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May 18th 2015

This Week on the Farm: Week 20

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After the brisk clip of last month, the past two weeks have been a relaxing change. We said farewell to the ranunculus and got busy flipping the hoop houses over for the next batch of plants. Lisianthus, celosia and lots of other summer favorites including ornamental basil, ornamental peppers, eggplant, currant tomatoes, gomphrena and coleus will be planted in the coming week. Here in cool Washington anything heat loving does best under cover.

Below is our four step process: clear the beds of plant debris, put down a thick layer of compost and fertilizer, till and lay drip lines and then cover it all with pre-burned landscape fabric.

IMG_5985 IMG_5987 IMG_5990 IMG_5994
A lot of other things happened as well last week but they pale in comparison to the surprise visit we had from Amy Merrick and Siri Thorson. The last time the three of us were together was a year and a half ago and we were so busy putting on a flower workshop that our time together was just a beautiful blur.

This visit was purely for pleasure so we visited Northfields Farms, my favorite peony grower, tromped through my own garden and then made up a whole bunch of drippy, romantic bouquets. Getting to watch Amy do her thang, well as you can imagine, it was amazing. I soaked in every moment and every word. There is nothing I love more than watching an artist at work.

Rather than trying to rehash every lovely detail I’ll instead leave you with a few of the most beautiful moments from our two days together. Be sure to check back Friday for the insane bouquets these ladies made using all local flowers harvested here and at Northfields Farms.












  1. VillageKid on

    Took a break from our hectic paced operation to catch up with the world. This is one of the first places to go, especially for some encouragement and plan ole beauty. Thanks!!

  2. Shelley Yoshiwara on

    Can’t thing of anything more wonderful than time with friends creating with flowers!!


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