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June 20th 2017

Learn how to make floral wearables (giveaway)

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Back when we used to do multiple weddings each weekend, I loved creating all of the big statement pieces. I could design lush centerpieces and oversized urns for many days in a row, but absolutely dreaded making  boutonnieres and corsages. I disliked them so much, I would usually have someone else make them.

But then I met rock star florist Susan McLeary and my attitude toward wearable flowers totally changed.  She made corsages cool.  She made making corsages fun.

Sue is the incredibly talented designer behind Passionflower, a floral art studio based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan and the insanely beautiful Instagram account, @Passionflowersue.  She has transformed the way floral wearables, particularly wrist corsages, are being made and worn at weddings worldwide.

Sue has been a featured instructor at numerous floral design workshops, including all of Floret’s 2016 Floral Design workshops, teaching hundreds of students her tips and tricks for creating beautiful floral wearables. Sue is, hands down, the most talented floral teacher I know. Her enthusiasm and passion are contagious and she makes everything so simple and easy to understand. She breaks down every technique into small, manageable steps that are easy to replicate.

All of Sue’s corsages and other wearables are truly pieces of art.  And compared to the flimsy elastic wristband corsages I wrestled with during my first few weddings, her techniques are SO much easier and the end product SO much more beautiful.

After years of and countless requests from fans, Sue has finally taken her best tips and tricks and created on online video course, LEARN TO LOVE, which features excellent step-by-step training on how to create updated wrist corsages, shoulder corsages, flowers for the hair, and floral jewelry.

For the few days, you can watch the wrist corsage tutorial for free.

Luckily for us, Sue has generously offered Floret readers an additional discount of 20% off any of the courses!

Simply use the discount code F20 at checkout when purchasing any of her tutorials.  And note: the Floret discount is in addition to her current launch offer, which makes the price ridiculously affordable!

To celebrate Sue’s launch we’re giving away her LEARN TO LOVE program to one lucky reader. UPDATE:  Congratulations Lisel Vonhoff for winning the course!

If you are a current or aspiring farmer-florist, floral designer or just someone who likes to make pretty things, you’ll absolutely love learning from Sue. The team and I are so excited that her incredible knowledge is finally available to more people.


  1. BloomsOnly on

    That’s interesting!! I Like the idea of making flowers wearable. It’s becoming trend now.. If anyone want to try out this with various flowers then you don’t have to go outdoor to buy flower and then try out this, you can simply go online and search ‘Blooms Only’ or else click where you can get flower at a click. And you make anything what you want.!!

  2. sarah jo on

    Thank you so much for this introduction! I LOVE to learn about flowers and am just joining this beautiful floral world – so these free resources are such a gift.

  3. Tirtzah Youngblood on

    Getting the flowers to look fresh, not damaging them by wrestling them into submisdion, and getting them all to face the right way!

  4. Lara on

    I love trying new things and would love to learn the art of creating wearables with florals!

  5. Marilyn Edmison-Driedger on

    Hello Erin, I have been following you for a little while but never really have reached out . I admire and understand your hard work . I only have 1 acre and have had my floral and herb business since 1983 . Needless to say I have made countless corsages and boutonnieres . I’m always looking for new and creative ideas to keep my Brides happy! I still have lots to make this wedding season ! I usually start off with them to get the mundain part of the wedding florals over with . I would love to see how your friend and kindred spirit creates! I have been interested in Zita Elze artistry and can see that Sue has her own very creative flair.
    P.S. You have inspired me to have my own sweet pea trial .
    Thanks and happy gardening ,

  6. Tina Pender on

    I think my struggle is how to make the wearable flowers comfortable. I tend to make them too huge or too heavy.

  7. Melissa Bokman on

    My biggest struggle is, I have almost no experience doing it. I’m in my second year of growing and I’ve been experimenting this year with making a flower crown because I’m getting married next year in the fall and would really like to make a flower crown for myself and my bridesmaids. Not to mention, I’m growing all my own flowers for my wedding and doing all the bouquets and centerpieces. :) I’ve already lined up some help, but I’m SO interested in having floral wearables in my wedding to wow everyone :)

  8. Melisa Boucher on

    Gosh would be so great to have the oppertunity to watch this amazing woman’s tutorial because my struggles are timing, wrapping without breaking petals, stems, berries rolling around everywhere and two hours later looking like this ?

