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April 14th 2015

Martha Stewart Living Feature + Meeting Martha + NYC

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I am a big believer that if you can dream it, then it’s possible. I owe that to my parents since they always said if we could dream it up and were willing to work for it, anything was possible. Throughout my life I’ve spent a good deal of time goal setting, dreaming into the future and then doing the nitty gritty hard work to get there. Some dreams, especially the really big ones are fun to talk about but it can be hard to actually have faith┬áthat they’ll happen. For me, meeting Martha Stewart has always been in that realm. Way back when I started my flower business, I would sit at my friend Nina’s kitchen table and we’d talk about meeting Martha and seeing the Omnimedia Empire that she’s built in New York. In my heart I wanted it more than anything I could wish for but never really thought that I’d get the chance.

marthaspreadFast forward to last spring when out of the blue I got an email from the Martha Stewart Living team saying they were interested in doing a story about Floret in an upcoming issue. I seriously ran through the house shrieking and dancing when that note came through. It was Martha’s magazine, and specifically a sweet pea article, that set me on this path. It, like meeting Martha, has lived in the “yeah right, probably won’t ever happen, I want it so damn bad I could cry” category for nearly ten years. It has been my personal north star and a symbol, to me at least, that I’ve finally built something special enough for Martha to take notice. She holds some serious weight in my world.

While the crew was here shooting for the story we started talking about their American Made awards and I confessed to wanting to enter the year before but chickened out. Melissa, the editor, insisted that I at least give it a whirl and she thought I had a chance at it. So, during the summer our little team went to work writing the application and getting all of the necessary pieces in place. We studied the grading criteria, rewrote the text probably way too many times, read it out loud to the kids for their opinion, carefully chose the photos and courageously entered in the Floral and Event Design Category which was a super big leap of faith for me. Weeks went by, we had made it into the finalist category but hadn’t heard anything more. At that point I was certain we didn’t stand a chance and I didn’t want to let myself get my hopes up. Then the call came in and Melissa’s voice was on the other end, telling me we had won! I think my heart skipped a beat in that moment. Not only were we going to be in the magazine but now I was going to get to meet Martha in person. Two of my life dreams realized in one year.

newyork1 I flew to New York a few days before the big awards night and my BFF Sue Prutting from White Magnolia Designs in D.C. met me at the airport. We both agreed that since the stars had aligned to make this whole thing happen, we better just test our luck and see what other trouble we could stir up. In three short days we had dinner with Ariella Chezar and saw her new shop, visited SAIPUA and watched Sarah and the crew make their magic, spent way too much money at M & J Trimmings, met Emily Thompson and Frances Palmer, had dinner and gelato with the amazing Putnam boys, got to see a behind the scenes shoot at Weddings, hit the NY Flower District and arranged flowers for the big awards night. We then attended the awards and met Martha herself!!! The following day I sat on a panel about small business with Martha and some of the other winners, attended some inspiring talks and even did a radio interview. It was a jam packed week full of so much amazingness, I still can’t believe it actually happened.



Here are two videos from the American Made awards I thought you might want to see. The first is a beautiful profile on our farm that was filmed during the height of summer. You get a peek at the farm, behind the scenes shots of a workshop and me getting way too excited about being an entraprenuer. Ha!

The second video is the Defining Moments panel I had the pleasure of being part of with Martha. Sorry for the wonky uploading, but You Tube isn’t playing nice with the blog.

So there you have it. Dreams really can come true, even the most impossible ones. It just takes time and holding on to them way after your faith fades.


  1. Natalie Heather on

    It’s actually thanks to the feature in the magazine that I found your blog! I’m so, so happy I did. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your story, and I can’t wait to keep up with you via this blog. I’m sure you’re going to achieve so many more great things. Congratulations on everything, I’m so happy for you.

