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March 10th 2011

Giving In

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During the height of the flower season, it seems my life is a colorful blur. Enormous to-do lists, truck loads of flowers to cut and arrange, a million questions to answer, kids to feed, baby plants to tend …..  it can often feel impossible to simply be in the moment.



While I am actively preparing for the blur and emotionally making peace with the coming change of pace, it’s really hard to want to give in and let go of the quiet.


In an effort to savor the last snippets of silence I bought this darling little Icelandic Poppy at the co-op last week. At the time it was only a wispy green plant with two fat buds. I wanted to experience the entire process of it flowering up close and personal, something I would never make the time to do when things are busy.
This little guy must have known how much I needed a bit of encouragement because he sure gave it his all, right to the very end!


  1. Nikki on

    What a beautiful photo series. I should buy myself a plant too, thanks for the idea!

  2. Alice and Stuart on

    We know how you're feeling about the change of pace. Yikes! You're not alone!!!

  3. Lotte and Bloom on

    love the idea of finding a little quiet space during the frenzy…am already steeling myself for the onslaught…

  4. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, wouldn't that be fun!?
    Great idea, I will for sure!

  5. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Would doing one post a week/month like this during the growing season, up close and personal to different flowers as they peak, give you the excuse to have a few quiet moments with your favourites during the frenzy? I'm selfishly hoping so because your flowers and photography are so inspiring.

  6. sarah on

    beautiful story. I love watching my plants and flowers move through the stages of life. I probably spend too much time checking for new growth, watching the petals expand and open, and then slowly begin to wilt and fall. It is beautiful. thanks for sharing.


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