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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Seasonal Flower Alliance: November 17

Last year at this time, large swaths of the country were covered in snow–record amounts of snow, in some cases.  This year, some of these same parts of the country are enjoying a long sunny stretch of Indian Summer. Several of this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance submissions reflect these differences. Let it be known~ on November 16th, in Buffalo, NY, I foraged large queen anne's lace, ivy, green weedy-things and made THIS with my grocery store alstromeria. On a sunny, 56 degree day. ☀️🍁Why, you ask, is this of significance? Because LAST year on November 17th, Buffalo was deluged with EIGHTY EIGHT inches of snow. ⛄️❄️ So, foraging for the WIN!🙌 #floraldesign #seasonalfloweralliance #flowerlovers #instadaily #instaflowers #buffalony #wny #bloemen #blomster #naturelovers #nature_perfection #naturesdaughter #snowvember #unbelievablyamazingweather #queenanneslace #purple #stilllife A photo posted by Graciel (@thesoulinbloom) on Nov 16, 2015 at 10:01am PST   Kinda fun playing with what the season gives you. A […]

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Dreaming Big in Detroit

Over the past week, I’ve been pulling together a few posts based loosely on the theme of creative collaborations, partnerships and new flower friendships.  While each of the stories in this little series is a little bit different, collectively I believe they illustrate how giving, gracious and talented this flower community is.  If you’re just tuning in, one post highlighted the work of my flower friend & designer, Steve Moore.  I also shared a little story about florists rallying to support a flower farmer battling breast cancer.  And today I’m highlighting the biggest creative collaboration this year–or perhaps any year, ever: Flower House. Earlier this year, I did a little interview with Lisa Waud, the creative genius behind Flower House, the floral art installation she organized for an abandoned, derelict house in Detroit that she purchased at auction for $250.  In our conversation, Lisa shared her dream to bring together floral designers and artists from across the country, provide them with truckloads of the very best U.S.-grown flowers and foliage, set them […]

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Why flower friends are the best

One of my team members recently told me a heartwarming little story that I just had to share here. For more than a decade, Tammie Stanley has grown gorgeous flowers on her small farm in Southwest Ohio to sell to Cincinnati-area florists.  After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, Tammie contemplated the future of her business, Mockingbird Hill Flower Farm.  Most people would have considered it perfectly reasonable to scale back production in order to accommodate her vital cancer treatments.  But those people probably don’t know how tenacious Tammie is…or they simply haven’t seen her dahlias. What happened next is worthy of a film screenplay:  Tammie’s friends, family and florist clients all rallied around her to support her and sustain her little flower operation that season.  When she was too weak to work, an entire crew went to her farm to plant over 600 dahlias for her.  Many of them kept coming back to help with weeding, harvesting and even delivering her flowers.  One of Tammie’s best […]

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Flower Friends: Sinclair & Moore

One of the greatest joys I’ve had on this flower filled journey is having the opportunity to meet and work with so many fascinating folks along the way.  One of those people is Steve Moore, a “flower friend” who is the face of the powerhouse floral and event design firm, Sinclair & Moore, which he co-owns with his wife, Jamie.  While based in Seattle, their work takes them across the country and around the world. During the early days of Floret, I really wanted to start taking on some larger-scale event work.  Because I learn best by doing, I reached out to Steve and offered to help with one of his big events in exchange for learning some of the mechanics of the huge floral installations he’s so talented at creating. Without hesitation, Steve graciously invited me along for the setup of a couple massive weddings. Steve was a natural teacher and so generous with sharing knowledge he […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: November 9

Usually by this time of year, we are almost done digging dahlias and tucking them away for the winter. Yet there hasn’t been enough of a frost to kill off our field flowers. Facing the huge task ahead of us and a million other fall clean-up tasks to tackle, we actually started digging some of our dahlias now anyway…but not before I harvested one last armload of ‘Peaches N Cream,’ pictured above.  I absolutely adore how their rich color subtly fades as they age and turn an amazing antique peach hue that reminds me of sepia photographs. Many gardeners and flower farmers have already started the process of digging and dividing your dahlias.  Meanwhile  some parts of the country have fended off fate and continue to harvest beautiful blooms.  Many of this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance photos were a celebration of the final flowers of the 2015 growing season.  Here are a few of my favorite “dahlia finale” shots: One of the greatest pleasures of the farming life is […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance

It’s November.  I’m not really sure how that happened so fast, but here it is already.  November means mums to me.  Ever since I rediscovered these amazing plants, a couple years ago, I’ve become a little obsessed.  I’ve added dozens of new varieties to my garden and over the last few days been knee deep in trying to capture the beauty of these blooms for the Floret book.   It is has been fun to see others with newfound appreciation for chrysanthemums sharing their bounty as part of the Seasonal Flower Alliance. The first of the #heirloommums are in bloom. This one is Peter Magnus. They came as starter plugs from #kingsmums and I can't believe how easy they are to grow. We have dropped down into the 30s and they are unphased. In 7b. #seasonalfloweralliance #ncgrownblooms #fallflowers A photo posted by Blossom & Branch – Kristy (@blossomandbranch) on Oct 24, 2015 at 12:28pm PDT […]

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