February 9th 2012

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I do owe a good blog post and I promise a one is coming! Lately I’m running a bit short on words and perspective. Well, and flowers too. As everyone gears up for Valentines we’re laying low, sowing thousands of seeds, moving plants, clearing ground and getting ready for yet another round of g-houses. I’m saving up my creative flower energy for a lovely wedding next weekend. The bride is a dream and the vision is super romantic with loads of candles, a carpet of petals and billowy white flowers.
Little kitten Steven is doing great. He’s been laying very low, relaxing in his borrowed kennel. Lot’s of delicious canned food and brushing. Only 2 more weeks to go and he’s a free man.
If you are hungry for more flowery stuff, head over to Lotte & Bloom for the story of how this wild adventure all got started. My interview is the last in a great series of Q&A; Thursdays with floral designers all over the world. I’m totally thrilled to be included!
**p.s. I added a frequently asked questions tab to the blog. If there are any burning questions you want the answer to, leave them in the comment section and I’ll see what I can do.



  1. Shanti on

    Erin – I feel like I have asked you all the FAQ's by email and you have been kind enough to answer me. I really appreciate all you do and all that you share with the rest of the flower world. Your creativity is inspiring, but I also really appreciate all the practical information you share. Thank you so so much for everything.

  2. Julie on

    So glad your baby is feeling better–scary stuff.

    This is my first year growing in our new commercial greenhouse, and I swear–getting the heating, lights, and heat mats all coordinated without blowing fuses has been insane! Last night, I did a victory dance in the warm greenhouse, when I finally had everything wired and running at the same time. Then I poured big glasses of wine for my hubby and me to celebrate. My thousands of baby heirloom tomatoes, peppers, herbs and flowers are now all cozy and happy, and I can maybe breathe for a minute. And maybe work on the couple things I'm contracted to write, too. And maybe, finally, put away the pile of kids' clothes that are folded–but still sitting after two days–on the couch. I honestly don't know how you do it–all of the growing with the floral/wedding biz, too. You. Are. Superwoman! Thanks so much for the daily dose of inspiration with your blog and gorgeous photos. Cheers!


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