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March 18th 2014

Spring Workshop Scholarship

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It’s finally starting to feel like spring around these parts! The first daffodils are popping open, the greenhouse anemones are finally blooming in earnest and we’ve been busily planting out thousands of hardy little seedlings like chantilly snapdragons, nigella, feverfew, queen anne’s lace and bells of ireland. While it’s still over a month from our last frost free date, all of these varieties can withstand some light frosts and the cooler temps.


Monday morning the spring newsletter went out and in it we announced a new book collaboration (more on that soon!), gave a rundown all of of the new resources we’re creating and shared a second spring workshop date: May 16,17 & 18 here on the farm. Well to my shock it’s already sold out!


I know the workshops are a huge stretch both financially and time wise and we’ve received a lot of very sweet emails from folks who would love to attend but just can’t make the leap. So, we’ve decided to offer a scholarship to one lucky person for the May date!!!


To enter, send an email to { [email protected] } with “workshop scholarship” in the subject line. In the email tell us a little about yourself, your business (or your dream of starting one) and why you feel the workshop would make a huge difference for you at this point in time. These emails will not be posted publicly so feel free to really go for it but I will be sharing them with a few of my closest confidants to help choose the winner.


If you’re chosen, you’ll need to be able to get yourself here and cover lodging but the class and all of your meals will be on us. The cut off deadline for entry is Saturday, March 22nd and the winner will be announced Monday, March 24th. I can’t wait to hear your stories!


Last week I took a poll on Facebook to get some fresh ideas for the next Flower Focus column. There were so many great suggestions and it was really hard to chose just one! So, in the coming days look for a two part post on my favorite fillers and foliages and our next Farmer-Florist interview.


  1. Sarah on

    Well I definitely thought the deadline was March 28th! I just sent my application over, hopefully not too late! I am hoping and praying you are still taking them! What a wonderful opportunity!

  2. Norma on

    Totally love that you are doing this for someone in need. I don’t garden to this extent but so excited for someone who’s life could be totally changed and boosted by your awesome offer for a grant.

  3. Jackie on

    Oh how I am so eager for Spring as well. After a rough winter I too am delighted to see my daffodils appear. I have a nice row of them in front of our home. My 3 year old nephew “JC” picked almost every one of my yellow blooms. Oh how I wanted to spank that child. lol Oh well my corcuses are looking wonderful. Do you ever grow Corcus in your green house?

  4. Jonna Jorgensen on

    Submitted! Thank you for opening this up! Beautiful blog content coming at us this spring – I don’t know how you have the time, but it is appreciated! :)

  5. Beth Syphers on

    Hello! Erin I am a small flower grower in Rickreall Oregon, I have been growing on a small scale and increased last year I have a studio that I work out of on the farm and have done weddings and events for some time now and have been busy a little on the overwhelming point. I saw your post about the class but can’t afford it at this time do to farm expenses this year but would love it if I was able to go on a scholarship would be great! I am a young mom with a daughter 16 and a son 10 , I work the farm with my husband who is a district sales manager with Napa and was a pilot for fun before that he is very busy and gone from home a lot so I wear lots of hat’s these days and would love a weekend away submerged if flowers. I look forward to your reply!

    Beth Syphers
    Crowley House Flower Farm
    8477 Crowley Rd Rickreall Or.97371

  6. Kirsten on

    Oh how I wish! Your flowers and your photography inspire me so. One day…one day I will make it to your neck of the woods.

  7. redbrickbuilding on

    I would love to take one of the florist-farmer workshops and almost signed up for the April dates. May is definitely too far into peak growing season for me to travel. Hoping to catch a future date in the fall or winter!

  8. Sajina sunil on

    Hi Erin,
    This is a great post with lot of offers. But I feel very sad as I will not be able to apply for it due to my responsibilities here. May be next time I will try my luck.looking forward to your next post of fillers and floliages.as far as I am concerned whenever you post an article ,I always look beyond the images and keep wondering how that particular flower will look in your field Live and how you guys have worked hard to achieve it. Honestly , if there was a floret farm movie running in theaters I will be the first one to go and see on 70 mm screen~~~ I am that mad about your farm .
    Happy growing!


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