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January 19th 2015

This Week on the farm: week 4

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1bluecarrot The past week was rough. What started out as a focused and powerful stretch of days ended in an overwhelming blur of a weekend that left me frazzled and discouraged. I was literally juggling seven separate notebooks filled with to-do’s, orders, notes, ideas and deadlines. I totally lost my stride. And I hate when that happens.

Thank goodness I got to step out of the madness to get a day with Susanne from The Blue Carrot. She was in Canada, all the way from Cornwall, England and took the train down to visit. I’ve been a massive fan of her work for years and to finally meet in person, well, it was a pretty special treat. Since we’re out in the country, finding a good selection of flowers in the winter can be tricky. All of the wholesalers are down in the city, so I had to order blindly from a list and the January selection is pretty slim. I had a few buckets of blooms brought in so that Susanne could show me her famous bridal bouquet technique. Poor thing! The flowers weren’t the best. So in a moment of desperation we hopped in the car and hit a few local secret snipping spots including the now abandoned Blockbuster video parking lot. Those odd bits plus some tulips from our greenhouse saved the day.

If you don’t already know the magic that is The Blue Carrot, look Susanne up. Seriously, she’s AMAZING!

Chris and the guys made some good progress in the field. The greenhouses got weeded, landscape fabric was laid between all of the hoop houses, shrubs were moved and a bunch of old messes were tidied up. The first buds are forming on the Icelandic poppies and for tiny fleeting moments, I can almost sense spring on the horizon.


  1. Susanne on

    Just discovered this blogpost!!! Thank you so very much for having me. It was a fantastic day. Loved every minute

  2. Mara@TheFarmAtOxford on

    Love that bouquet!! So fun to see your pics together and it is amazing what can create in a cold season, total inspiration to remind me to look outside of the ‘box’ when I’m foraging.

  3. VillageKid on

    It makes me feel less than frustrated when I know others have colliding weeks. Thank heavens one of the most important things I have learned in life is not to let it all get me to feeling tooooooo overwhelmed, mind it it took many years to learn it :-)

    Ahhh, The Blue Carrot…one of my first ‘discoveries’ when tapping into the local flower movement!!

    You have to love ‘the guys’ a little bit extra when they go out in the so-so weather and do those chores which are less than glamorous, I know I do mine!!

  4. Katie on

    I just looked at Susanne’s website. What amazingly beautiful work!! I wish I had known about her when I was in Cornwall a couple years ago.

  5. Lucy Gorman on

    I love when two worlds collide. I follow you both and was in awe that you got together . Can see that you enjoyed yourselves. A great collaboration.

  6. Corinne on

    I just love greenhouse photos


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