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December 16th 2013

GIVEAWAY: Eyes Open Photography E-Course!!!

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Today I have some a super exciting news! First I get to introduce you to one of my all time favorite bloggers, Erin Little of Bluebird Baby. Second, she’s going tell you a bit about her life and about this awesome photography e-course, Eyes Open that she created to help folks learn the basics of photography. Then, you get a chance (well, 3 chances actually!) to win a free seat in her next workshop beginning January 6th.

Chris and I took the Eyes Open Photography E-Course about a year and a half back and it was an absolute game changer for us! After years of struggling, we finally understood our digital camera, how to work with the light, how to tell our story visually and really how to take our images to a whole new level. If you’re a farmer wanting to share the beauty that’s coming out of your fields, or you’re a florist needing to capture your gorgeous work as it heads out the door, or you’re a stay at home mom wanting to document the precious fleeting moments with your children, or your a blogger needing better images, or you’re a small business owner trying to build a professional looking portfolio…you name it, this class is for you!

If I were to choose one gift that I could give to everyone I know for the holidays, this e-course would be it!

So without further ado, meet Erin.

Erin Little

I’m Erin Little, photographer and artist living in a renovated church in midcoast Maine. I share a life full of creativity with my partner Mark, and my 7 year old daughter Elisabeth. Mark is a contemporary painter and Elisabeth is a violin playing, ballet dancing extraordinaire!

I have always been capturing moments from the time my mother and father gave me a polaroid camera when I was three years old. They wanted some pictures of them together for our family albums, so they would ask me to take them. My mother says I took the best pictures: I never cropped anyone’s heads off and always had a straight frame. We still have those polaroids in the albums, and I keep my very first one tacked to my inspiration board above my desk.


By the time I was in elementary school, I had upgraded to a 35mm film camera and was staging photo shoots with homemade backdrops. I made the children in my mother’s home daycare pose for me and have boxes full of prints from my “studio shoots.”

When I was in junior high I would come home and obsessively flip through my mother’s old Life magazines, absorbing all of the great documentation from the masters Lewis Hines and Dorothea Lange and dreaming about my adult life as a photojournalist; traveling the world and documenting current events.


After your typical high school black and white photography/darkroom course, I then concentrated my studies on my other interest: music. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter (now 7) that I got my first digital SLR and started taking photos everyday. It was like starting over and I was extremely intimidated. The digital camera was so different from the simple 35mm I was used to using. I had all of these notions in my head about how I wanted my images to look, but when it actually came to achieving that with my camera, it didn’t happen. I didn’t know too much about lenses because I had always shot with a 35mm and remembered little about aperture and shutter speed, let alone ISO and lighting.

I started studying my favorite photographers on Flickr and checked the settings on my favorite images. (Flickr shows exif data on photos if users choose to.) I learned what type of lenses I preferred based on the images I loved the most, and also realized that I was more drawn to the framing and quality of the prime lenses over zooms. So from there I purchased the lens that I thought would be better for my focus (portrait photography) and that’s when it all clicked. I was getting the results I wanted and started being able to move forward in my photographic skills.


From my personal blog, I got hired to shoot my first wedding. From there it was just word of mouth and I got hired for wedding after wedding, mixing in family shoots and small professional shoots too. I’ve been a professional photographer now for 6 years and have had my work published in numerous magazines and the New York Times.


Through my lifestyle blog I had readers e-mail me weekly asking me questions about photography, what kind of cameras I used, how I got “that look” in my photos, etc. I would answer them one by one and realize that I was writing the same sort of response each and every time. I felt that the mystery of photography wasn’t a complicated one, it was just one that really didn’t have an explanation that was written simply. I am not one to read a manual because I’d never comprehend it, and I got the feeling that there were many others out there like that. Because I basically taught myself and learned by observing and doing, I felt I had a certain ability to pass on my knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. So, the Eyes Open E-course was born.


The Eyes Open E-course is a no-nonsense guide to photography. It will take any beginner who knows absolutely nothing about their camera or photographic terms, and after 6 weeks they will know everything they need to know to capture stunning images. The course focuses on the most important basic elements that lead to a firm grasp of what photography is all about. I write it in a very personal manner, so that it doesn’t seem like information just spit out at the reader, but more of a personal account of what has helped me in my professional journey.

Over the course of 6 weeks, I take my students from basic photographic terminology and camera functions to portrait photography, creative photography, basic editing, and living a more creative life. Combined with the weekly written lessons are photo challenges, videos, giveaways, and an ongoing Flickr group for members that provides motivation, inspiration, and lots of one on one help and feedback. It’s a very supportive environment overall and the perfect place to explore and learn more about photography!


