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January 14th 2011

Longing For The Light

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Sifting through a season of photos I am reminded of what a truly beautiful place we live in. Nestled in a valley, the sky seems to go on forever. I imagine it is a tiny taste of what Montana  is like.
Being able to watch as the weather shifts and changes from one minute to the next is a magical experience that makes the long days of planting and harvesting so much more interesting..
The snow is gone now and we have slipped back into the short, grey, dreary days of  a Washington winter.Wind and rain are pounding against the house. I’m longing for some light.
These photos taken at Gordon’s Farm just days before Halloween remind me that the light will most certainly return. I just have to hold on a little bit longer :)


  1. lesvignettes on

    Your blog is a truly nice refuge and will enjoy visiting again and again

  2. Floret Flowers on

    Hannah, so glad the seed sources were useful!
    We use tons of compost. We buy in most of it but make the batches that go into our potting soil. If we had a tractor it would be much easier to do larger scale compost production, turning it all by hand is quite the chore. Hopefully this year that will become a reality!
    I can't wait for the flower season either. This space is going to be overflowing with floral goodness!

  3. Hannah on

    I'm missing the light too up in Minnesota. It seems the snow never ceases and allows for even that nice bright winter day. By the way, this is Hannah from the emails. Thanks for the seed catalog references. I ordered a lot through Geo seed, and was surprised to see they are located in SC, about 1/2 an hour where i'm originally from! I'm enjoying reading your blog…I can't wait for spring and summer postings so i can drool over your flowers! By the way, what do you do for compost? You seem to really heavily compost every time you plant….wandering if you purchase that or make it yourself.


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