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October 27th 2017

Announcing the Floret Mini Course

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Messages have been pouring in from around the world since we made two big announcements last week. The first, that we bought a farm and the second, that we’re converting our popular Floret Workshops into an online format. The enthusiasm, well wishes and words of support make this transition even more exciting.

The two most common themes running through all of these beautiful messages is that dreams really do come true and that with so much negativity in the world right now, it’s really refreshing to get some good news. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reach out to cheer us on. It means the world.


To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Floret Online Workshop, I’d love to give you a little preview of what we’ve created. We’re calling this our Floret Mini Course. In this series of free educational videos, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you four essential skills:

  • How to make a market bouquet in less than 60 seconds
  • How to photograph your harvest from the garden
  • How to make your fresh cut flowers last longer
  • How to grow a thriving flower farm business

UPDATE:  REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED.  To be notified of future Floret courses and workshops, be sure to sign up for our newsletter

Thank you again for all of your well wishes and enthusiastic support. We can’t wait to share this next chapter with you.


  1. Kerry Beattie-Quinn on

    Hi team Floret,
    I received How to make a market bouquet in 60 seconds video, but unfortunately haven’t received another video since. (How to photograph your harvest from the garden)
    Hoping you can help?
    Cheers Kerry

  2. Jodi F. on

    Hey, Erin,
    You mention working on a second book. How very exciting! To you have a projection of when you hope to have it available to the public for purchase? Thanks! Love your first book!

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Jodi,

      It’s going to be a few years. The publishing industry moves at a glacial pace so it’s looking like spring of 2020 before we have the book in hand. I started Cut Flower Garden a full three years before it was in stores. It’s a crazy long time to wait!

      Thank you for your excitement : )

  3. Kathleen Johnson on

    For some reason I am not getting the mini work shop in line ? Help

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Kathleen,

      I just sent you an email with all of the details–please check your inbox!

  4. Lauren on

    How do I register!

  5. Mary Hilsinger on

    Dear Team Floret,
    Last night I watched Erin’s mini video showing us how to make up Market Bouquets: it was awesome! So very helpful to see her work in action …her tips were so practical and such time savers! Thank you so much for the sneak peak into the workshops …I can’t wait to learn more from y’all!


  6. Happy Friday + Links 11/3/17 on

    […] lovely Floret Flowers is offering mini courses (for free!).  How to make a market bouquet…how to make cut flowers last longer…so […]

  7. Jodi on

    Can hardly wait! Its my brothers birthday today….seems like mine (its not until near the end of Dec.) as I anticipate the mini course announcement start. What’s in the box???? I know it will be great!

  8. Sheryl Blish on

    Hi Erin and Chris,
    I just caught your mini-live-Instagram on the tulips and thought it was a great idea and a lot of fun – especially with it being unstaged and off-the-cuff. You guys did great and your personalities really shined =D

    I’m looking forward to the fun live feeds you do in the future. You guys are hands down the best with your content and educational offerings. Keep up the good work and the beautiful flowers. Can’t wait to see the Mini Courses and the new Online Workshop. I’m sure you will totally rock.

    Best Wishes and Many Blessings,

  9. Frances on

    Thank you! I’m new to flower growing and find your website and book very useful and inspirational. It’s very kind of you to provide extra free resources and I’m very grateful to you generally!!

  10. Susan walsh on

    I just turned 70, and began selling flowers this past summer. I am delighted with your lovely, well organized book, your web site, and your heart to share with others. Looking forward to your teaching sessions and this new chapter in my senior life! Susan Walsh

  11. Jennifer on

    So excited for these videos! You’re story is truly inspiring and I cannot wait to learn more from you! Thank you for what you do Erin, and for sharing your knowledge!

  12. Shar Katz on

    This is sooo’ exciting I have butterflies! Thank you in advance. This year has been bittersweet leading up to this, but I believe my dream couldn’t be closer to reality now. It is necessary now to get started and grow into this new chapter of this beautiful life.


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