  9. Lane on

    I like to use plants that are native to the Piedmont region to celebrate the place and the people in that place. When I’ve made wearables with native plants I like to layer textures to both support the plants and add visual interest. I would appreciate learning more about creating wearables unique to each person with some common elements so that I’m not recreating the wheel with every single piece. I think this would bring more cohesion to a collection of an event and help me work so much more efficiently. Thank you for celebrating flowers!!!

  10. Haley on

    I’ve never been able to really try making a corsage or even anything floral (as in with real flowers) before, unless you count in my dreams. I love her work though. It’s perfect!

  11. J on

    Beautiful work. My biggest challenge is keeping the flowers fresh throughout the making.

  12. Xenia D'Ambrosi on

    Living jewelry and floral wearables are amazing. To me they are such a creative expression. I enjoy the sense of artistic freedom I get when making them, almost as much as the awe and delight on the faces of those I make them for. However, they take me
    F-O-R-E-V-E-R to make. Learning techniques from @passionflowersue to help speed up the process means I would be able to make more. I would also like to get some instruction on which florals and succulents are better suited for these projects and how to keep them looking fresh for longer.

  13. Linda on

    I tried to make some succulent wristlets but some of them broke off!

  14. Naomi on

    I have a still-young wedding florist business and actually really enjoy doing pin-on corsages as well as traditional wrist ones. However, I don’t know much about creative ways of wearable personal flowers and would love to learn how to do necklaces, and any hair flowers that people might ask for. The wrist corsage tutorial was so amazing and modern, while being very classic. I look forward to seeing more!

  15. Jane on

    Wrist corsages are something that I could use some help with! Yikes! There has to be an easier way, and I hear that Sue, is the one to learn from. I would love this! ❤️

  16. April Vomfell on

    I adore making bouts and other tiny flowers (for some reason I’m drawn to miniature arrangements), but my techniques are probably wayyy outdated from my pre-college flower shop days. Would love to get an update!

  17. Ali on

    Sometimes I find my personal flowers look “too heavy”. Looking to learn some tricks on how to get that airy qualify with unique heights and angles.

  18. Melissa on

    My biggest challenge is taking a leap and trying. I’m all hung up wanting perfection. I’d like to let loose and just have fun.

  19. J on

    Beautiful work. My biggest challenge is keeping things fresh!

  20. Laura on

    I love wearables, but struggle with everything!! When to make them since I don’t have a cooler, the best types of flowers to use, do I mist them with something to help them stay fresh? I usually end up making at least a few extras just in case and would love to learn more of her tips/tricks. Her work is just stunning!!

  21. Alison Funk on

    My challenge is making something that holds up …lasts long enough to make wearing worth it!

  22. Niki I on

    I struggle with flower crowns of all things! Totally dread making them so I’d love to learn some fun alternatives. Thank you for sharing!

  23. Bria on

    I would love to learn more about avoiding damaging the blooms as I work as well as keeping these living wearables alive and not wilting longer! :)

  24. Katie on

    I am still learning but my corsages I made for my own wedding fell apart and didn’t stay upright. I would love to learn how to make them beautiful and easy!

  25. Audrey R on

    I always have a hard time securing flowers to those flimsy wrist elastics and having them not look cheesy! I’ve experimented with some other techniques to not have to use those little mounts, but nothing has been overly intuitive for me so far. I’d love to take this series!

  26. M. J. on

    Transitioning from “traditional” corsage and bout design in an established shop. Helping designers and owners feel confident in execution with different plants and flowers. So excited to offer a new look.

  27. Kelley McCarver on

    I’m just beginning to work with flowers. It’s the most beautiful medium!! It would be SO much easier if there were more resources for left handed floral assistants and designers. The perfect tools are out there, but having some guidance would be a huge money and time saver!

  28. Becky on

    I seem to be all thumbs on the finer aspects of floral wearables! My facial expression is a persistent “what have I done” look of puzzlement and frustration!

