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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Seasonal Flower Alliance: July 24

“Crushed berry” is the color inspiration for this weekend’s wedding and these dahlias, cosmos, eupatorium, amaranth and digitalis embody these rich, complex tones.  Berry tones also have inspired this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance installment too.   Below, you’ll see lots of other beautiful blooms in this fun, festive color palette. More from this weekend…totally locally grown!! Photo by Jessica Patterson Photography, LLC #localflowers #marylandwedding #weddingflowers #weddinginspiration #seasonalfloweralliance #thatsdarling #weddingbouquet A photo posted by Sophie (@sophiefelts) on Jul 21, 2015 at 2:17pm PDT May your dreams look like this. ✨🌙 #farmerflorist #seasonalfloweralliance #nashville #dreaming A photo posted by Christie Craig (@thefarmersflorist) on Jul 20, 2015 at 8:05pm PDT we aren't a cosmos farm but it kinda feels like it. ✨ #seasonalfloweralliance #dscolor A photo posted by @teensaflowers on Jul 20, 2015 at 6:13pm PDT In this arrangement: baptisia foliage, dill flowers, roses, dahlias, snapdragons, bleeding hearts,and sweet peas. #seasonalfloweralliance #backyardbouquets #foragingflorist A photo posted by Bre Emhiser (@theforagingflorist) […]

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This Week On The Farm: Week 26

I’m still swimming in a bit of a fog after last weekend’s wildflower themed workshop and can’t find the words to share just how incredible the experience was. It’s one of those things you really have to experience to understand. I hope someday you can join us. There’s nothing quite like it.

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: July 17

The past few days have been a beautiful blur.  In preparation for welcoming workshop participants to our farm, the team and I went on a major weeding and tidying spree and I don’t if our zinnia patch has ever looked prettier. I’ll be sure to post a few behind the scenes shots of the workshop soon.  Until then, I thought I’d continue the zinnia theme by highlighting a few submissions for this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance  post that feature this great high summer flower: County fair submission. Theme: "Blooms o' plenty". To me that meant nice and gaudy. Hopefully I put enough blooms in. #seasonalfloweralliance #localflowers #fieldtovase #dudesandblooms A photo posted by Adam O'Neal (@pepperharrowfarm) on Jul 14, 2015 at 5:49pm PDT Zinnias, Dahlias and Cosmos from the Wilmette Farmer's Market. Swedish vase from early 1960's. #seasonalfloweralliance A photo posted by Jeanie (@jeaniecaggiano) on Jul 18, 2015 at 6:45am PDT #flowers #flower #zinnias #petal #petals […]

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Harvest & care tips for 10 heat-loving summer blooms

Here on our farm in the Skagit Valley and in large swaths of the Western U.S., the super hot, dry weather has sent many growers scrambling to tend and harvest their stressed fields and gardens. While many flowers bloom abundantly in this type of weather, getting the longest life out of your flowers–especially with the added stress of high temperatures– it is important to know the best times to harvest and strategies to care for your fresh cut blooms right after they are cut.  (In flower farmer speak, this is referred to as “stage of harvest” and “post-harvest handling.”) Here are a few of my favorite tips to help you beat the heat and get the best vase life from 10 high summer flower varieties. Zinnias:  Harvesting zinnias at the right stage is essential to getting a long vase life.  Harvest too soon and the stems will bend and droop; wait too long and the blooms fade quickly.  A really […]

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This Week on the Farm: Week 25

The weather has continued to be warm and dry. We got a very brief (under an hour) downpour that left everything sparkly and feeling fresh. I had forgotten how magical it feels to stand in a field of flowers, harvesting in a downpour. If you’d told me I’d be typing that this winter, I’d have laughed. Over the years I’ve spent a good deal of time wishing out load that we farmed somewhere with more sun and dry weather. Careful what you wish for I guess! Our next Floret floral design workshop starts this Friday. We have ladies flying in from around the world to learn with us. I’ve been worrying that the field won’t live up to their expectations. Normally this time of year it’s so lush and abundant. Instead things are golden and crispy. But there’s nothing I can do about it and it’s probably really great that they all […]

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Seasonal Flower Alliance: July 10

My Seasonal Flower Alliance entry for the week are simple overhead shots of ‘Apple blossom’ and ‘Cafe au lait’ dahlias from my garden. After months of working on the Floret book and documenting all the abundance of what’s in bloom throughout the seasons, I’ve decided that popping off blooms to create flower overheads are *almost* as fun to design as bouquets in a vase.  I definitely have dedicated more time to these fun little floral collages than I’d care to admit. It is just SO. much. fun. Meet my all time favorite dahlia 'Apple Blossom' 💕 She will forever remind me of @karinflowerstylelove 💕 #farmerflorist #dahlia #flowerfarmer A photo posted by Erin Benzakein – Floret (@floretflower) on Jul 8, 2015 at 5:33pm PDT Ok, now I'm getting a little nutty with flower overheads. The 'Cafe au Lait' dahlias are coming into the prime, just in time for next weekend's #floretworkshop 💥 A […]

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