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July 18th 2011

Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

Written by

It use to be that Chris or I would help the kids with all of their creative building projects.

But in the past few months something cool has happened.They have started to follow through on their ideas ,solo.

 No they don’t get to use the saw, LOL!

 I LOVE the expressions he makes while concentrating.

Ta da! Isn’t that sucker hilarious?! Complete with Popsicle stick furniture and cotton ball pillows.


  1. Kate Holt on

    impressive! see what kids get done when there's no tv on…your little family looks so happy. A lot of hard work, but lots of fun, right? LOVE.

  2. McKenzie Powell Designs on

    Oh my gosh; that is the best!! I hope that when I have kids someday they build popsicle stick furniture for their toy animals.


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