  2. Jennifer on

    Hi Erin, I just read about you in the magazine and I was just enthralled by your work and the way you’ve built your business. I’ve been reading back through your blog and really enjoying it. Congratulations to you! Your family is wonderful and you all deserve this honor. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m looking forward to reading along. Hope you’re having a good day. :)

  3. Laura on

    Congratulations on the article AND the win!! My issue has been sitting in the pile until I managed a free moment. I was captivated by your story and images. I live in Seattle and LOVE sweet peas so probably have purchased your amazing beauties without even realizing it. I hope to visit someday.

  4. Judith Hassinger on

    Congratuations, love the article in the Martha Stewart magazine. The photographs of your farm & flowers are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Kelly H-Y on

    Beautiful article and pics in Martha Stewart Living!!!

  6. Debra on

    As one who has known you from the beginning, when you were a young mom and sweet pea grower with big aspirations, I can honestly say that your path was not easy. It was one of sacrifice and focus; determination and super hard work. If anyone thinks things were handed to you in life, I maintain it was the exact opposite, Erin. So congratulations for all you have achieved. And congratulations, too, to Chris, Elora and Jasper, your co-winners in all this success.

  7. stephwalls2011 on

    Your my Martha Stewart and I hope one day I will have the honor of meeting you!

  8. VillageKid on

    ‘Am thrilled for you….you have worked hard and deserve this. Enjoy it!

  9. Shelley Yoshiwara on

    Congratulations !! Love everything about your journey and the love you share with the world, you’re a great soul!!

  10. Angela on

    What a fantastic accomplishment and beautiful story and imagery to go along with it (as always)! It was so great to hear you speak and see the part you played in the Martha Stewart panel discussion – what a fabulous group of women to be a part of! Along with others that have commented here, I’ve also seen Floret’s story popping up everywhere – most recently in a piece in Victoria Classics Magazine’s special edition: Gardens of Bliss (which I found in the waiting area of my mechanic’s shop, of all places!) Your hard work and stunning arrangements bring so much beauty into the world, thank you!

  11. amy on

    Well done. We can all see the amazingness that is Floret. The ripples you make are far reaching and the infectiousness of what you do and share reaches our hearts and drives our dreams.

  12. Katy Noelle on

    This makes me cry! I’m so happy for you! and the funny thing is, you have no idea who I am but I’ve been following your blog for years, now, and I’m just so pleased. I’ve been cheering you on in a big way. :) Best congratulations! :)


  13. webb on

    It was a thrill to see the article a couple of days ago. Glad you had such a good experience.

  14. Kathleen on

    She was the lucky one to meet you! Keep dreaming and thank you for being such a positive spokes person for the local flower movement!

  15. Odette Graham on

    Hooray!!!!! Congratulations and so well deserved. I don’t know if you remember me, but I am the florist who asked you to come out to SaltSpring Island last year……….and now WOW! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration in my life.You have no idea! I’m not doing flowers anymore but your message speaks to me in all that is important in life. Live well- live full!

  16. Trina Coombes on

    F A B U L O U S
    congratulations to you and your family.

  17. Viv on

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!!! Soooo happy for you, Erin. WOWser–you have come a long way, and you’ve more than earned this. Love all you do and all you represent. Thanks for all the sharing and info. — it helps to keep us in the flower zone and to keep learning. I really know you are blessed. CONGRATS, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! OK,-so– I don’t believe you were able to hold in this secret for so long!!! I bet it gave you a head ache! WHEW!!!

  18. Katie on

    Congratulations, Erin!!! I need to go pick up a copy of this MSLiving immediately! I am so thrilled for you on achieving these huge goals and dreams! You really are an inspiration and having you share these moments with the world helps me more than you know. In times of frustration and fear, hearing these inspiring stories remind me not to give up. Cannot wait for the fall workshop!

  19. Leslie Emanuels on

    Love it! You are something special. How you arrange is unique and wonderful. Pair that with a beautiful family, lovely light in the photos and a giving spirit: brilliant. God has blessed you with an abundant life. Thank you for giving some back to us.

