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December 23rd 2010

A Holiday Tradition

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So many beautiful ingredients


Elora, the craft queen taking her time to get everything just so.
This year she made a personal goal of not eating any candy. What a champ!


Chocolate “flavored” candies. Ewwww! What does that mean!?



Lily’s gingerbread house was a riot of colors and shapes.



I just love these vintage angels. So sweet!



Everyone had on their holiday finest!


One of Nina’s beautiful vintage ornaments.
Decorating gingerbread houses has become one of the kids favorite holiday traditions. A few years ago we were invited to partake in the excitement with our friends down the way. Lucky us!
 In years past, during a bout of major domestic confidence I’ve threatened to pull a Martha and attempt baking our own house pieces but my good friend Nina (who has more sense than I) talks me down the potential disaster.
 Just getting all the ingredients rounded up, kids together, houses frosted and setting is enough to coordinate! I can’t imagine throwing a super crafty project into the mix. Ha! But the “idea” sure sounded romantic.
Each season I am amazed how much each kiddo’s personality and style shines through into their creation. From the same pile of ingredients each house turns out so wonderfully unique.

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