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August 8th 2014

Flower Magazine Winners!

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The three lucky winners of a one year subscription to Flower magazine are:

I enjoy reading about design, how-to’s, cutting gardens, container plantings, plant combinations, heirlooms, flowers for weddings, and organic horticulture. I love looking at photos for inspiration.

Melissa Brown:
I love reading how-to’s! Learning a new skill or a different technique keeps my design and farming interesting and “on trend” ;)

Kristin Bengtson:
Tips please! More info on how to and when to plant ahead. Also, how to design a garden bed.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered and for your amazingly helpful comments! For those who didn’t win, the generous ladies at Flower have given us a discount code 4FFF14 to enter when signing up for a subscription to receive it at a reduced rate.

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  1. Donna on

    Thank you so much! Can’t wait to get my first issue!


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