  20. Silvia on

    Wonderful! and Congratulations, to you and your sweet family and the whole Floret family :-)
    Thank you for helping the world more beautiful and happy and thanks for sharing the bounty with all of us.
    Much love and blessing to you all!

  21. Jamie Lynn Phillips on

    Erin…I have watched your business grow from the beginning of your website. You are such an amazing inspiration, you have proven that hard work does pay off to reach your dream. It has been a joy watching the farm grow and your business become a gorgeous life. Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the beautiful flowers with us online. Maybe one day I’ll make it to the PNW and you’ll find me one morning amongst your flowers painting my heart out.
    Congratulations on the well deserved “Martha” award, what a major milestone for you! Gosh then what now??!!
    ~ Jamie

  22. Anne Matthews on

    Just so wonderful! Never enough flowers in this world :)

  23. Jackie Coldsmith on

    My heart is so full for you, it is SO inspiring to hear your story. This is an amazing accomplishment. As always, thanks for all you do and share with the world. I must say that like your dream to meet Martha, one of mine is to meet you and see your farm! One day…

  24. Coni - on

    Well deserved in every way. I have admired from your beginning and each step of the way was totally impressed with your dedication and vision and incredible work ethic. You are simply amazing young lady. CONGRATULATIONS !!!

  25. Violet on

    Congrats Erin! How Inspiring! Needed a little of that today

  26. Mara - TheFarmAtOxford on

    Congratulations Erin, you and the team so deserve it. Your enthusiasm and love for flowers is infectious, it’s important to feel passion for whatever one decides to do in their life and yours comes through loud and clear. I also am a believer in ‘if you dream it, you can do it’ and it is wonderful to see someone make their dreams come true through sheer force and will. Can’t wait to be at the farm later this month for the workshop, and see all of the magic in person!

  27. Laura on

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read the article in the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine. You inspire me daily to chase my dream of flower farm here in western NY! Right now I’m eagerly awaiting my dahlia tuber orders from the west coast and for the temperatures to rise so that the soil can warm. Going to be a gorgeous growing season. Keep the beautiful Floret pics coming!!!!

  28. Allison on

    So, so, so proud of you!!!! What a beautiful thing!!!!

  29. Corina on

    How awesome is that! I loved the videos! Yesterday, I picked up the new Rodale Organic Gardening magazine, and guess who I saw in there? You are popping up everywhere!!!
    And to think you were so generous to sit down for tea with me and share some business advice with me! By the way, I incorporated so much of your advice, and I am on fire and taking off, too! Not Martha yet, but who knows???
    Sending much love to you, and let me know if Jasper can come to the Boys’ Wilderness Day with us!

  30. Susan on

    Not to mention a long article in Rodale’s Organic Life this month as well. Congratulations!

  31. Caitlin | Our Natural Heritage on

    Congratulations!!! I just got my issue the other day, but I haven’t been able to look at it yet – I can’t wait to read your article, I had no idea! You deserve all of this and more, for all of the amazing work and beauty you create on your farm, and also for sharing this beauty and all of your helpful resources with us :) Hooray Floret Family!

  32. Dori Troutman on


    I loved this post. It made me realize again the need to hold on to dreams. They are good for us to have something to look to and to motivate us to keep moving forward. Sometimes it is so easy to get bogged down in the “today” and forget to look forward to the dreams of “tomorrow”. One of my dreams is to meet you someday! :-)


  33. Melissa on

    HUGE congrats Erin! You deserve it so much. Now celebrate!! :)

    • RM on

      Hi! Sorry for the rare question. Do you know a flower named “ruda” or “rue rue” ? Thanks for your time and help.

  34. Susan on

    Wonderful, gorgeous, inspiring, and so richly deserved!!

  35. Deirdre Armstrong on

    Congratulations, Erin! So very well deserved. Your love for what you do is infectious, and has inspired more farmers than you know. Count me among them.


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