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April 7th 2011

The Spice Girls

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With every trip to the feed store our “little” flock of chickens grows. We passed the 20 mark a few chicks ago, Oops!

It’s literally impossible for me to walk by the peeping display of beautiful, adorable little puff balls and not take any home. I have tried to practice self restraint, even pinkie swearing with the kids that we will not buy any more chicks, NO MATTER WHAT!

The plan was to hold each other responsible, to stay strong, to look the other direction, to keep our hearts cold and walled off….ahem,  meet the newest addition to our flock, Hazel. 


Whenever a new bird is introduced to the flock it takes a little time for everyone to warm to the new member. Poor Hazel, it sucks to be the “new girl”.

 But not to worry, the wild band of rascals soon welcomed her in.

Elora had the grand idea of dubbing the flock The Spice Girls. So each bird has been given an appropriate name (minus Hazel). We have Cinnamon, Chili, Pepper, Nutmeg, Ginger,Anise ..

After running out of spice names we moved into herbs: Nepeta,Basil, Parsley,Oregano…

This darling little Polish is named Fennel.


  1. anastasia on

    i love hazel's hairdo! i think anybody is powerless to resist chicks. there's not much cuter than fluffy baby birds.

  2. tj on

    …So cute! They're gonna grow up to be quite the beauties! :o)

    …Love the names too!



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