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April 18th 2011

Narcissus Overload?

Written by


I can hardly contain my love for this little group of flowers. Who knew there were so many shapes, colors and smells to be had within the family of Daffodils?


I’m Dashing out to cut about a million bunches of Ranunculus before the sun blows them open in the greenhouse, so no time for a lengthy post today.


Instead I’ll leave you with a little visual overload. The perfect way to start the week! Happy Monday.











  1. Amy on

    They only deliver to Alaska every other week, so I might miss out. Oh well, at least I get to enjoy your photos!

  2. Floret Flowers on

    Amy, we will be sending Ranunc's to Full Circle this weekend. Hopefully you can nab some. So cool!

  3. Amy on

    I've been enjoying your blog for awhile now, so imagine my utter delight when I discovered that the narcissus that came in my full circle box all the way up here in Alaska today were from your farm! I was so excited, now if only i could get some of those amazing ranunculus.

  4. sarah{thegreendandelion} on

    these are beautiful! i bought myself some white and pink one's this weekend… they are on my blog too! so beautiful.

  5. The Monkey Flower Group on

    EEEEeeeEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee. What is it about narcissus that always makes me want to eat them??? I'm pretty sure they're poisonous . . . I'll just sit here for a minute until I recover some of my senses. In the meantime I blame the visual overload!

    Thank you for it. : )

  6. anastasia on

    those peachy ones make my heart flutter. i'll take some off your hands if you're drowning in daffodils~

  7. Jen of Country Weekend on

    No such thing as narcissus overload. Your pictures are so wonderful I can practically smell them.


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