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"More than anything, I must have flowers always, always" Claude Monet

Workshop Registration Update

As I shared with our newsletter subscribers earlier today, (if you don’t get Floret newsletters, be sure sign up here) with my book due out in February, we’ve chosen to scale back our on-farm workshop offerings next year to make room for the release and also to have more time with our families. Floret will be hosting just FOUR workshops in 2017: three Flower Farming Intensives and one Floral Design Intensive. UPDATE: All of our workshops are currently sold out. The level of interest, excitement and demand was beyond anything we could have imagined. Over the course of the last year, we upgraded to a more robust server in order to handle the increased web traffic, yet some users still reported having site issues.  The checkout system processed payments in the order in which they were received. Once the tickets sold out, however, customers with tickets still in their carts or in the process of purchasing tickets received error messages […]

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Announcing the 2017 Floret Workshop Scholarship Winners

The team and I are filled with so much excited and nervous energy to make this announcement. I know the anticipation among Floret followers has also been building and we so appreciate everyone’s patience while we took some extra time to review the entries. The massive storm front pounding the Pacific Northwest thankfully wasn’t nearly as bad as they predicted, which was a welcome relief. The farm is fine, but the high winds did leave us without power for eight hours over the weekend, which forced us to get creative about how to review the record number (1032!) of entries we received this year. In a moment of panic (on my part) Chris pulled our camper alongside the house, fired up the generator and ran extension cords through the windows to power our computers.  While I’m sure it looked a little funny to the neighbors, it sure did the trick! We received applications from a record 49 of 50 U.S. […]

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Good News & Bad News about Floret Workshop Scholarships

Wow–what a response to this year’s Floret Workshop Scholarship opportunity! In between digging dahlias and preparing for a series of major storms, the Floret Team and I have been slowly and steadily working our way through the record number of applications that we received for this year’s scholarships. With so many intriguing personal stories and essays, narrowing down the winners is proving to be harder than ever. Our original plan was to announce the winners here on Friday October 14th. But after being flooded with so many amazing applications (more than 1,000!), we are realizing that we need more time. So, the bad news is we won’t be able to announce the winners here tomorrow. We are working round the clock so that we can post winners here by Sunday. I hope you’ll hold tight while we continue the process. We want to read each and every word of your thoughtful, heartfelt essays. But I have a bit […]

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It is tulip planting time

Everywhere I look there are signs that the season is changing. The once verdant green landscape is now tinged with gold and copper tones. As the daylight hours grow shorter, it is a reminder that now is the time to get bulbs in the ground in order to have an abundant flush of early spring blooms. To help fellow flower lovers prepare for spring, I put together a little two-part series on fall-planted bulbs.  Yesterday’s post was all about narcissus (daffodils).  Today’s focus is on tulips. Standard tulip shapes can be kind of boring, at least for me.  I’m much more drawn to the double-flowered types, parrot tulips, and French-style fringed varieties. I crave the exotic, unusual and showy types that really make a bouquet stand out. I especially love tulips that don’t look like your everyday tulip. I try to grow flower varieties that you can’t get just anywhere.  This is particularly important given […]

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How to Grow (and Win) Specialty Narcissus

One of the first flowers to bloom in abundance each spring, daffodils (narcissus) are a must-have for any flower lover. Here at Floret we grow dozens of beautiful varieties and each year we expand our treasured collection. This diverse flower group is rarely plagued by pests or disease, plus deer and other varmints usually steer clear of them. They come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes and many even have a sweet scent.   Fall-planted bulbs produce hardy, easy to grow spring flowers that thrive in both sun or part shade. As an added bonus, bulbs multiply rapidly, and in just 2 to 3 years after planting, you can have double what you started with, making them reliable workhorses in the early spring garden. There are two different methods for growing these cheerful spring bloomers, depending on whether you simply want to add color to your spring landscape or […]

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2017 Floret Workshop Scholarship Applications

As I shared in my post over the weekend, Floret Workshops are really, really special events. During these classes we open the doors to our little farm and design studio to give attendees a personalized, behind-the-scenes tour of where we grow and create all of Floret’s flowery magic. Over the course of the three-day workshops, I share my best growing tips and nature-inspired design techniques, plus business do’s and don’ts that I’ve honed over this decade-long adventure as a farmer-florist. My team and I answer any and all burning flower-related questions. Nothing is sacred or off limits during these three days. Attendees can ask anything, try anything, see anything. On October 17th, we’ll be opening up registration for Floret’s 2017 workshops (preview all the 2017 dates here). As you’ll see, we scaled back the number of workshops we are offering next year. With my book coming out in February and all the […]

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