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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

This Week on the Farm: Week 21

Oh man, it sure has been beautiful around here these days. We’re experiencing a nice little lull in production as the spring crops are being cleaned out to make way for the summer ones. I’m usually really good about nailing timing and it’s one steady harvest from late March-early October in our garden. But this year we had a few early glitches that made for a nice gap in production and I’m really, really enjoying the slowed pace. Chris reminds me that it’ll get super crazy again any day, so to bask in the quiet while we can. The fall planted hoop house sweet peas are stealing the show right now. Just look at their stems! Every time I harvest I get lost in the beauty and scent and lose at least an hour just poking around, enjoying them. These are the varieties that I brought in from England and […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: Week 20

As I shared earlier in the week, I spent two incredible days with the insanely talented Amy Merrick and Siri Thorson clipping and creating together here at Floret and at Northfield Farms, an extra special little place that I affectionately call “peony paradise.”  Watching these two masters at work was a dream.  It truly is hard to put into words the breathtaking beauty that they create so effortlessly. For this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance post, I’m sharing some shots of the magical designs created during our time together.  Are you ready for this?  Hang on to your hats, folks, this is some seriously delicious stuff… Amy’s footed compote masterpiece includes ranunculus, peonies, autumn ferns, sweet peas, bearded iris, plum foliage, roses, brodea and Icelandic poppies. Siri’s handheld bouquet, below, features peonies, sweet peas, Icelandic poppies, wild roses and akebia vine. Meanwhile, I went for the biggest, baddest peonies I could find and paired them with the very last of […]

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The Farmer and the {Florist} Interview: La Musa de las Flores

In follow up to my recent interview with Green and Gorgeous as part of the Farmer and the {Florist} interview series, I want to profile another leader and rising star of the seasonal flower movement internationally.  This week I’ve invited Gabriela Salazar to join me to share more about La Musa de las Flores, her floral and event and design business based in Mexico City. Gabriela’s education and experience in art, interiors and photography, spans across two continents. Before launching her floral design business, Gabriela previously worked in real estate and interior design in Mexico City and later moved to London where she studied architectural interiors at the Inchbald School of Design while also working with contemporary artists.  Over the last couple of years, Gabriela has trained with and worked alongside some of the very best in the floral design industry. Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at […]

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Special Dahlia Giveaway

A few weeks ago, we finalized the first massive shipment of dahlia tubers from the Floret Shop. It was all hands on deck to divide, label, wrap and ship out the hundreds of boxes filled with “future flowers.” It was a big effort, but it warms my heart to know that so many dahlias from our little flower farm  will have new homes in gardens and flower fields across the country. Now that we’ve tucked all 4,000 of our dahlia tubers into our fields for the season, we’re left with a small mountain of extra tubers that I’d love to share with a few flower nuts.  I’ve got 10 boxes with a collection of five of my very most favorite varieties ready to go in the mail. If you want a chance to win one of these collections, simply add a comment below. In your comment, I’d love to know your level of dahlia love.  Which […]

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Oregon Flower Tour

After our marathon month we were ready for a little down time with the kids. The only way we can seem to get a real break from working is to actually physically leave our property. Otherwise something always comes up and we get sucked back into the farm drama trap. Portland is a beautiful city, just four hours south of our place and it seemed like the perfect quick weekend getaway spot to recharge our depleted batteries. I guess I’m in the right line of work because even on vacation, all I want to do is see, feel, photograph and talk about flowers. I made sure to book hotel rooms with big pools and room service so that the kids could goof off and relax while I tromped through a few flower fields. Just outside of the city is my favorite rose grower, Peterkort Roses. I’ve been longing to pay […]

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This Week on the Farm: Week 20

After the brisk clip of last month, the past two weeks have been a relaxing change. We said farewell to the ranunculus and got busy flipping the hoop houses over for the next batch of plants. Lisianthus, celosia and lots of other summer favorites including ornamental basil, ornamental peppers, eggplant, currant tomatoes, gomphrena and coleus will be planted in the coming week. Here in cool Washington anything heat loving does best under cover. Below is our four step process: clear the beds of plant debris, put down a thick layer of compost and fertilizer, till and lay drip lines and then cover it all with pre-burned landscape fabric. A lot of other things happened as well last week but they pale in comparison to the surprise visit we had from Amy Merrick and Siri Thorson. The last time the three of us were together was a year and a half […]

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