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March 23rd 2015

This Week on the Farm: Week 13

Written by

Abundance is all around. Everywhere I turn there are flowers budding and waiting to be picked. Chris and I have been in a dead run trying to keep up. In addition to harvesting non stop we’re trying to wrap up a couple of big construction projects, revamping the flower studio and building a equipment shed. I had hoped to be able to unveil both today but as construction goes, they are way behind schedule. Next week hopefully.

The first dahlias went into the hoop house. I prefer to grow the dinner plate varieties undercover because we get much earlier blooms and the flower quality is so much nicer when they aren’t being battered by the weather. I spotted the first little sprout emerging from the soil this morning! My goal is to have them flowering in time for wedding season, which starts in early June.

We’ve received numerous questions about when dahlia tubers will be shipping. Since much of the country is still frozen, we won’t be shipping until mid April. There is just too much risk sending them out early. Thank you for your patience.

The Ranunculus are kicking into gear. Thank goodness the weather is overcast because it’s slowing them down a little. Once the sun returns we will be drowning in these incredible beauties. This is the La Bella ‘Pink Picotee’ mix and all of these unique variations are included. Pretty stunning, huh?

We’ve been working on taking the last of the photos for the winter section of the book. So strange to be trying to recreate winter while all of the magnolias are blooming in the yard! These amazing amaryllis were center stage this week. I can’t believe it’s only now that I’ve discovered the magic of these blooms.

How about you? What’s been happening in your corner of the world this week?


  1. Mara on

    Our days are finally above freezing so my seedlings get to see some real sky and fresh air… Started my dahlias indoors a few weeks ago to take cuttings and build stock, some of them are already leafing nicely. It’s still cold though and I am ready for some consistent warmth. March is the hardest, stuck on the cusp of spring, so much to do!

  2. Corinne on

    I just love daffodils, one of my favorites.

  3. VillageKid on

    In our little corner of the country we are seeding and transplanting like the main season is just around the corner!

    Chicks and ducklings area on their way, construction, like your operation is behind schedule, and the daylight is becoming longer by 30 minutes each week!! Now for us to have the energy to make use of all that daylight to prepare and last through the season.

    Thank heavens we believe in what we are doing. Thanks for sharing, it does help to know many others are hard at work too

  4. KJ on

    Lordie, look at all those dahlias lying on the ground. All that potential, the excitement from seeing them there. Amazing that those ugly little wrinkly dried tubers will sprout into those gorgeous blooms that everyone on the internetz will drool over. Thanks again for sharing photos of your process, glad to see that the season is off to a great start!

  5. Val on

    Five little Dahlua tunnels are all open, to bring some of that sweet spring air inside. Hoping this little experiment to over-winter them in the ground with this brutal winter to get a jump start on the season works! Poppies, forget me nots and sweet peas are very happy in their greenhouse and we’re cranked at full speed seeding and bumping baby seedlings up.

    Question on your cafes: are you leaving them uncovered until you see sprouts?

  6. Margit Van Schaick on

    Here in Vermont, we’ve had (and are still having) a brutally cold Winter. I’m staying sane by reading seed catalogs.

  7. Corina on

    In our corner of the world (as you know), it has been pretty warm. Baby goats are being born, piglets are growing, ducklings will hatch from the incubator soon. Garlic and peas are coming up, my veggie seedlings are growing. Life is good!

  8. Heather on

    8 weeks til our last frost so seedlings were planted yesterday and today. More to follow on April 1st. I will check soon on my dahlia tubers that I overwintered in the garage and see if they are viable. The ground will be frozen for another month so all the action is inside right now. :)

  9. Kathleen on

    The temperature tonight is going down to 8 degrees. There is still at least a foot of snow on the ground. My seedlings are thriving in the greenhouse but with these temps, I have a lot of sleepless nights praying the furnace doesn’t quit, the propane run out or the temp alarm stop working. Who says this is a romantic way to make a living??!! Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you Erin, at least until spring arrives here!

  10. Tonya on

    I love seeing these updates! Unfortunately, someone once again came in the middle of the night and stole seedling trays. So, after nurturing lisianthus for months – they’re gone. However, the weather is warmer and I’m loving the sunshine. C’est la vie, right? :) And…instagram is awesome! It’s like I was living under a technological rock!

    • erin on

      Oh Tonya! I’m so sorry that happened to you! And more than once, what are people thinking? I would suggest putting up a couple trail cameras. They work quite well for catching people who have no business being on your property. I would also suggest putting a couple on the road leading up to your property to catch license plates!

    • VillageKid on

      Tonya….so agree with Erin on all things when it comes to your thefts!!! Trail cameras (also called game cameras) are not that expensive, especially when you consider the cost of losses!! Look at any hunting outlet or catalogs…they are used in our area a lot for places where there are not full time people around.

      Hope things improve!!

  11. Jennifer Flowers Logan on

    I ordered 33 different dahlias and they just came in!! So excited! I have never grown them before, but here we go :)


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