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December 13th 2012

DPP day 12

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walked another farm yesterday.
we’re on the hunt for our forever home.can you believe it !?
a place to stretch out, plant up and call our very own.
this little farm had nearly everything we need: a cute and liveable old house, great soil, a pond, over 10 acres of farmable land, it’s certified organic and is in our price range. 
its one drawback? the front half of the property has standing water, the kind that comes from underground during wet periods or when the river is high. 
with the way the climate is changing, it seems bad weather is more and more common. in our soggy corner of the world, excess moisture can be a big ole issue so i expect this farm will be wet quite often.
while a little discouraging, winter is actually the perfect time to tour properties. without all of the green to hide their flaws, we see everything in glaring clarity.
i have waited a very longtime to realize the dream of owning my own farm!
wish us luck will you!?
we can use all the good juju you can muster : )


  1. Laura on

    good luck! i hope you find just what you are looking for!

  2. flwrjane on

    V. exciting. You have the world rooting for you in you search and waiting with bated breath for more details.

    Enjoy the process.
    xo jane

  3. jwblooms on

    I wish you so much luck! You really deserve it and I look forward to hearing how you develop a new farm. Jan

  4. Georgianna on

    You know you have mine and David's! We can't wait! And it will be amazing!! xo

  5. Terri Todd on

    I know you must be thrilled to bits!! I'm so happy for you – think of all the perennials….

    Be sure to put drinking and irrigation water on the top of your list of things to check. And if you can find a place with good fencing already up that's a big plus!!

    Good luck!!

  6. Bare Mtn Farm on

    So wishing you the very perfect farm. Finger & toes crossed. Been in your position many years ago and know the feelings of a forever place of your own. When it is the right place you will know, don't settle for anything less. Need to chat about anything, we are here to listen.

  7. Terri on

    You'll find your dream farm and know it instantly :)

  8. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Oh, wishing you the exact right place with my whole heart!

    Buying a house is stressful enough, but a whole farm, the dream….big stuff, but you are so smart and knowledgeable I am sure you will make the right decisions. Do you have a resolute list of 'compromisable' and 'non-compromisable' – helped us with house buying. How exciting tho'! xx

  9. Laetitia on

    Good luck to you, in this exciting quest…

  10. FlowerLady Lorraine on

    The right place is out there, and if it's meant to be it will be.

    Enjoy the quest.

    Have a lovely holiday season ~ FlowerLady Lorraine

  11. Laurie (Fleurie) on

    Wishing you much luck and happiness in your family's quest. When the time is right, it will appear and be right, trust your instincts.

  12. Georgie on

    Sending you Big Massive Good JuJu!!!! Your forever farm is just round the corner, I am sure of it X


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