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February 13th 2012

back to the start

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My friend and fellow flower grower Jennie Love from Love ‘n Fresh Flowers posted a link to this video on Facebook this morning. I thought it was just too beautiful not to share with you all. She wrote: 

“This new commercial/short film really hits home for me. My family’s fifth generation dairy farm has (just barely) weathered the storm of industrial farming that has made it nearly impossible for small. sustainably, and (dare I say) ethically managed farms to survive. I actually got stinging tears in my eyes at the end of the video where you see the farmer, now aged, with his grown son who is clearly going to try his best to keep farming the “old fashioned” way. That’s my brave brother, Dan, hoping that the American consumer is finally ready to go “back to the start” and support small local farms who deeply care about the land and the animals under their care. Believe me, it’s a very challenging life to choose. Please share this film with your friends and use your spending power wisely. xoxo”.



  1. Shanti on

    Wow. loved this. As a farmers I hope this helps people appreciate where their food comes from and how it was raised.

  2. webb on

    I love this commercial. We discovered CSA buying a few years ago, and buy 100% of our fruits and vegetables that way now. We have not had as much luck with meats, but keep looking for sources that we like.

    It's an important message, and I do think I see a small move in the direction of shopping and eating locally. i think people of tired of eating those hard pink things that stores pass off as tomatoes. If we can get them from a real farmer, I think we will.

    Flowers, too!


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