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March 11th 2011

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Bouquets from a fantastically fun country wedding last summer.


  • I stumbled onto this great flower growing blog yesterday. What a hoot! If you’re in need of a good laugh, this and this post are especially hilarious. I totally want to be her friend!


  • Elora and I were fascinated by this photo series. It’s amazing to see how and what people eat around the world. I wonder how our diet would stack up?    


  • This post by the awesome Organic Sister was just what I needed to read this week.


  • Belinda from Wild Acre put together the loveliest post yesterday on inspiration. She so generously included me:)


  • I know I’ve included her before but if you haven’t visited McKenzie’s beautiful blog lately, you must!



  1. jwblooms on

    Hiya. I was at Belinda's of Wild Acre the other day and she showed me what you had written about my blog. Thank you so much – I am thrilled! And you are more than welcome to be my friend! My internet is up the creek at the moment so I am just doing the essentials but I am really looking forward to reading your blog when I have time to do it justice. The flowers look beautiful (as does your husband – blimey!) and I am so envious of the long stems on your anemones. Kind regards Jan x

  2. Bellenza Wedding Bistro on

    Hello! Am thrilled to have found your blog via The Bride's Cafe. We're always on the look out for original ideas we may be able to feature on The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza. Will definitely be dropping by often! Cheers!


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