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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Seasonal Flower Alliance: August 31

What a beautiful blur of a weekend. For the past three days, the Floret team and I have been teaching natural floral design techniques using seasonal flowers as part of the latest Seasonal Floral Intensive workshop. (I’ll share more photos here on the blog soon, but you can also check out tagged photos on Instagram) One of my favorite segments of the workshop is demonstrating how to make hand-tied bridal bouquets.  Seriously, next to decapitating perfectly good flowers and photographing them (if you follow my feed you likely already are aware of my love of creating floral art) there is little I love more than to make bridal bouquets.  This one features dahlias, garden roses, scabiosa flowered zinnias, clematis and a few foraged elements from around the farm. Here are just a few of the many beautiful (and playful!) Seasonal Flower Alliance submissions from this past week: Puppies & Flowers. Farm life is good & @jamiehausman […]

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Giveaway Winners

I’m so excited to announce the 3 lucky winners of The Eyes Open E-course: Jennifer Ladd, Allison Rodgers and Vikki Marriott. Congrats ladies! And thank you to everyone who entered this fun little giveaway. For those of you interested in jumping into Erin Little’s next course which starts on August 31st, I have a little discount code for you! The 6 week course is normally $150, but if you use the discount code “floretfall2015” you can get $30 off. I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, both for my business and for myself creatively. The Eyes Open E-course guides you through mastering your digital camera so you can finally take it out of auto and get the results you want! The 6 week course includes everything from learning the basics, to creative living, lighting, portrait photography, and touches on basic elements of editing, […]

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Giveaway Announcement: 3 free registrations to Eyes Open Creative Photography E-Course

floral photography tips

If you’ve followed along here for any length of time then you’ve likely heard me rave about how much I love the Eyes Open Creative Photography E-Course  that Chris and I took together a few years back.  As I’ve shared previously, completing the e-course is what enabled us to hone our photography skills and really take Floret’s blog, website and social media posts to the next level. Erin Little is the talented photographer and blogger, who created the course.  I’ve admired her work for many years, as she has a great eye for capturing everyday life in such beautiful, creative and compelling way. The approachable style and flexible format of Erin’s e-course made it easy for me to finally understand all of the photography terms that I previously found so intimidating and confusing.  I recommend the course to everyone who attends a Floret on-farm workshop and anyone who is looking to up their game when it comes to taking great photos. Want a chance […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: August 22

Dahlia season is really ramping up and our field of 4,000+ dahlias is a sea of color.   The above photo was taken during a misty morning harvest and features what very well could be my all-time favorite dahlia, ‘Crichton Honey.’  The subtle color variations allow it to combine beautifully with a wide range of colors— from from light pink, salmon and coral to deeper orange, gold and copper—and I love utilizing it in wedding and event design work. Here are a few of my favorite submissions from the past week—which all just so happen to feature dahlias. Aren’t these great photos? We have so many #dahlias and #snapdragons in our gardens right now it's amazing. So, obviously, I had to make a #sexycompote. A photo posted by Amanda Mae (@alluringblooms) on Aug 23, 2015 at 4:45pm PDT Perfection. A photo posted by Betany Coffland-Chloris Floral (@chlorisfloral) on Aug 24, 2015 at 6:07am PDT the […]

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8 Great Fall Sown Flowers For Spring Blooms

The hot, dry summer continues here in the normally temperate Skagit Valley.  During these dog days of summer, spring feels like a lifetime ago, and next spring feels even further off.  While it would be easy to coast through the rest of the summer, soaking in all the beauty, I know I need to be thinking and planning ahead for spring now. That means making sure I have all the seeds on hand that I’ll need to sow this fall to ensure a full flush of blooms during mid-late spring. These flowers are an essential bridge between early-spring bulbs like narcissus, tulips and anemones and late-spring staples like peonies and field grown sweet peas. In warmer growing zones (USDA zone 5 and up) fall-sown hardy annuals are a great way to get a jump start on spring flowers, but that’s only if you remember to order your seeds and plant them on time! Trust […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: August 16

Working on the upcoming Floret Book has felt like a full time job this summer.  Since I’ve been so busy writing plus planning some other exciting upcoming Floret projects,  Chris has been doing the bulk of the work in the day-to-day operations of running the farm.  After hours of staring at my computer screen trying to crank out yet another chapter, I just love catching glimpses of him hauling in the day’s harvest.   I see his hard work reflected in each and every armful of flowers, like this beautiful Bombay Celosia which was headed to Whole Foods stores in the Pacific Northwest.  (I also love that he’s sporting his farmer-florist tool belt in this shot!) My choices for this week’s featured submissions don’t really follow any theme beyond being struck by their simple beauty. #swgmcontest #slowflowers #seasonalfloweralliance A photo posted by TERRA BELLA (@terrabellaflowers) on Aug 15, 2015 at 11:30am PDT Golden yellow – Sunflower Sonja, Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Crocosmia George Davison, Bronze Fennel #britishflowers #flowerfarm […]

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