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March 19th 2014

I need your help!

Written by

Floret foodie bouquet

Ok, here’s the scoop. I’m working on a book pitch, a real live book pitch! And while it’s coming together really nicely, I want to make sure I’m heading in the right direction. There are so many wonderful things that I could dig into and share but I want to create a book that you want and that will help you in your flower filled journeys. So, I need your help!

Floret foodie bouquet

We created a quick little survey to get a better sense of who you are, what you want and how to best provide that information. Even if you’ve never commented here, or this is your first time visiting or if you’re a big ole fan, I NEED your input. It should take just a couple of minutes of your time and will ultimately help shape the direction this exciting project takes.

Floret summer urn

Now I know surveys are boring, but I need at least 100 lovely readers to fill this out. So, if you’re willing to take the time, your name will be entered in a drawing to win either my top ten favorite dahlia tubers or five cafe au lait dahlia tubers, you get to choose. There are three chances to win! ——> TAKE THE FLOWER BOOK SURVEY NOW

Floret shocking lilies

Thank you so much for taking the time and I can’t wait to see what you share!


  1. Yelena on

    I’m interested to know if you’d share the polling outcome?

  2. Alvaro on

    Erin, did you pick a winner yet?

  3. Becky on

    Erin, thank you so much for sharing what you love here and in your arrangements. Your site is also Pinned under my “Favorite Blogs and Websites” because it is so full of peace, love, color and joy.

    Here’s your list from the survey for Grace (above). It was already copied onto my e-mail for a rainy day when I’m not digging in the garden.

    floral designers:
    Ariella Chezar

    Kate Holt | Flowerwild

    Sarah | SAIPUA

    Amy Merrick

    Nicolette Camille

    Liza Lubell | Peartree Flowers

    Sarah Winward | Honey of a Thousand Flowers

    Susan Hatwood | Blue Carrot

    Jill and Althea | Studio Choo

    Happy gardening!

  4. Alvaro on

    completed the survey! I love your blog truly inspirational!

  5. Verena Eva on

    What wonderful photos! Would love to live near you. Found your website from my florist in Geneva, Switzerland! You do a wonderful job. On my next visit to the States, I will try and stop by. Thank you and best regards
    Verena Eva

  6. Jenny on

    Question? Why do you give the sweet peas a foliage application of compost tea and fish emulsion, not the soil?
    I am looking forward to this publication.

    • Floret on

      Yeah, we spray their foliage, not the soil

  7. Lynn Alker on

    Your work is inspirational Erin. I took Lynn B’s workshop last fall and she got me hooked. Everyone loves flowers!

  8. Leslie Emanuels on

    I have loved your blogs focusing on a specific flower. I, also, go back over and over again to look at your bouquets by season. You have a gift for color. Mostly, make sure you and your family are included. You are so beautiful and yet seem down to earth. We all dream of being surrounded by flowers no matter how small our plots may be.

  9. Susan on

    I’ve happily completed the survey I even Googled the florists to check out their styles. I didn’t add my name to the draw because I guessed it is for US people only because shipping abroad would be too expensive.

  10. Lalania on

    Love your site, and seeing flowers through your eyes. Filled out the survey happily!

  11. Erin Loganbill on

    More than happy to fill out your survey ~ I love the flowers of all the designers you listed, but yours are my very favorite. The natural, abundant designs are all about the flowers themselves, and they are what I aspire to. The fact that you grow them yourself, with your family, makes them all the more special. So VERY excited that you are starting to offer nationwide shipping and cannot wait to find out how to be a part of that! I’m in Kansas City ~ found out my sis, in Lawrence, knows Lynn B. ~ excited to get a copy of the wedding flowers book you worked on. : )

  12. Kathy on

    One other idea for a possible section of your book… maybe something about the transition from small-scale personal farming to slightly larger scale, about how to grow a business or branch out to find markets, what newbies might need to know about that side of things.

    When my kids are older, I half-way think about going from our current large garden to some sort of small-scale, local market farming but don’t really know where to start, or what my niche might be. Anyway, just an idea for a sub-chapter or appendix.

    I also wanted to say thanks for all of your informative and beautiful posts AND I think it’s great that you are offering a scholarship to your workshop. I didn’t apply for it because I’m at the “dreaming” stage and there are many people who would benefit far more than I, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your generosity on someone’s behalf. I hope that everyone has a bountifully good experience. Can’t wait to see some pictures! Good luck with all your projects.

  13. Anouk Dupraz on

    Hi Erin. I loved your last book on wedding flowers. It was nice to see you on the cd and hear you.. I follow you since I’ve found one of your articles in growing for market on the web, and read all your articles and posts. I’ve learned so much from you and am very thankful. Can’t wait on your next book ! Anouk

  14. Melissa on

    I love your unique and beautiful arrangements!

