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July 18th 2011

Bouquet Mania!

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Last week Chris took his “vacation”.
Midway through I finally requested that he stop calling it a vacation, the word being very misleading. While we hustled like nobodies business it still seems that being caught up is miles away.

Part of the overwhelm is due to the field flowers finally making their grand debut in full, full force. We finally have the volume to whip up the hundreds of bouquets that are requested each week in the city. 
It is to the point where we are both dreaming about them in our sleep!

It can get a little crazy with huge orders rolling in the afternoon before they are needed in the stores. I know we will find our rhythm here soon but this last week was a true nail biter. Friday, the van was so freaking full we had to make back to back deliveries to the city 60 miles away. Pheww!
I have no idea how I could have managed the intensity without Chris. He was all smiles and busted ass nine days straight from dawn until dusk only to return to “real” work early this morning.

These days we are living on coffee!


  1. jenna on

    this is SO inspiring

  2. Stacy on

    Hmmm…. sounds like it might be time to convince Chris to farm full time with you :) Everything looks beautiful!

  3. flwrjane on

    Good God Erin, every post,more and more beautiful flowers.

    No wonder everyone is clamoring for them.

    We would be.

    Get some sleep. oh, I guess you sleep in the winter:)

    xo Jane

  4. Shanti on

    Hang in there. I feel your pain, these last few weeks have been kicking my butt – sat/sun farmers markets, csa, and now my first two weddings this last week (why were you so persuasive in that growing for market article?). Just kidding – I loved doing the weddings. BTW – all your flowers look beautiful and you are doing amazing work

  5. Shelley on

    Hey, it time to buy a Sprinter?

  6. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Your man is a hero! Think you must have superhuman powers too – and check out your biceps mama!!;)


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