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Flower Farm Journal

"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Favorite flowers for small spaces

Over the past few blog posts, (you can catch up by reading Part I here and Part II here) I’ve profiled some creative and innovative entrepreneurs in the local, seasonal flower movement who have cultivated incredible flower “farms” in unconventional locations.  I hope their stories will inspire, inform and maybe even motivate more people to join in the seasonal flower movement taking place across the continent and around the globe.  I also hope it provides even more evidence that you don’t need a sprawling 100 acre estate in order to have your own flower farm or cutting garden.  Our little two acre plot keeps our entire family plus 7 employees busy most of the year.  By simply dedicating a little corner of your garden or yard, or even a series of planters on your stoop, you too can have beautiful, abundant bouquets all summer long. Looking for ideas on great flower varieties to grow in your fledgling flower farm, cutting […]

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Small Space Flower Farming–Part II

In yesterday’s post on small space flower farming, I talked about the fact that you don’t need large tracts of land in order to have a flower farm or decent-sized cutting garden.  If you missed my post about Sarah Nixon’s vibrant farmer-florist business that is spread across nine urban backyards in Toronto, then you’ll definitely want to hop over and catch up on her innovative business model.  Today, I’m going to share a little bit about a couple other enterprising farmer-florist businesses who have each converted abandoned urban lots surrounded by a sea of blacktop and brick into beautiful, verdant oases overflowing with seasonal flowers. First up is Erica Maust and Andrew Olson who own and operate Chicory Florals in Philadelphia.  They currently grow on half an acre, split between two sites, one of which is a 1/4 acre vacant lot that until recently had rowhouses. That meant that that they found a mix of […]

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Small space flower “farming” — Part 1

Buried in the long list of emails filling up my inbox was a sweet little message I got from an admirer who loved the blog and was inspired to start her own flower farm some day. “I’d love to grow flowers like yours, but I don’t have much land available–our farm is only six acres.” I confess I was chuckling under my breath.  Having six whole acres to dedicate to growing flowers sounds like a dream.  I started envisioning all of the mischief I could get myself into if I had just another HALF acre of land to grow on here at Floret. But then I snapped back from the daydream and thought I should share a little secret you may or may not know: having a highly productive, profitable flower farm and floral design business does NOT take much land and it does not actually require owning a “farm.” Seriously, you don’t even […]

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The Seasonal Flower Alliance-April 17

This week I didn’t have a speck of extra time to make a real bouquet, so instead this massive armload of Iceland poppies will have to do. These were planted in the fall in an unheated hoop house, wintered over and are now blooming like crazy!

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Looking back on the early years

I can’t tell you how delighted I am that there is so much interest, energy and momentum behind the Seasonal Flower Movement now. I get so many messages and notes from beginning farmer-florists around the world who are embarking on their first voyage into the wild and wonderful world of flower farming.  Millions of tiny flower seeds are being lovingly sown in greenhouses and under grow lights this spring with so much hope, promise and wishful thinking.  It’s thrilling to imagine all of the new beauty that will be grown and created this season as part of this incredible movement. When I think back to my early years of flower farming it is with a mix of heartbreak, regret and compassion.  I made so many mistakes, which is normal and to be expected when you’re learning something big and new. The sad part is how hard I was on myself through the learning process. The early years were lonely, and scary and I […]

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Martha Stewart Living Feature + Meeting Martha + NYC

I am a big believer that if you can dream it, then it’s possible. I owe that to my parents since they always said if we could dream it up and were willing to work for it, anything was possible. Throughout my life I’ve spent a good deal of time goal setting, dreaming into the future and then doing the nitty gritty hard work to get there. Some dreams, especially the really big ones are fun to talk about but it can be hard to actually have faith that they’ll happen. For me, meeting Martha Stewart has always been in that realm. Way back when I started my flower business, I would sit at my friend Nina’s kitchen table and we’d talk about meeting Martha and seeing the Omnimedia Empire that she’s built in New York. In my heart I wanted it more than anything I could wish for but never […]

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