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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Celebrate with seasonal flowers (Yes, even in February!)

With wide swaths of the eastern U.S. covered in snow and daylight still in short supply, it is hard to imagine a tougher time of year for most flower farmers to produce blooms in time for this weekend’s flower-focused holiday.  But just because most groceries are filled with red flowers imported from faraway lands doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the holiday with seasonal blooms.  Today on Design*Sponge, I authored an article entitled, “5 Flowery Ways to Say ‘I Love You (& Support Farmers, Artisans & Creatives).”   In it, I highlight creative ways like buying a bouquet subscriptions, searching for a Valentine’s pop-up shop or finding “Slow Flowers” florists to get your seasonal flower fix.  It’s a fun post that features dozens of local flower farms and studio designers that are all part of this exciting seasonal flower movement.  Be sure to hop over to Design*Sponge to read the complete article and share with your friends. Also, if you know of of a […]

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Succession Planting: How To Keep The Harvest Going All Season Long

One of my main goals in writing this blog is to save you time and money by learning from my mistakes. To say that I learned about succession planting the hard way would be putting it mildly! The first year I grew flowers to sell, I was served a big ol’ slice of humble pie. While it was a tough lesson to learn at the time, my experience (or lack thereof) with succession planting taught me that too much of anything, especially blooming at the same time, can be a curse. I now take lots of time planning and plotting the season to come and have much better outcomes as a result. The first season I grew flowers on any kind of scale (1/4 acre), I knew very little about staggering the harvest through succession planting. In early spring I sowed one huge batch of seeds, planted them all out […]

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The Floret Calendar

Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve shared a few behind-the-scenes stories about the creative process involved with some of the products now available in the Floret Shop.  Today I want to share a little bit about how the our Floret calendar came together, plus offer a fun little giveaway. I get asked all the time how I find time to do it all.  And the truth is: I don’t.  There’s no way I could do it “all” by myself.  But, believe me, I’ve tried…and failed. (You can read more about that in my Design*Sponge post).  The truth is, I have a great little group of ladies (and Chris) on my team working to support me, especially with launch of Floret Seeds and the expansion of the Floret Shop.   It’s been a labor of love for ALL of us here at Floret. I am a farmer and I’m a floral designer.  I am not a graphic designer.  So that meant getting my idea for […]

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How-To Grow More Cut Flowers Than You Ever Thought Possible

Before we dig into one of my favorite topics, I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for your incredible feedback. When I asked for comments on the last post, I had no idea that the response would be what it was. Hearing your stories, your struggles, you dreams, your fears, your grand plans…it was amazing. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you took the time to share them with me. Oftentimes when I’m writing, I feel very alone. I want what I’m sharing to be clear, helpful, and hopefully strike a chord, but I have no real way of knowing if it will. Your incredible feedback was just what I need to hear, in order to know that yes indeed, I am on the right track. So, thank you very much! Ok, now let’s dive into the good stuff. Here at Floret, we have […]

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Six Important Questions To Answer Before You Get Started Growing Flowers

If you’re new to flower growing or you’ve dabbled for a little while and now you’re ready to get serious, spending a little time getting clear is an absolute must. Today, we’re going to do a little assessment to figure out what you’ve got to work with, what limitations you have to consider and what your flower needs are. These details are critical in making a good, solid plan that will reward you with a successful, flower filled season. So, before we dig into the nitty gritty how-to posts, I want you to take a little time and answer these six important questions. The process will help narrow down your choices and you’ll get really clear, really fast. From here planning will be so much easier. Ok, here we go: How much space do you have to work with? Even if you only have a few pots on your deck […]

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February Blog Blizzard–Get Ready!

During the long winter months, there’s nothing more inspiring or exhilarating than dreaming up the season to come. For gardeners, it’s like Christmas all over again. And while spring still feels like a thousand miles away, each day brings a few more minutes of light and an undeniable stirring. If you’ve got the gardening bug as bad as I do then you can probably relate to having every bare surface of your dining room covered in sketches and plans, marked up catalogs, plant encyclopedias and wish lists that span far too many pages. This is the time of year when I get myself into the most trouble, biting off more than I can actually chew once the flower season hits. It can be easy to get caught up in the dreaming process and lose sight of what’s realistic or possible to manage once the weather warms. A half-acre cutting garden […]

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