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September 30th 2015

This week on the farm

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IMG_2103Whenever I image the growing year, I picture spring being our busiest season; summer our most exhausting and fall, as this gentle slide towards the finish line. For some funny reason I have it all worked out in my head that once we pass the autumn equinox, its smooth sailing to winter.

But as fall arrives I abruptly realize how badly my mind has been playing tricks on me. Maybe it’s some sort of coping mechanism, to keep my head in the game, or maybe I just don’t want to admit that fall is when some extra effort is needed more than ever. Whatever the case, autumn here on our little farm is always a busy time full of cleaning up, looking ahead and preparing for the next season to come.

IMG_1338As a flower grower I often feel like I live with one foot in the present and the other in the future. Right now our little crew is digging into fall clean up mode so that we’ll have beds and hoop houses ready for planting all of the spring flowering crops. Lisianthus and celosia are being pulled out to make way for ranunculus and anemones. Iceland poppies and sweet peas have been sown and are already sprouting in their pots. They will get tucked into the hoop houses next month to overwinter for an extra early spring flush. Out in the field the storm ravaged annuals are getting tilled in to make way for new perennial and shrub plantings.

IMG_1291After many years of working out of our dark, unheated garage, we’re finally taking the plunge and upgrading the space. Big new windows and French doors are going in along with heat, hot water, insulation and new lighting. Progress has been steady and hopefully before cold weather strikes, it’ll be all buttoned up and ready for us to officially move in.

IMG_1317Last weekend we hosted our final workshop of 2015. What an amazing year it has been, with so many incredible growers, designers and dreamers visiting the farm. We’ve had attendees come from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, England, Korea, Mexico, Canada and all over the United States this year. It has been an amazing experience to learn and grow with so many incredible souls.

The team and I are putting the finishing touches on next year’s class offerings. If you’re interested, be sure you’re signed up for the e-newsletter HERE. We’ll be announcing our annual scholarships and 2016 workshop dates later next week.

IMG_9668I’m on the homestretch with the book! Only a few more short(ish) pieces of text and another two photoshoots and we should have it wrapped up with a bow. The final manuscript is due in just under a month and the photos shortly after. Everyone asks me if it’s as hard to write this book as I expected. Honestly, this has been the biggest, most challenging project I’ve ever taken on. I knew it would be going in though and it’s a true labor of love. My hope is that it will be just want you need to grow and arrange even more beautiful flowers.

tulips planted like eggs in a carton
Lastly, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite bulbs that can be tucked into the ground next month for an abundant spring show. Over the next three days I’ll share my favorite varieties and also raffle off some goody bags filled with bulbs to a few lucky readers.

So, be sure to pop back over tomorrow for the scoop and a chance to win!


  1. teresa on

    I was wondering if you heat your greenhouse for the Ranunculus?

  2. Kevin on

    Wow, teach me how to take pictures like that – absolutely beautiful! The bulbs are incredible as well. I currently live in a downtown loft, but am REALLY considering renting a house that I can do something similar to your garage project in. Thanks for the garden update!

    – Kevin

  3. VillageKid on

    lots going on here too! Bulbs &corms to plant. More weeding than i want to admit.. Seeds orders for veggies and flowers almost done.
    Hopefully a late fall nap or two will happen too!

  4. Michelle Shackelford on

    I’m wrapping up the ranunculus and anemone group order I hosted this summer. Somewhere around 40,000 corms! Whew. Plus poppy seeds. I have tons of bulbs on the way and more peonies too. I placed a large order for dahlias for spring. Some miscellaneous perennials, shrubs and vines. Now to mulch, weed, till and plant. It won’t be long before our fields dissappear under snow.

  5. Nadine Helena on

    I found your website while I was working on a blogging project for school. I worked with flowers for 32 years and am now studying to be a web specialist. . I have looked at many many blogs, but none quite like yours. Your blog is the greatest treasure I’ve seen. The photographs are just stellar and your information is relevant, interesting, and well written. The overall site is beautiful and it makes me miss flowers very very much! Thank you for filling my soul with the longing I have for flowers.

  6. Kelly Burling on

    You are inspiring. You bring beauty to everything you do. After recently relocating to the Seattle region, I have (relatively) no yard in which in to garden. Your blog and newsletters feed my green in the meantime and this blog makes me think I might have a small corner into which I could tuck some bulbs.

  7. Erika Stephens on

    Erin your blog posts and photographs are always worth the wait! Star seed you are. I am so thankful for your sharing.

  8. Christina on

    Thank you for taking the time to keep the flame burning here along with all of your other obligations! I truly love coming here to read your updates, gather inspiration, and knowledge. Excited for your new studio- though your little studio sure had a lot of charm- bet you’ll create something just perfect for you and the team. Love following the workshop pics through Instagram.. Oh how magical. I can definitely confidently wear the ‘dreamer’ hat, ‘designer’ and ‘grower’ I’m slipping into more and more. Big hugs, Erin. Thanks for being here.

  9. Terri on

    I don’t even want to know what’s happening in this last picture. All I know for sure is that nothing that looks like this is going on at my farm right now which makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong. I can’t wait to hear about your favorite varieties! I am so grateful that you exist, Erin, you are such a blessing to us all!

  10. Jackson @ Villa Fiore Botanicals on

    I just tilled another bed today while some of our late summer flowers are still going strong even tho we’re done with the markets for the year. So no finish line ahead – a lot of cleaning, preparation, new beds, and deciding what new varieties to try for next year. The weather has been gorgeous, making the work seem bright and breezy (even though my shoulders would disagree with that notion…). I love the look of your barn rehab….we have some rehabbing to do as well….someday….. :-)


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