  29. Ciel on

    I struggle to break out of my comfort zone. Playing around is so much for fun when you have some solid tricks and techniques to help you!

  30. Heidi Z. on

    As a beginner florist and a untraditionalist, I would LOVE to watch the rest of her tutorials! I signed up for her list so I could get the corsage course in my email, eagerly waited days, and devoured the turtorial as soon as it was in my inbox ;)

  31. Leslie Barrett on

    I struggle with balancing the weight of the item while maintaining the visual balance

  32. Karen R. on

    Where have I been? Sue’s work is beautiful! I have had a lot of problems holding something together. I make things I like and poof it falls apart! I’m betting I would learn a lot from Sue’s tutorials!!
    Thank you, Karen

  33. Linnaea Meyer on

    I love wearable pieces, but often feel so pressured as they are the last pieces to be out together. I’d love to give them more intention and creativity. x

  34. Leisja Jones on

    Greetings from Wales in the UK! I’ve just finished reading The Cut Flower Garden and feel totally inspired by the field to vase movement. A movement that is just starting to grow here (pardon the pun). The biggest struggle is trying to convince my teenage daughter and her friends to wear a corsage to prom. They haven’t caught on here yet. Please help me to change that and be able to make something unique, modern and worthy of a teenagers approval. Thankyou, or as we say here in Wales, Diolch yn fawr.

  35. Grace on

    I want to see how these are made! I dislike the very dated, beribboned things you see. I’d love to learn how to make more of this streamlined modern look. Very classy

  36. Grace on

    I rarely make them but when I do I want to create a more modern look. So many ideas out there are very dated

  37. Cali Walters on

    I’m hoping to create floral accessories from my garden for my photo clients this summer, this would be wonderful!

  38. Sarah on

    I would LOVE to learn more from this floral artist! Been following her work for a long time now! My biggest struggle is the strength/sturdiness of a given piece — be it mechanically or with choosing the right flowers and greenery. I’d love some help in those areas! xx

  39. Magda on

    I tried to make floral clothes but efekt was not so good! I hope the next time will better: )

  40. Robin Taber on

    I love making personal flowers! Each corsage and bout is a mini-showcase, and I enjoy the challenge of creating with balance and proper scale in the smaller size. I would also love the opportunity to learn new approaches to these designs plus different mechanics.

  41. Lisel Vonhoff on

    Oh where do I begin! I am always drawn to wearable flowers but my attempts at them have been closer to disastrous than something unique. I would love to make wearable art and have fun doing it which is why Sue’s course is so appealing! I think that I could relax, learn how to create what I envision from the ground up and have the best time doing it!

  42. Ingrid on

    I’m a visual artist and new to the floral design world – I’m also a new flower farmer. I love Sue’s work and would love to learn how she creates her beautiful pieces. I have lots of ideas but lack the skills to create the ideas I have. Thank you!

  43. Christy on

    My biggest struggle is doing it efficiently. It seems like it takes the longest time for me to make it pretty! Seriously. And, I also struggle with how to keep the florals fresh… botanicals not so much. I love Sue with a deep professional respect and admiration. And her spirit of genuine good will and honest kindness guides me when I struggle — not only with mechanics but also in other professional circumstances. Whomever wins this (hoping it’s me, since I am being honest!) is really getting a blue ribbon prize. Thank you for supporting strong industry leaders like Sue. She’s great!!! And, I wear living jewelry often. And, I think about her every single time! Call it my Susan McCleary ring! :)

  44. Silvia on

    How to keep clematis from wilting? I love using clematis, just the blooms or a vine, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to keep them looking fresh and beautiful for more than a day. I love your wearable floral art Sue!

  45. Claudia Previn on

    I am an artist in other mediums and have shied away from using flowers creatively because I thought it was much too difficult. But the wrist corsage video has my creative impulses leaping to attention! First, I struggle with thinking “too hard” to do this; second, I struggle with flower choices because I’ve never thought in terms of flower *textures* before; and third, when shall I ever sleep once I have these glorious images dancing in my head?

  46. Jennifer on

    I definitely struggle with knowing what will last the longest and be the most durable!

