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October 12th 2019

#AYearInFlowers Week 41

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The last few weeks have been a total blur. In addition to finishing up all of the photos for the new dahlia book, we’ve also been working on a special flower arranging tutorial that will accompany my upcoming book A Year in Flowers (available February 11, 2020). It has been a very cool, wet start to fall and our roses haven’t been blooming like they normally do. But for my demo I really wanted roses to be included. Thankfully Felicia from Menagerie Farm & Flower came to the rescue and shipped me some amazing garden roses from her farm in California.

A Year in Flower bouquet with dahlias and roses

This bouquets includes Dahlias ‘Cafe au Lait’ and ‘Cupcake’ from our fields and Roses ‘Crown Princess Margareta’ and ‘Golden Celebration’ from Felicia’s field. A match made in heaven!

The goal of the #AYearInFlowers project is to highlight and celebrate what’s blooming in gardens across the globe each week. Here on the farm, the temperatures are quickly cooling, but the dahlia field is still in full bloom. I’m soaking in all the beauty as long as possible.

How to participate in #AYearInFlowers

1) Capture. 

Take a photo of flowers that currently are in season in your area, whether it is a fistful of flowers from your backyard or a bouquet from your local farmers market.

2) Post. 

On Instagram, upload your photo and tag it with #AYearInFlowers 

On Facebook, upload your photo as a comment under my weekly post.

3) Share. 

In your photo caption, please share what flowers are featured (if you know them) along with your location. Bonus points for listing your USDA hardiness zone and week number (i.e. #week40flowers) 

Here are a few submissions from this week:

Blooming in Central Iowa:


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That’s a wrap folks. I harvested our final gator load of dahlias, celosia and eucalyptus yesterday. As predicted, last night we had a hard frost, putting an end to our 2019 season. I appreciate each and every person who bought flowers from us this year. Your support means the world to us. It is everything. 💕 – We will be tallying up our total sales and making another GivingColor donation to @mealsfromtheheartland this coming week. We will be sure to take photos so we can all celebrate the joy of giving back. 💫 – Today we begin labeling and cutting down dahlias in preparation for the huge job of digging up tubers for winter storage. Also, our peonies arrived yesterday so we have a lot of planting to do. 👩🏻‍🌾 – The season may be over, but the hard work is not. Happy Saturday everyone! 💐💪💐

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Blooming in Arlington, Washington:


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It’s been my first year growing flowers officially and I loved it! It had its challenges and was definitely a learning experience. One thing for sure, next year I need to invest into landscaping fabric, here in the PNW it is so hard to keep up with weeds! Today I harvested all day before the frost and also took many notes for next year. My little cutie pie 💕 she loves flowers as much as I do! I thank God for my wonderful husband who makes things happen here on our little farm and thank God for the beautiful experience of growing flowers with my kids, and ability to spend time with them while growing beauty and keeping them involved! Also a HUGE thank you to everyone who bought my flowers, it meant so much for me! Thank you!!! Looking forward to next year… #rosesforsale #growroses #rosegarden #rosefarm #davidaustinroses #flowerfarm #flowerfarming #flowerfarmer #floretflowers #growfloret #floretseeds #pnwflowers #pnw #arlingtonwa #arlingtonwashington #buylocal #ayearofflowers #ayearinflowers #week41flowers

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A note about week numbers: week numbers are commonly used in the floriculture industry and are standardized across the years. This is the 41st week of the year.

By using the #week41flowers hashtag on Instagram, you can sort photos by what’s in bloom this week all around the world. In addition, week numbers allow you to compare what’s blooming in your own garden from year to year.

Next week, I’ll be posting my week 42 flowers to social media and also here on the blog along with a selection of other participants’ photos. If you’re participating on Instagram, please add the #week42flowers and #AYearInFlowers hashtags to your caption. Be sure to also include your zone and where you’re located in the caption.

Thanks for playing along!


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    Love the flower on the window. That view has a touch of the rustic design if I’m not mistaken.


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