The next class starts on January 6th and each slot is $150. I take a limited number to insure one-on-one help for everyone. I am offering a $25 discount to Floret readers with the coupon code “floreteyesopen” that expires on the 1st of January. Also, I am offering one FREE slot to a lucky reader of Floret! Leave a comment and let us know what your favorite thing to photograph is!

**We’re also giving you two more chances to win on Facebook and Instagram. So if you’re dying to get this seat, head on over there to drop your name in the hat again **

{ The lucky winner will be announced on Thursday (12/19) morning, 8a.m. PST }
For more information about Erin Little please visit:

Her beautiful lifestyle blog Bluebird Baby

Her gorgeous personal portfolio

And her Maine based photography company A Love Supreme Photography


  1. Brooke on

    My favorite thing to photograph is animals. My son works at a horse barn, and I’m so fascinated by how the light plays with those magnificent creatures…..weaves through their manes, shines off their coats, and hides in the shadows of the barn. I dream of winning, and thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  2. crystine on

    Perfect. I will get that SLR I’ve been dreaming of if I possibly win. thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Lia on

    Mmmm…would love to be in this new e-course,

    I will lose my job in December 31.
    I can’t imagine a better chance to

    recover strength and take a new path about an

    ever passion. My favourite theme is nature and portrait. Maybe this is my

    moment…..fingers crossed!

    Feliz año nuevo!

  4. Jessica on

    I love to photograph my kids, flower designs, and scenery; but I need to be able to photograph my flowers and event set ups with greater skill.

  5. Sophie on

    Lovely idea! I adore taking pictures of my retired industrial caged hens trashing/enjoying my garden but they’re not an easy capture as they are never still

  6. Sabine on

    Thank you for this opportunity. I love taking pictures of nature and any wild flowery things!

  7. Alexis on

    Picking favorites is difficult. I love photographing flowers, both inside and out, food and my projects. I like being able to show the progression of a piece of work.

  8. Debbie Byler on

    I love to photograph trees and other plants covered with ice. (usually several chances to do that here in Central PA)
    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  9. Cindy on

    My favorite is life in the gardens. Thank-you for this chance.

  10. A. on

    My favorite thing to photograph is flowers of course!

  11. Barbara Christopher on

    On photography: I enjoy photography because it captures the essence or spirit of a moment, not the moment itself, and it will, if you look closely enough, tell you something about the photographer. So my favorite thing to photograph, is something that calls to attention. It could be anything – people, nature, a wisp of wind – I’m learning to listen to the call of things.

  12. Sarah Waldow on

    EVERYTHING! I am an Art Teacher, mother of 3, wife, artist and flower farming gal. I would love to add another layer of knowledge in order to take better references photos for my paintings and drawings, document my family’s life and record the beauty growing in my own backyard ;-). Without a doubt, this would benefit my students and family as well. Great idea! LOVE it!

  13. Lydia on

    My g’daughter and flowers.

  14. ROSE on

    Everything in my, flowers arrangement, and nature. Keeping my finger cross..

  15. Emily on

    its a draw between the beautiful New Mexican landscape I live in and the flowers we trick into growing here. Both are oh so enchanting.

  16. sarah nixon on

    Wow! This is wonderful. As a flower farmer , of course I love to photograph my flowers. And my children…

  17. little white dove on

    I love to photograph flowers freshly picked from my garden… but I also need to photograph my crafty work and my hubby’s leather plaited goods for our Etsy shops and often find myself frustrated at not getting ‘the shot’ I’m imagining – mostly due to lack of knowledge about all the buttons/options on my camera… that sadly sits on auto most of the time!
    This course sounds like the perfect solution to this frustration and also the fuel for my already, almost OCD, hobby of snapping everything in sight! Thanks for the fab op! x :-)

  18. PetiteFleurDeLin on

    Thank you so much to both of you for this generous giveaway!
    I dream to follow such a course some day…
    I love to photograph flowers, of course, and also to capture happy moments in our family life.

  19. Joanna on

    I also love the bluebird baby blog. My favorite thing to photograph is my five-year-old girl in nature. Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Michelle on

    I love to photograph flowers, children, and kitties.

  21. Elaine on

    The evanescent sensations of mindful moments in life.
    Sincerest gratitude for your inspirational generosity!

  22. Kim on

    I love photographing flowers and have been inspired by the creativity and passion of both of you Erins!!


