty of your endeavor and the human spirit shines through – whether it is in a magazine article (where I happened upon you this spring), your website, or your FB page, I love what you do and I’m so glad to hear you will be expanding that! My only wish is that your flowers were available on the East Coast; )

  11. Karen on

    It has been my privilege to follow your ‘flooded flower fields’ all season long. I found you in the winter I believe. What a complete treat is every photo of every bloom, bundle & bunch of your amazing harvest, every photo of your dedicated family working to grow the healthiest, most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen. Yes, we’re cheering you on from our corners of the world as you work and do your magic. I’m so glad you took that break over the weekend. I pray that you’ll find those respites just when you need them. Blessings to you & yours from a fellow floral fan.

  12. Paul Flack on

    Thank you Erin. I may only doing 10% of what you are doing but the same joy is there and looking for the path to the future. Best of all you are part of it every day. You know what I mean.
    Thanks Paul

  13. Yvonne on

    I am welling up….thank you for igniting my floral journey xxx

  14. Tricia on

    Such beautiful and very hard work you and your family do. Knowing that you care so much about each and every stem and especially how it’s grown. Envirornmentally responsible and always giving back to the earth that gives so abundantly to you.

  15. Betsy on

    THANK YOU!!! Your work is such an inspiration! keep on keepin’ on, and continue to share, please!

  16. Marian on

    Amazing! Gorgeous flowers and bouquets! I wish I could purchase them here and enjoy a wonderful bouquet like that for real, but that would mean you’d have to send them all the way to Belgium. How lucky people living in Washington, Oregon, Canada and Alaska are.

  17. martin and the magpie on

    you are why we are at the place we are now….we are a few years behind you but like you we see the bigger picture as our future takes shape…….a huge ‘thank you’ right back to you!!!! xx Kay

  18. Eva, Tinibelli on

    It is your harvest time, and you are worth it all! Thank YOU for sharing your passion and inspiring us with your photos!!!

  19. Corina on

    You are absolutely amazing and inspiring!!! Sending much love West to you all!

  20. Amelia on

    You’re making the world a more beautiful place! Breathtaking flowers and photos.


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