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June 21st 2011

10 things I’m loving right now:

Written by

This little wild monster cat, Dragon.He likes to hang out in the field while I harvest flowers.

The first greenhouse is underway!

Taking hilarious pictures and having a good laugh with the kids.

The mix of amazing ingredients that keep pouring out of the garden this week :)

The kiddos! Oh, and new sun hats to protect their precious little skin.

Blue eyes.

 Working together as a family.

Garden Roses….sigh.

Bring the magic from our garden into the city every week.

Content kids, playing for hours and hours in the mud.

 How relaxed I am about having the lawn turned into this ;)

If you feel inspired, I’d love to know what’s warming your heart right now!


  1. Foxtail Lilly on

    Just found your blog! Love your flowers. Kids look so happy.

  2. Floret Flowers on


    I love hearing what you're loving:)

    Belinda, I NEED one of those tent. Wow!

  3. marbleandmilkweed on

    What beautiful kids and such a sweet-looking cat! So much to be inspired by…I've been inspired by trips to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden lately. As long as I live in the city, I see it as my own personal backyard…

  4. Florist in the Forest on

    Two adorable little kittens, Daisy and Clover, who were abandoned by their mother at 5 weeks old and are now settling in to their new home with us. Massive time wasters but i can't get enough of them!!

  5. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    Beautiful pictures of your kids!

    A huge new bell tent (slept in by 7 post-exam lads in our garden last night!) is causing a happy stir in our family at the moment. Brilliant for outside play with no sunburn, your kids would have a ball?! They are basically big canvas wigwams, so cool, ours was from Soulpad.x

  6. Nikki on

    Beautiful. Love the running photos of the kids. Such joy at that age! Where did you find that sun??

  7. botanical brouhaha on

    Makes my heart happy to see that you have found a way to blend your love of flowers and love of family…these pictures tell a beautiful story!


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