  23. Lisa on

    Buildings and flowers. I’ve been photographing both for years and would love the opportunity to make them better.

  24. Komali Nunna on

    I love to photograph my farm. I can use a course.

  25. Victoria on

    Hi Erin(s), trying to get an image of what I actually ‘see’ is the goal…doesn’t always work out! I like taking pictures of life and anything that tells a story. Thanks for your generosity :o)

  26. Maureen deBruyn on

    I would love to take this class! Found out about you through Erin B of Floret Flower Farm. My favorite thing to photograph is my floral arrangements, but they usually turn out so much less than I hope for. Would love to take this course!!

  27. Marla on

    That would be my gardens in general, and the weather and it’s interaction with the gardens. I’m always looking to capture that foggy moment, or rainy day, basically capture how I feel out there, at that moment. It does not always work out unless the natural light is forgiving. Thats because I usually am only using the standard (green button ha!) setting on my several year old camera. I know it’s capable of more. Funny.. I’d been thinking of taking this course since Erin’s good words about the course last winter. Thanks Ladies!

  28. Alice White on

    This is awesome!!!! I love to shoot pictures of farm life, flowers, and our girls. Thanks for the offering.

  29. Megan Leiss on

    What a wonderfully creative and neat way to share your photo skills with us. My favorite place to photograph was Arctic Alaska mountains where I used to live. That is where I got into photography. Now I love to photograph nature and her glory. Spider webs, flowers, grass swaying in the wind, water, trees!

    Thanks for considering me for the slot,
    Megan Leiss

  30. Rona Wheeldon on

    Hi Erin

    Since discovering your blog, I’ve really admired your photos…so it’s wonderful to hear how your style developed after attending one of Erin’s courses.

    I love taking photos of flowers which will come as no surprise :-).

    Best wishes
    Rona x

  31. Erin Mc on

    Of course I love taking pictures of flowers and my kids. But, my favorite are natural surprises….a mushroom poking through moss, an amazing fairy house formed from an old stump, a crumbling barn with wildflowers growing on its roof.

  32. Russell Montgomery on

    I have 3, My grandson, Gabriel, our 20 acres of trees in Maple Falls, WA, and my knives, I am a custom knife maker. Both of your photos are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.

  33. Victoria von Berg on

    It’s all about travel and the flora! And the joy of hopefully creating photographic memories. My lack of skill and beginners mistakes leave me frustrated – to be on your course would be an opportunity to develop some real skills that would be a boost to my own blog and dreams of publishing articles about our travels and my love of nature.

  34. Tasha on

    I love taking pictures that capture emotions!
    I would be so thrilled to take your course especially since I have a newborn and want to learn to take good pictures that captures her emotions!

  35. Jennifer Hazard on

    I love taking photos of my two children, and of the beautiful state we live in. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  36. Emily on

    Favorite thing to photograph is life on a farm– kids, veggies, flowers, mud, frost, barn cats, etc, etc!

  37. norma on

    People, nature and home, in that order. This sounds like a great course!!

  38. Tracy on

    Once I started giving out little bouquets to neighbors, friends, and family, I realized what joy I was spreading. While I sell cut flowers to local businesses, proceeds go to creating bouquets for hospice patients, habitat for humanity ribbon cutting ceremonies and am currently raising money for cancer research through the garden club at my elementary school. Talk about flower power! Photographs?! What a bonus that would be!!!

  39. Will on

    I love to photograph buildings and minimalist abstract compositions.

  40. Ariana on

    relationships and connections between people and between people and place. A farmer tending her crop; a carpenter examining the life lines in a piece of wood; the way two long-time friends look at each other. I like to capture the story in the connection.

  41. Milla on

    Nature, light, homestead things…I just got a new camera and this would be good inspiration.

  42. Erin on

    I am honestly not sure what my favorite is, but I would give the slot to my mom and her favorite thing to photograph is flowers and I love getting to see her gardens even though I live a few states away now.

  43. Julie on

    Thank you both so much for the chance! My favorite thing to photograph is my kids!

  44. Evee M on

    I enjoy photographing the simple everyday things in life, and especially my pets.

  45. Michelle Girard-Lynds on

    I have always felt I had an “eye” for photography, but never pursued it. Last year I got a camera for Valentines day and, well, that’s all I do now! My favorite things to photograph are “stuff”! The kitschier the better! As a once Master Florist, I have no favorite flower. I Love them all! I so want the chance to take this class!!!

