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January 31st 2013

I need your help

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Floret Flower Farm

Yesterday I received the kindest, most heartfelt email from a reader. He shared that after a series of difficult circumstances, he had to close down his flower farm. But time has passed, things have improved and he’s starting over this coming spring.

Floret Flower Farm

I have offered to share as many dahlia tubers as I can scrape together, to help him get back in the game. While we normally have lots of extras, I’m not certain it will be enough.

So, I thought I’d reach out into this great wide world of ours and ask for your help.

Do any of you lovely farmers, backyard growers, passionate gardeners want to pitch in and join me in giving someone a leg up?  He’s not picky on color or variety, he just needs a good start.

Floret Flower Farm

If this is something you’d like to be part of, please shoot me an email.   [email protected]

Thanks a million in advance!!!



  1. kate on

    there is something truly amazing about you. a rare and kind creature in this big big world. can’t wait to meet you in march.

  2. Sarah on

    OH! So kind of you to help and reach out for him. I’d love to help; however, as a new gardener I don’t have much to offer bulb/tuber wise. I agree with Honey Bee – this man needs a Kickstarter. The earth truly does laugh in flowers and I’d bet he’d reach his goal quickly with all the people who appreciate what gardening and flowers do for the soul. Please let us know if there are any developments on the funding end.

  3. Julie on

    Can he use seeds, or is he just looking for tubers? I have lots of flower seeds and get can get more.

  4. Pat on

    This is very nice. Where do we send? Also, this would have been nice to post to Facebook.

  5. wasabi honey bee on

    How awesome of you!!! Maybe he could look into… Maybe it could be of some help!!!

  6. webb on

    Sowish i had something. You are doing a lovely thing totry to help. Good girl!

  7. Laurie (Fleurie) on

    Oh my gosh I got chills. I wish I had something to share, other than encouragement. Erin, you are a dear to help. Blessings to you.


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