  47. Killoran Moore on

    Ah! I just saw her Instagram post! How exciting and generous of her! I struggle with everything, honestly. I feel like I’m good at choosing colours and textures, but working out what is going to last long enough (or the same amount of time) and is good for being right next to some of the most sensitive skin, is tricky. And how to finish it smoothly.

  48. cameling0113 on

    Sorry, I made multiple comments by mistake. When I posted it the first time, it didn’t show on the website. So I posted it again. But it turn out they all worked… please delete the extra ones…

  49. Tina G on

    Thank you for featuring Sue and offering a discount on her courses!

  50. Jenny Rae on

    I dread making small personals, the pressure is great to make something dainty and beautiful but I often feel like I am failing at it! Sue’s work is so stunning and appears effortless, I yearn to learn from her!

  51. Kirsten Young on

    As a pet photographer/gardener, just starting my pet photography business, I am planning to use lots of flowers as props. But, how to make something innovative and mind blowingly creative that hasn’t been done before? Something for studio? Ohhhhh! This!

    So, basically, winning Sue’s class would be a game changer. I know it. It’s all coming clear…and I’m so very very excited to make this happen!

  52. Elizabeth on

    LOVED the “wrist corsages” video! I learned a couple of great tricks in just a few minutes! She really inspires me. Thank you for sharing her video series! Now to take a peek at her other videos….

  53. Taylor Bryan on

    How do you keep things fresh up until the event? So many people take pictures/remove flowers from water hours before the big event… What are some tips to keep them from wilting ?

  54. Kaylee on

    I struggle with flower selection and assembly to make sure my creation will last throughout the night! I love making unique wearables and would love the opportunity to become more proficient. Thank you!

  55. Mary Jo, Five Green Acres on

    I find the biggest challenge knowing which flowers will hold up to the stress of being worn and which will not. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Willow Hein on

    I struggle with knowing what will last long enough! There’s so many beautiful things I want to use but am not sure if they will continue to look good!

  57. Catherine Scott on

    I’ve been a floral designer for decades and can make personals in the old style with wire and tape and have tried out the glue method but would love to know some of the new tricks and techniques.

  58. Rosie Kenney on

    Rosie K: How to create a sturdy yet flexible base structure for necklaces as a platform to build up the horticultural materials?

  59. Gema Gonzalez on

    Sticky hands. At the beginning is hard to manage the glue without making a mess, however it’s totally worth it once you are done and admire the work of art that you have created.

  60. Elizabeth on

    I struggle with structure. My imagination is WAY greater than reality when it comes to wearables ?

  61. Diane on

    The most difficult part for me as a flower farmer making wearables is knowing which flowers/foliage are the best to use for wearables as seasons change. I know I could be using a larger variety of flowers/ foliage other than typical go to flowers.

  62. Elfi Rose on

    I strugggle to keep everything facing the correct direction, when working with tiny elements… and time management when trying to make many… these two things may be related, actually, since I’m rushing, but trying not to create anything so early it wilts!

  63. Kelly on

    When making wrist corsages, one of the biggest struggles I have is making the flowers lay flat and straight on your arm when adding the wristlet and also making sure that everything is the right size and shape for the person who is wearing it.

  64. Susan Crawford on

    I find making the bouts and corsages stressful because they are so small and I’m never really happy with how they look in the end. Like Erin, I am much happier and comfortable making the large arrangements. Would love to learn some of Sue’s techniques and be able to enjoy this task.

  65. Loretta Etchison on

    I think my biggest challenge is creating the form or figuring out the mechanics for the piece. Your designs are beautiful and they look sturdy.

  66. cameling0113 on

    The biggest challenge is to make them look good by themselves and also look good on customers.

  67. cameling0113 on

    The biggest challenge is to choose the right materials that not only look beautiful but also last long!

  68. Rhona Cruickshank on

    Knowing the best material to use as well as keeping things balanced.

  69. cameling0113 on

    The most difficult part is to choose the right materials that not only look good but also last long!

  70. Yiling on

    The biggest challenge is to choose suitable materials that not only look good but also last long!

  71. Leticia on

    Hi Floret team and Sue! Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like to learn how to make beautiful wrist corsages… the bracelets we get from vendors are a bit tacky and also, I find it’s not easy to angle the flowers right so they look right when looking from above, instead of looking like a boutonnière was glued to the bracelet!…

  72. Mackenzie on

    My biggest problem is definitely keeping everything looking good from making to wearing!