  46. Jonathan Leiss on

    Recently, I’ve really enjoyed taking pictures of flowers on our farm. But somehow, our pitbull, Mr. Bingley, manages to make it into every photo shoot!

  47. Sophia Moreno-Bunge on

    Hi! I absolutely love photographing flowers and still lives in natural light. I love also capturing abstract images with ligh…I’d love to learn from you by taking your course!

  48. Katie on

    All things nature! And my two pups :)

  49. Molly Wilson on

    My cows! We also love to photograph our gardens, vegetables, and flower arrangements.

  50. Amy S. on

    Gardens! And my goofy dog. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  51. Dena on

    What a wonderful giveaway! My favourite thing to photograph is my sweet 7-month-old son, Roman James. xo

  52. Hillary on

    I love to photograph very large landscapes, very small flowers and fungi, and my very fast 2-year old.

  53. Becca Blue on

    My babies. And flowers. And my dog. And flowers. And my house. And flowers.

  54. Melissa Brown on

    What an awesome giveaway! My favorite thing to photograph is the small, intricate beauty on farms and in the woods and on the shoreline…moss, flower interiors, tracks in the mud…lovely

  55. Gigi Thibodeau on

    I live in Maine, too, so I take a lot of photos of the ocean, rocks, and anything coastal. Then there’s flowers . . . oh, and trees . . . pathways, grasses, driftwood, moss, mushrooms. And snow, of course. Lots of snow on fences, benches, etc. Nerdy nature girl, that’s me. What a fantastic course. This sounds like just what I need. :)

  56. Rene on

    I love to take pics of landscapes, and botanicals with a macro lens. I just know your class will push me further into my photography knowledge and am so excited for the chance to win a seat. Thank you for the lovely opportunity!

  57. Kelly E. on

    My favorite thing to photograph is anything nature…flowers, landscapes, etc. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  58. Ferriss Donham on

    Flowers too, zoomed in to see just one aspect of the blossom, to see the papery petals, and fine veins and colors blending.

  59. Natalie on

    Hello Erin & Erin!
    I love taking photos to capture the quiet moments in our days, and documenting big life events. Next year, for us, will be filled with building an off-grid house, tending to our farm, and watching my boys grow, in their last year before they start school, and I don’t want to miss a moment! The course will be perfect timing for me! Thanks. xx

  60. Chandra on

    My baby of course, then flowers, and my puppies.

  61. Roxanne McCoy on

    My very favorite thing to photograph is my kids but since we also have a family cut flower farm, the thing I photograph MOST is actually flowers.

  62. Kathleen Barber on

    This would be perfect timing I just bought myself a Canon Rebel based on the advise of Erin and seeing what beautiful pictures she takes. I need to be able to take those incredible pictures of flowers. My favorite thing to photograph is nature.

  63. Susan K. on

    The running joke with my friends is that I ONLY have photos of flowers and my baby on my iPhone. Same goes with my DSLR. I’m totally fine with that… but after spending three long days working on photo books for Christmas gifts and a flower portfolio book– I realized I need more high quality images– this class totally what I need!

  64. Caitlin@Our Natural Heritage on

    Thank You! My favorite thing to photograph is the people (and dog) I love running around outdoors – at the beach or going wild at the park.

  65. Chelsey on

    I have wanted for a long time to learn how to use my camera but don’t even know where to start. I would love to confidently take pictures of my little girls. We are also working towards a family farm and know we will need photography skills to promote our business.
    Thank you both for the chance to win! What a great idea :)

  66. Leslie Gesner on

    Just spent the money i had save to take Erins “eyes open” course on a used camera. How wonderful it would be to win a spot in this next course!!!!
    I love to take photos of anything that i find to be beautiful and that inspires me and makes me IMAGINE.

  67. Renita on

    I got a big fancy digital Nikon D80 a few years ago. Since then we’ve started farming flowers on our little 1.5 acres. So maybe it’s time to learn to put the two together :) Would love to know how to produce professional images for our little but growing flower farm business!

  68. elizabeyta on

    I would love to take this course. I take pictures every day for both my blog and life and never had any training. I have been looking at learning more!

  69. Colie on

    I love photographing plant life, in any form. Growing, dying, dead, in a vase, in a wreath—I haven’t quite figured out how to photograph people yet, but I hope to learn, perhaps via this class!

  70. Eliza on

    Oh man! I would LOVE to take your course, to learn how to better take dark, moody still life photos, worthy of a lovely Dutch master painting! That, and to learn more on composition (particularly outdoors).

    Thanks oodles to Erin x 2 for this opportunity! What gems!

