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April 3rd 2015

The Seasonal Flower Alliance- April 3

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Two weeks ago we sent flowers down to floral designer McKenzie Powell for a big wedding. It’s always so rewarding to see what a true artist does with our blooms. Here palette was purple, chocolate and plum, and after seeing pictures of her end arrangements I couldn’t help but give it a whirl myself.

With just a tiny window of time before we had to leave for the airport, so I could catch my flight to Washington D.C. for a conference, I ran around the yard clipping everything I could find for this spring whopper. It’s messy and massive and was a blast to make!

Bouquet includes: Tulip ‘La Belle Epoque’, Ranunculus, Plum foliage and flowers, Hellebores, Akebia vine and Magnolia blossoms.




  1. VillageKid on

    Love the combination. To see such rich colors is a nice change and bet the wedding was lovely!!

  2. Gretchen on

    I picked every bloom in the yard, and it’s silly how excited I can get about three flowers! But that’s early spring for you. I’m really looking forward to all the other things SO close to blooming!

    Love your rich colors!

  3. KJ on

    Love, love, love that plum foliage!


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