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August 19th 2011

this week:

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 two new friends arrived!
 our hens are starting to lay their first eggs


 Basil made the cut and Fennel found a new home :) thank you for all of your votes!
 we have been experiencing some absolutely beautiful weather

we have made oh so many trips into the city

I have made more bouquets than seems humanly possible and…. I’m still smiling
one word =miracle!
 what i see in my rear view mirror everyday

Cafe au Laite has started to bloom and holy cow, she’s a stunner!


  1. julie on

    ahhh….i so want to come live on your little farm – it's a wonderland…those Cafe au Laite dahlias are just stunning…xxx

  2. Clare Day Flowers on

    I'm so jealous! Cafe au lait is still in bud form here in Victoria. CANNOT. WAIT. Happy to hear about your chickens ;)

  3. botanical brouhaha on

    Wish I saw that in my rear view mirror! Instead I'm seeing brown, brown, brown…nearing 50 days over 100 degrees! Can't wait to see more pics of your Cafe Au Lait…sure it will make insanely jealous :)


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