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March 2nd 2011

For The Love Of Roses

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Oh lordy, where do I even start? 
Roses…..second to Sweet Peas , I don’t think there is a more exquisite flower!


Some years ago, before this whole flower farming thing happened, I had a sweet little cutting garden. It had been a big veggie patch the season before but once I discovered the lure of flowers I dug out the entire plot and replaced the food with blooms.

At the time it seemed enormous, 60x60ft. and it was all I could do to keep it weeded, watered and the flowers deadheaded. There were a few little rows of Sweet Peas, a couple dozen Peonies, lots of misc. perennials and a few shrubs. Along the outside edge I constructed a wonderfully wild fence out of Chestnut branches and decorated it with  30 different antique and English Rose bushes

 Over time as the garden evolved, the fence came out, along with our lawn, and the pretty little flower beds were transformed into long, straight rows of flowers and shrubs.


The large old fashioned roses were tucked into the hedgerows that surround our property and the remaining plants were given their own special plot. Being a “trialer”, of course this little patch grew and grew.

While nowhere near as many Rose bushes as I hope to someday posses, this hearty collection certainly rocks the month of June!


Each variety is exquisite in its own unique way and whatever blooms I’m working with end up being my favorite.

The heady scent of a Damask or Bourbon bloom transports me to another dimension…


The fuzzy green buds (pictured below) of the antique Moss Roses are beyond words.

Multiflora’s, with their airy sprays of spicy little flowers, transform every bouquet into and experience. And the cupped, full heads of the English Roses ….they make me about lose my mind.


During Rose season, it’s hard to stay focused on anything else!


  1. Sylvia on

    I am absolutely in love with your pictures of my favorite flower next to peonies. I happen to come across your documentary on Magnolia, I am so inspired by you and your love of nature. Erin keep doing what your doing I love it and I know I’m not alone. This late in my life I feel like I have a purpose again, Thank you

  2. Phyllis Horn on

    Thanks for sharing your love for roses. I love roses too!!! (never tried sweet peas though, but remember my Grandmother grew them. The floral bouquet is gorgeous in this article. Oh MY!! I live for flower season, so happy that it gives us something to look forward to. Life certainly did start in a garden.

  3. bohemianbramble on

    Hand-on-chest beautiful! Your post makes me long for my first flower love, roses. *sigh*

  4. cherie on

    Your roses have lured me in!!!!

  5. Brooke Howsley on

    Oh Erin, you've outdone yourself with the last couple of posts. You've almost convinced me to move up there where all the lovely things grow…

  6. webb on

    You've almost convinced me to try roses again. They always seemed like so much trouble, but to get 10% of that would be wonderful. thanks.

  7. flwrjane on

    I swear I can smell them from here.

    I will not gush but i will second every comment that came before me.

    Yum,Erin, just yum.

    xo jane

  8. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    Coming across your blog is like waking from a beautiful dream to find that it is indeed a reality.

    Since leaving the garden center industry after 18 years, I have missed the spring flowers the most. Looking at your greenhouse shots, is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant room. Am I gushing? Yes, of course, who wouldn't.

    I saw your website a few years ago, and lost the link, but I am so glad to come across your blog now. Just what is needed on a dark stormy day.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    I think you are on a mission to make us all pass out over our keyboards, these roses are utterly sublime – that is all I am going to say, my gushing over your flowers is becoming embarrassing!x


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