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June 19th 2012

no words

Written by
Last week was completely surreal. To be honest I’m still quite speechless about it all. 
I want to gush on and on about all of the amazing things I absorbed, the floral magic I witnessed, the honest and totally awesome conversations I had but there just aren’t any words that can capture it, at least not yet.


The past handful of days I have been holding the whole experience quite close to my heart for fear that sharing the details might diminish the potency.




What I can say is that I am completely humbled by the realness, honesty and generosity that Sarah shared with me. 
She let me see behind the curtain, answered all of my questions and encouraged me to forge my own way. That kind of gift is so priceless and so very rare I think the only way I’ll ever pay it back is by paying it forward somewhere on down the line.

Sharing is a profound gift. You never know what your openness will inspire. 
It could very well change someones life.

Sarah, thank you. What an honor.


  1. Val H. on

    I am in the same boat Erin! Sarah Winward of Honey of A Thousand Flowers opened her door to me and has me on board as her apprentice this summer. I can't tell you how in love with the florist industry I am. I feel that so many talented florists out there are being so open and kind! This experience has been life changing already and I have Sarah W. to thank for giving me the tools and the space to observe and create. Those hardworking florists claim that it isn't as magical as we observers think it is… I disagree, just from watching Sarah W. I have felt the magic! Even though I worked 10 straight hours last saturday for a wedding- hauling flowers, water buckets, making a garland that never seemed to end, gathering rocks and more, all in 100 degree Utah heat… I am sold to floristry ;) Thanks for sharing your gratitude. We have a lot to be thankful for.


  2. happytrailsflowerfarm on

    I third that…you are awesome. I look forward to your posts so much and am bummed when you don't have a new post as often as I want to see….But anyone who grows flowers knows you barely have time to sleep much lest post messages. i.e. I was processing lisianthus until 1:30 this morning!!!! ugh

  3. sarah-jane down the lane on

    So so lovely to read about your time with Lady Saipua…I can't begin to imagine….happy just to see the pictures! Thank you,

    Sarah -x-

  4. tatianaalida on

    "Sharing is a profound gift. You never know what your openness will inspire.
    It could very well change someones life." – you!
    My heart aches with insane envy and equal inspiration thanks to your sharing and openness! You very well might change my life with that quote, along with the beauty that you are and cultivate…

  5. Sarah on

    you're the raddest, baddest. miss you guys.

  6. Josephine Rose on

    I second what Bare Mtn Farm said. You've been most helpful to me too and I aspire to grow what you're growing. Thanks for all your help!


  7. Floret on

    blithering idiot perfectly describes how i felt too. ha,ha!

  8. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Your message to me yesterday is the perfect example of how open and willing you are to share. How you feel in awe of Sarah, is how we feel to know You. We are in awe of all you do and share!

  9. Laurie (Fleurie) on

    Hold it close, keep the magic close until that right time. I met Sarah at the class they held in Oakland and I felt I became a blithering idiot. Still in the clouds over learning from her and Nicolette Camille.

  10. whirlygirlflowers on

    Such a treasurer. Time spent with friends who lift our hearts and encourage us to go forward.

    ~ myca

  11. Jen on

    Beautiful post and achingly lovely arrangement.

  12. lindseymyra on

    I'm sure Sarah thought the honor and pleasure was all hers :-)
    Tell me, the lil burgundy seed heads, are they a sanguisorba? The plethera of varieties you guys have over there astounds me! Enjoy xL

  13. sarah{thegreendandelion} on

    so cool. i'd sure love to be taught by sarah and the few other design goddesses out there! are you going to share anything you learned?? :)


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