  73. Mechel Wall on

    I made a huge wearable skirt with flowers and a matching shawl for an art event last weekend. The hardest part for me was keeping things from wilting before we were done enjoying them. I tested them by just leaving them out of water but not having a stem made them fade faster.

  74. Char on

    What materials are best to use for wearables.

  75. Lynn on

    Her corsage video was fabulous, and as she says, so fresh, clean & elegant! Just purchased the whole set, but there was no where to apply your discount code, so wound up paying the whole price. Thank you for always showing new ways to educate – so generous!!

    • Team Floret on

      Lynn, it is great to hear you loved the first video! Sue is fabulous! Sorry to hear you had trouble with the code. It seems to be working for others. We did just alerted Sue to the issue you had and she will follow up with you directly to make sure you get your discount. Enjoy the course!

  76. Brittaney molasy on

    Love your work!! Thank you for the great giveaway I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes hoping to win!! I love making a wide variety of flower crowns and hoping to expand into more wearable floral designs! So far my biggest struggle is making sure the crowns size and weight is just right so my customer can look beautiful but still be comfortable in their flower crown/headpiece

  77. Jan Bryant on

    I’m an obsessed gardener! Slowly making my way into the local flower movement here in Sonoma county. I volunteered to do all the flowers for my nieces wedding in August and am dreading the boutonnière and wristlet-making. Even my Mother doesn’t like the old school corsages! I’d love to give some beautiful wearable flowers for her special day!

  78. Marina Hinkle on

    I actually don’t even know how to make a wrist corsage ! Watching vidoes of the old school techniques just confuses me ! I know there’s lots of innovative new ways to designs corsages and wearable flowers . So excited this lady is breaking it down to something that makes sense ! Wearable flowers are the most fun I think to create ideas for ,yet so much harder than it needs to be ! Theyre actually what I find most exciting and fun since they hold a lot of tiny details, but can be very daunting at the same time . This is awesome !

  79. Karouna Thompson on

    I am currently just a flower dreamer. Occasionally I have had the honor to do flowers for different friends weddings. I struggle with pinning the buttoniers and witch flowers need wire and witch do not. I would also love to learn how she makes her fabulous shoulder pieces.

  80. Hillary Talbott-Williams on

    Remembering how to SPELL boutonniere is my biggest challenge. I usually avoid the problem by abbreviating. I don’t mind making them and prefer simple, elegant ones. Corsages, however, are a different matter. I can’t figure out how to make them look like anything beyond a larger, poofier bout. I’ve started experimenting with floral glue, since I hate all the tape and wire, but there seems to be a bit of learning curve…

  81. Joy on

    My daughter loves for me to make flower crowns for her. My biggest problem is how most flowers wilt so quickly. Maybe I’m using the wrong flowers?

  82. Mirna Brousseau on

    My biggest struggle is determining the proper mechanics needed to make the piece structurally sound.

  83. Lindsay Daschner on

    Making boutiniers is my least favorite, I want to use so many different stems that by the time I tape it the boutinier ends up being bulky at the base. I definitely could use some improvement with my boutiniers!

  84. Sarah H. on

    I’ve been following Ms. Passionflower Sue on Instagram for awhile, and her work is always breathtaking! I would LOVE to take her class. I’m not a commercial florist or a farmer florist (yet), but I have done a bit of side work. I love making beautiful things as much as I’m able, and I would love to learn how to make wearable flowers. I think my biggest struggle is that I haven’t the faintest clue where to start!

  85. Georgia Monroe on

    The structure of it! I am confused by how I structure an item to support the weight of materials while being wearable, lasting, and beautiful!

  86. amelia amish on

    hi thank you for the offer. my biggest struggle is the time, wearable flowers are left for last and they take so long to make.

  87. Myca on

    biggest struggle – those stupid flimsy or too bulky or too tight wristlets. Covering mechanics and the assumption there should be gobs of gross ribbon. Hooray for classy and elegant and exceptionally beautiful pieces that skip the ribbon and match the rest of my style.


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