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February 11th 2020

Celebrating A Year in Flowers!

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IT’S HERE! A Year in Flowers is officially out in the world, onto the shelves of bookstores, and into your hands. I hope you love it as much as I do!

I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm about this project and for your encouragement along the way. It means so much to me and to all of us here at Floret. There is no way we could bring a book like this into the world without the steadfast support of our flower community. 

If you haven’t yet purchased a copy, you can get one from your local bookstore or any major online retailer. If you want to get your book delivered by Valentine’s Day, check out Barnes & NobleBookshopTarget, and Powell’s. For international customers, we recommend: IndigoWaterstonesBooktopia, and Puriri Lane.

The support for this book has been so incredible and we sold out of our original order, which we thought would be enough for an entire year—you guys are amazing! After pleading with our publisher for more books, there is another shipment on the way. Please note that if you place an order for a signed copy through the Floret Shop it will ship out the week of February 17th. 

A Year in FlowersTo celebrate the launch of the book, we’re hosting a fun giveaway of ten $100 gift certificates to the Floret Shop. Here’s how to enter:

1. When your book arrives, take a picture—the more beautiful and creative the better!

2. Post your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #ayearinflowers and tag me @floretflower.

3. We’ll announce the winners on Instagram on Friday, February 14 and Friday, February 21.

The Floret Team has planned a big party to celebrate the release of the book. The event is sold out, but you can follow along on Instagram Stories @floretflower to see highlights from the event.

A huge thank you for the early support of this book. It means the world!

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  1. Ray on

    Thanks so much Floret!

  2. Judi Nissen on

    Again Erin, happy birthday.🎉🎉🎊🎊🎂🎂🎁🎁👏👏 Your launch party looked like so much fun, I’m crushed I missed it. But next time. 🤗🤗

  3. Wendy on

    We share a love of flowers AND a birthday! Congratulations on the release of A Year in Flowers – it’s a beautiful accomplishment.
    Librarian Wendy

  4. Frances on

    Congratulations on a gorgeous new book! Happiest Birthday to you – hope it is full of joy!

  5. Katy Halbrook on

    I really appreciate in your launch video (great idea!) how open and honest you are in sharing when things didn’t go well and what you figured out works for you – and how long it took. I get discouraged in arranging bouquets and look forward to really learning from your book! Must order one of those chicken wire pillows – maybe that’s all I’ve needed too! I’m also so supportive of your movement away from red roses for V Day. They always get floppy-headed for me.

  6. Jen on

    Such a great video! Can’t wait to get my copy! Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge! 💜

  7. kim Smith on

    I am so excited for mine to arrive. Should have ordered it from the shop for all the extra love, but as soon as you announced it, I jumped on it!!
    Kim The Cultivated Bloom

  8. Marja Bond on

    Yay!!! I received today, now to go pour over it!

  9. Donna Hull on

    Just finished the e version that was waiting for me this morning. It is the best book on arranging flowers that I’ve read! I was reminded how much I’m going to miss our little hobby flower farm in Southwest Michigan when we move to be closer to family this summer. I’ll have room for a limited number of flower beds so I’ll need to narrow down the wish list I started while reading the book today.

  10. Cheryl Doll on

    I just received your new book, A Year in Flowers. I started reading it the first night. Love it!!! I have been practicing making flower arrangements already. I am still working on figuring out which flowers fit the different fundamental groups, but I feel much more confident with your guidance. I can’t wait until this summer when I can (hopefully) use all of the flowers I will be seeding. I appreciate all of the knowledge that you share in your book like the hydration information in the chapter Caring for Cut Flowers. I have been doing a lot of reading on the internet and was unsure of which products I should use. After reading that chapter I have a game plan of what I will need this summer for my cut flowers. You are truly an inspiration! Thanks! Cheryl Doll, New Salem, ND

  11. Rebecca J Teer on

    Congrats – can’t wait to open mine when I get home! And I love Timmy :)

  12. Colette on

    Such a fantastic video answering so many questions I hadn’t even thought of!! Thank you for sharing so much floral love with your followers!! Love all that you do!! I’ve ordered 3 books so far and I want to share it’s beauty with so many of my dear friends! It’s the perfect gift!

  13. Kimberly Zimmer on

    Over the moon excited to dig in to this labor of love today!!! Thank you for creating the missing link! Oh and hey Timmy!

  14. Marja Bond on

    Preordered and can hardly wait!! I have Cut Flower Garden and knew I’d have to have this one.

  15. June on

    So in awe of you and your team – I love how you share with all of us and help us accomplish our own floral dreams!


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