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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

DAY 4 // Growing Guide Giveaway!

Today is Day Four of the “Five Days of Giveaways” party to celebrate the launch of Floret’s new online Shop. Yesterday we raffled off one of the new dahlia tuber collections and the lucky winner is: Shannon K! For the last few months, the team and I have been working behind the scenes to pull together a small collection of resources crafted especially for farmer-florists and home gardeners. Ever since I began this wild and wonderful flower farming adventure, I’ve taken thousands of pages of notes, conducted dozens and dozens of flower variety trials and filled well over sixty notebooks with my observations. Many of those details including harvest reports, lists of best varieties to grow, field trial notes and personal preferences on hundreds of varieties of cut flowers have been shared here and through the 30+ Growing For Market articles I’ve written over the years. As part of the new resource collection for farmer-florists and cut-flower gardeners, I’ve updated […]

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Day 3// Dahlia Collection Giveaway!

Today is Day Three of Floret’s “Five Days of Giveaways” party to celebrate the launch of the new online Shop. Yesterday’s lucky winner of the Cafe au Lait Dahlia collection is: Julie Clausen. Congrats Julie! As part of the celebration, I’m giving away another gift from the Shop:  This time around, I’m offering  your choice of one of our new Dahlia collections. Over the years I’ve grown and tested over 400 different dahlia varieties, looking for cultivars that meet a strict set of criteria: disease resistance, durability in bad weather, strong stems, clear coloring, consistent flower form, a long vase life and most importantly a high stem count. I’ve whittled down my list of top performers and these collections represent some of my all-time favorites, grouped in complementary color collections.   Floret’s Sunset Dahlia Collection: This collection is comprised of of my five favorite bold colored varieties in shades of rich velvet red, deep russet, warm terra cotta, mandarin […]

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Day 2 // Café au Lait dahlia giveaway!

Welcome to day two of our “Five Days of Giveaways” party to celebrate the launch of our brand new online Shop. A big congratulations to yesterday’s winner of the Farmer-Florist Toolkit  was Amber from Delta, B.C. who shared: “Besides the impossible: an early release of your upcoming book, an easy way to ship tubers and bulbs to British Columbia… On the list for me is your earlier book: Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers as I will be helping my sister-in-law for her Orcas Island wedding this August. On my giving list: a box set of Alan Titchmarch’s garden tours in England for my mum. Happy Holidays to everyone at Floret!” To continue the celebration, I’m giving away another great gift from the shop. This time it’s a Café au Lait Dahlia Collection! The Café au Lait Dahlia doesn’t really need much of an introduction but if you don’t already know […]

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Five Days of Giveaways!!!

To celebrate the launch of Floret’s new online Shop, we’ve decided to throw a little party here on the blog and will be raffling off a gift a day all this week! Over the course of the last few months, the team and I have been working behind the scenes putting together a small collection of tools and supplies that are specially geared towards farmer-florists and home gardeners. Each and every one of the items offered in the new Shop is something that I personally use, grow and love. So, to get this party started let’s begin by giving away one of the brand new Farmer-Florist Toolkits, that is comprised of all my daily essentials. The Farmer-Florist Toolkit includes: Farmer-Florist Apron: this pretty and practical apron is made from 100% cotton. As you probably know I’m a huge fan of aprons both in the garden and the design studio and this versatile […]

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How-To // Foraged Wreath

Last week we whipped up a big ole batch of holiday wreaths. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly harvested evergreens to put me in the holiday spirit! Wreaths are so easy and fun to make, especially if you understand a few basic techniques first. If you’ve never attempted making your own, hopefully this little ho-to will get you pointed in the right direction. To begin gather together a collection of ingredients. Be sure to include a number of contrasting foliages, unusual textures, evergreens and fun little surprises. Dried grains, berries and catkins are all wonderful choices to add sparkle to you finished wreath in addition to the more basic evergreen elements. {Pictured left} privet, ivy, pieris, pepperberry and pyracantha. {Pictured right} Next make up a number of little ingredient bundles and set them aside. These will become the foundation of your wreath. Be sure to place the more basic […]

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The Farmer and the {Florist} Interview: Holly Heider Chapple

For this week’s installment of The Farmer and the {Florist} I am delighted to welcome and introduce Holly Heider Chapple. Based in Loudoun County, Virginia, Holly is renowned for her large, elegant floral installations. Her work has adorned elaborately restored barns, ultra-luxe ballrooms and some of the most storied buildings in our nation’s capital. Holly’s design studio and workshop is located adjacent to “The Gardens”—her extensive cutting garden which supplies seasonal flowers to many of her designs. With more than 20 years of experience Holly and her team of designers provide exquisite florals for upwards of 170 weddings per year. In 2011, Holly founded The Chapel Designers group, an international collective of wedding and event floral designers. The organization provides professional development, training and support to floral designers in the U.S. and abroad. Through this collective, Holly offers hands-on workshops where participants learn her distinctive design techniques and explore—or even […]

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