  71. ~Heather on

    I really want to get away from the A button on my Nikon. When I used my P&S my fave images were close-ups of fungi.

  72. Elizabeth J on

    Photographing my children living our awesome life is my favorite subject. But I also just started up and Etsy store and am looking for help with my photos for that as well. Thanks for the chance. I really could use this.

  73. Denise / Bare Mtn Farm on

    Would love taking better photos of flowers and nature in general. Just got a new camera with no clue how to make it create. Would love to participate in your program!

  74. Alesa De Jager on

    My favorite thing to photograph is… MOSS! all kinds!

  75. Melissa on

    I love nature photography, mainly flowers!

  76. Leslie on

    I grow flowers everywhere and love to see kids and peoples faces when the revel is their majesty with hummingbirds and butterflies and bees and the world spinning gloriously in tune when they really look at them. Capturing moments like that with little ones~priceless. Need to learn how to do it right…

  77. calida on

    i love trying to capture the beauty of flowers!! My methods are ridiculous however. I take a bouquet all over the yard with me trying to find the right light and it takes me hours sometimes!!!! I would love to learn some new tricks!

  78. Julie @ Growing Days on

    Oh, please, pick me! You don’t know how much my poor flowers, children, and chickens need a better photographer! My readers are sweet to still follow along even with my sub-par photography. I would be the most attentive student EVER! I promise! Thanks so much for the chance!

  79. Yara on

    for my husband:
    he is an avid outdoorsman and hunter and is falling in love with documenting his journeys in the Pacific NW through photography and writing. he is inspired to start a blog centered around his adventures into nature with our bird dog.

  80. Bob Wallace on

    Well of course flowers as I am a flower farmer. :) I love to photograph flowers on location at the farm and right after they are cut with their thirsty little faces shining brightly. Favorite flower, ranunculus. Love the myriad of colors and their waxy roselike appearance. A great way to usher in Spring!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. I bought a new camera but afraid to use it as I don’t know where to begin. Currently just using a Canon Power Shot SD1100 IS.

  81. Rachel on

    My favourite photos (besides of loved ones) are of gardens, the countryside, farms, everything pastoral!

  82. Julie on

    My favorite thing to photograph is sunsets and snowflakes. You have to be there at the right time and it’s a beauty never repeated. None are the same!

  83. Kailla Platt on

    I love photographing my kids in the garden and the flowers brought inside.

  84. dawn kelly on

    I love photographing my flower creations and my fur babies, but i have to take 30 photos to get one half decent looking image! haha. I need this course!

  85. Mona Lisa on

    my favourite subject to photograph is capturing everyday moments with my family & friends. i love looking back and seeing our clothing, the home decor, the seasons, the hair, the memories! thanks for the wonderful giveaway! love both your blogs xx

  86. Cindy Creps on

    Of course my second favorite thing to photograph is flowers and my gardens. So many uses for the photos – my website, facebook page and newsletters – plus notecards that we sell at the Markets so our customers can take home a little piece of our farm! But my first favorite thing is my grandchildren – six little lovelies with great big smiles – playing in the gardens, digging in the dirt, riding their bikes.

  87. kristin burrello on

    I love photographing my three boys, but need to take better shots of my farm and flowers
    have a happy and warm christmas!

  88. Dallas Wildeve on

    I take photos everyday, but I have fallen into the habit of only using my cellphone. Flowers are my main subject! I would love to improve my photography and this looks like an awesome course! Thanks Erin and Erin.

  89. Dawn Adams on

    I love your work and found you through Floret. Erin’s work is also so inspiring. I want so much to become a better photographer and often spend almost as much time photographing my floral designs as I do designing them!

  90. Jody Costello on

    My garden. The first peony to open, the patio at sunset, the snow covered herb pots I forgot to compost…

  91. Kim Thomas on

    fav flower this season was blue horizon ageratum

    happy holidays!!


  92. Natalie P. on

    My favorite thing to photograph is flowers and now my sweet baby girl!

  93. Corina on

    Ohhhh! You were the one that got me into blogging, and since then, I’ve gotten obsessed with taking good photos. I need this course to take good shots of all the wares we produce for our businesses!

  94. Margaret on

    I love taking pictures of flowers, lol!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway, los dos Erins!


  95. AmandaMae on

    Oh, I really need this class! Thanks for sharing the info….

    My favorite thing to photograph is FLOWERS! The best thing I ever did was buy a 50mm f2.0 lens… I get some decent shots with that lens… but I don’t have much of a clue how to really use it!

    *fingers crossed*


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