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February 14th 2020

Launching A Year in Flowers into the World

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On Tuesday, February 11th, more than 200 guests came from near and far to celebrate the release of the new Floret book, A Year in Flowers at Christianson’s Nursery & Greenhouse in Mount Vernon.

A Year in Flowers Book SigningChristianson's Nursery Floret Book Launch PartyWe couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful setting and gracious crowd to help celebrate the release of this new book. 

I absolutely loved having the chance to meet each and every attendee, and to sign and personalize copies of A Year in Flowers. I loved hearing so many personal flower stories.

A Year in Flowers Book Signing PartyFloret Team PhotoIt was so great to have the team all together in one place. Susan and Christine came in from out of state and our book editor Julie Chai flew up from California for the day. After working with Julie for more than five years and logging countless hours on the phone, we finally met in person at the party. Having written two books together (with a third on the way) I can say for sure that none of these projects would have been possible without her her wise counsel and steady support. 

Floret Online Workshop students and alumni at A Year in Flowers book launch partyBut the biggest highlight of the day was being greeted by more than 50 Floret Online Workshop students and alumni at the event. Some came from as far away as Connecticut and Iowa! Seeing the community of flower friends that our workshop has helped to build online, and in real life, has been so incredible. 

A Year in Flowers Book Launch PartyJenny Cookies at Floret Book Launch PartyOther highlights of the party included being surrounded by fresh blooms grown by our flower friends at 3 Porch Farm and Alm Hill Gardens. Attendees also got to enjoy beautiful flower-themed cookies by Jenny Cookies, cupcakes by Stanwood Cupcakes, snap photos in our photo booth, and shop our first-ever Floret pop-up shop, which was tucked in amidst the beautiful plants offered by our friends at Christianson’s.  

A Year in Flowers Book Launch PartyAfter corresponding for years via Instagram, email, and text messages, I finally had the opportunity to meet Mary Heffernan of Five Marys Farm. Mary took over my Instagram account for the day and shared highlights from the party through stories.

The event left me feeling so inspired and more hopeful than ever for the future of the seasonal flower movement. I’m so excited to show the world what’s possible using local, seasonal flowers.

A Year in Flowers Book Launch EventIt’s also thrilling to see all the wonderful press that A Year in Flowers has received so far, including a profile in the February issue of Vogue, a mention in Country Living and Martha Stewart, an interview on The Flower Podcast, and a monthly Artist-in-Residence feature in Victoria. 

I am absolutely blown away by how many Floret followers have already written about the book on blogs, shared about it on social media, sent me the sweetest emails, reviewed it, and sent such encouraging messages. We’ve been sharing some of our favorites in our Instagram Stories, so please keep them coming!

A Year in FlowersYour support and enthusiasm has been overwhelming and I really can’t thank you enough! I wish you knew how much it means to me and how grateful I am for all of your support. It is such an honor to be able to write another book and have it end up in your hands.


  1. Yamelia Nelson on

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  2. Sarah Hallstedt on

    Three years ago, my daughter had just told us she was engaged, and without even thinking, “I’ll do your flowers!” popped out of my mouth. In 2006, my husband Phil and I dreamed of transitioning away from our marketing and finance (desk) jobs in Indianapolis, and moving north to northern lower Michigan. We bought an old tart cherry farm, and drove 7 hours each way for long weekends, schlepping a dog and three kids. We removed the dying trees, re-habbed the soil via cover crops, and sought much wisdom from other farmers and the local extension office. I love all gardening, and saw the ad to pre-order your first book. I spent much of that spring three years ago, drinking it all in from the book, ordering seeds, and planting perennials from our former home. (We moved up permanently the summer before that, after the last child was off to college). Your book was my inspiration, and gave me the courage to start what we now call our 1/8 acre “wedding garden”! I pre-ordered the second book, and have loved going through it as I heal from rotator cuff surgery. Thank you for your excitement and love for the local flower movement! (I now sell at our farmer’s market, to a local florist, and have “U-pick flowers” next to our “U-pick sweet cherries”!)

  3. Connie Farabaugh on

    Received my pre ordered book while my friend from London was with me. She wasn’t half way through when she said she had to get your book. Ordered on line and the next day her partner Rob sent her a photo of the dinner he was making and next to it was your book. We both LOVE this book.

  4. Katie Pence on

    Floret Team
    Your book was devoured by me the first 24 hrs after I received it ! Yes ! It is so uplifting and inspiring for us flower farmers around the world. Please, let people fall in love with your fabulous arrangements and want them in there homes and events ! That which you cannot create without a local source of flowers and fillers.
    I was bummed that my pre-ordered copy, through your Amazon link was not a signed copy. Can we still get one of those ?
    I’d love to see a book on marketing flowers, transporting those amazing arrangements and pricing. Or maybe just a blog post as I know your busy with the dahlia book now.
    I’ve been an estate gardener for 39 years, what I would see in the everyday, seasonal beauty of the plants drew me to start flower farming in 1993 . I’ve done it ever since, although currently not making a profit. Your book captures that daily beauty and why home grown flowers are so unique, fragrant, more interesting than commercial flowers shipped from miles away.
    Grow local flowers !!!!
    Heartfelt thank you !

  5. Hare Flower Farm on

    Can’t help but look at these photos and think “these are my people…this is my tribe”….and what a wonderful tribe!!!!

  6. Lina on

    I am excited to receive my book this week! Congratulations! The glass greenhouse is gorgeous! Appropriate place for a party.

  7. Silvia Re on

    Congratulations Erin and Floret Team!

  8. Mary on

    I just loved being there to be a part of it!!!! It was an incredible day to celebrate a gorgeous book. Highlight reel experience to meet all of the Floret Team and of course Erin and Chris!

  9. Sarah Buerkley on

    Hip! Hip! Hooray!! Soo happy for you! It is so fun watching all your experiences from afar in MN! Y

  10. Viv Herman on

    OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! Congratulations Erin and team Floret!! I’m anxiously waiting for my book and seeds to arrive. Looks like you had an awesome day. Wish I could’ve been there!

  11. Charlene Grant on

    Happy Birthday, Erin, and congratulations on yet another absolutely precious and perfect book! You are an inspiration to all, on so many levels.
    Deep gratitude,
    Charlene M. Grant

  12. Erin Dougherty-Larkspur Lavender Farm on

    Received your book via Amazon the day it was released, celebrating with you! So thrilled for you and your team, you are such an inspiration and voice for all of us flower farmers working for beauty cultivation, thank you, keep being your authentic self, it’s what drew me to you and your vision!

  13. Susan on


  14. Judi Nissen on

    Ahwww, first off, happy birthday to you🎊🎊🎉🎉🎂🎂🎁🎁 and then to say your farm and everything look so beautiful I can’t wait to make a trip over to visit from Bonners Ferry, Idaho. I’ll have to do it before the end of April because our farmer’s market starts and then I’ll be busy until the first weekend of October. Good luck with your book, can’t wait to purchase it. Looks like a wonderful coffee table book and I have just the right coffe table. 👏🤗🤗


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