  15. Amy on

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work! So inspirational! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your new book.

  16. Julie Raymond on

    I know everyone has said it, but thanks for sharing so generously all of your floral knowledge. I’m sure whichever path the book takes, it will be invaluable to so many other farmers/designers/and dreamers looking to take the next step!

  17. Karyn on

    I love your work. Thank you!!!!!

  18. Michelle D on

    Finished survey, hope it helps you. Wanting to order your book adsvertised in growing for market co authored with Linda. Good luck on you next adventure, love the recent articles on series of growing specific varieties.

  19. Emma Healy on

    Hi Erin, Thanks so much for your generosity with sharing your knowledge and your inspirational blog posts! I also concur with the idea of learning more about sustainable packaging and storage ideas. Good luck with the book project, it’ll be on my wishlist.

  20. Marilyn Arton on

    Hi Erin, I can’t wait for your book! Thanks for your inspiration and enthusiasm!

  21. Sarah on

    I’m very happy to help! You and your blog have been a huge inspiration to me and I am so excited for your book to come out.

    We are moving from Nebraska to Georgia next month and have found a house with about an acre of land that I will be growing flowers on, hopefully to sell them locally. It’s in a small town so I’m sure at first I will be selling to the local townspeople.

    I know you only have one or a couple of acres – I would love to hear and learn more about doing as much as you do on a smaller piece of land.

    Also, as one commenter already said, learning more about packaging would be interesting and valuable as well.

    So, Happy Spring and congratulations on the book project! xo

  22. Kimberly Martin on

    Done with the survey. Was happy to help. I so enjoy looking at your lovely creations!

  23. Amy on

    Done! And thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your sharing and inspiration. And I love the new book, Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers—especially how it is aimed at the wedding couple. Brilliant.

  24. renee kogut on

    May I get the names of the florists mentioned in the survey. Survey Monkey did not allow me to return to the survey.

  25. Margie on

    One thing that I see that we need info on is packaging. How do you package to ship to florist; grocery stores, etc?
    Thanks to you and your encouragement and blogs, we have loads of flowers ready to burst.forth.

  26. paige patterson on

    I found you through flower farming. I subscribed to growing for market just to get you celosia article, and I’m not even a flower farmer. I look your bit of sweet peas, and I think there’s a market for a book that combines growing knowledge with arrangement photos. Good luck!

  27. Barbara Bentley on

    I am very excited to help you out too, just because I have really enjoyed your generosity sharing your flower photos. They are such an inspiration to me.

    I have to mention The Blue Carrot, UK, here, because she is the one who first got me truly excited about flower arranging, and she, like you, is also generous with her info and ideas. In fact, she is the one who led me to other books (Lynn B’s) because my daughter is getting married… only in FALL… when the flowers are calling it quits in Vermont (and I live in CA).

    I could use another great book in my library.

  28. Jennifer on

    Based on your blog/website your book will be terrific.

  29. Kim Thomas on

    Looking forward to the new book. Congratulations!!

    Another few designer’s I admire are,
    Jennie Love, Francois Weeks, Alice from Lock Cottage Flowers and Holy Chapple.

    Thank you for sharing all of your experiences, with us

  30. Grace | eTilth on

    Hi Erin – I’m guessing that a lot of your readers came to you through floral design and weddings. I found you through flower farming. One question on your survey asked me to indicate which flower designers we admire, but I’ve never heard of any of them.

    ->Idea Alert<-

    How about doing a series of blog posts about them? Or better yet, have each of them do a guest post on your blog about their work!

    • Floret on

      Grace, great idea!

    • Jen Wyhoon on

      Excellent idea regarding the admired Designers. I live in Australia so dont know them either. LOVE your designs Erin, just LOVE them… I hope my flower design skills can improve to your level one day. That is true designing, the flowers are so natural. Please allow your books to be available to us over here in Oz :) thanks

  31. Beth S on

    So happy to help you out! You are an inspiration to us aspiring flower farmers. Thank you for working so hard to share your experience with us!

  32. Cathy Olsen on

    Just took your survey. Love your arrangements they are so inspiring.

  33. Lili Schaap on

    You have wonderful arrangements and just this year decided to add more roses, clematis and other flowers to my garden so I will be able to add them to my designs. I have done your survey and great questions as I do have some problems too chose certain plants that are good and useable for the arrangements especially not all roses are suitable for that!!!!

    • Leslie Emanuels on

      I agree. It is hard to know what roses and varieties of other flowers will have a good vase life.

  34. Denise Nelson on

    Your arrangements are unique & artistic. I can’t wait for lots of inspiring photos & inspiration!

  35. Melissa Allam on

    Yes, of course. Love all your floral arrangements and bouquets and looking forward to your book.


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